Anyone else awake?

Filed under: symptoms — by Lauren on November 29th, 2008 @ 5:22 am

Talk about insomnia…grrrr.

I definitely shouldn’t be downstairs on the computer now, but I woke up about 40 minutes ago and just could not go to sleep. Even after getting up to use the bathroom and trying to settle myself back to sleep, I could not get comfortable, mostly because I felt like I was a million degrees. I glanced over at Lex and noticed that HE also had thrown the blankets off, which was weird. Because of the pregnancy, I’ve been having night sweats and things like that for the last few weeks, but he’s been sleeping with the blanket and sheet pulled up to his neck, plus and afghan thrown on top of everything. I’m usually really hot at night, but he’s always cold, and since he’s such a caring husband, he makes do with extra blankets instead of turning on the space heater in our room.

Then I realized the central heat was blasting, which was also weird, since we turn it WAY down at night. It stopped, and then was running again less than ten minutes later. I became aware that on top of everything else, I was really thirsty, so I came downstairs to get a drink. I decided to check the thermostat, and SOMEONE had told it to hold 72 degrees! No wonder it was so hot! When I find out who did that…well, I guess I’m not going to do much of anything other than complain, but that person owes me a foot massage and a nap, or something!

Hmmm, that wasn’t a very interesting story, but did you really expect much from a melting, 9 months pregnant woman at 4 am?

Lex adds: We have concluded it was the Krutzel babysitters who adjusted the thermostat.

Lauren adds: Grandma Esther claimed responsibility and sincerely apologized. It was an honest mistake, and all is forgiven, especially since Lex let me sleep in until 9:30!

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