Due dates and induction

Filed under: thoughts — by Lauren on November 29th, 2008 @ 9:05 pm

My due date is in one week and one day – Monday, December 8th. Anya was also due on a Monday and was born the Thursday before. Wouldn’t it be coincidental if I had the baby next Thursday? I’ve been thinking a lot about my due date as it approaches. With Anya, I was originally due on October 21st, but my doctor adjusted the due date to the 23rd based on my scan at 6 weeks. With this baby, I was originally due on December 12th, but the first trimester scans kept showing the estimated due date to be earlier and earlier. Since the scan I had at 12 weeks suggested the due date to be closer to the 5th, the doctor adjusted my due date to the 8th. I know every pregnancy is different and that due dates are estimates, but I can’t help but think that since Anya was born only two days before her original due date and that this time my due date was moved up, I’m more likely to go a little late. Bummer. I’ve been extremely uncomfortable today; I can’t imagine another half pound of baby growing in there over the next week – or more!

I’ve also been thinking about inductions. In my December 2008 online birth club, the majority of the babies are going to have scheduled births (c-sections or inductions) for a variety of reasons. In a way, I’m jealous of those moms – they know exactly when their babies are going to be born and they don’t have to cope with the anxiety of waiting. However, the second baby in our group was born (unscheduled) yesterday, and when his mom shared the birth story, I remembered how magical the moment was when my water broke with Anya and I realized she was on her way. I also know it’s probably best in my situation to let the baby decide when she should arrive. It’s hard to wait, to wake up every day and wonder if this is going to be the day, to go to sleep disappointed that it wasn’t…but I will try my best be patient. Baby Girl, I know you’ll come when you are ready, but make it soon if you can, okay?

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  1. Amnesty Says:

    I keep checking to see if you’ve had her yet, lol. I know it will be soon!
    On the subject of inductions, one of my 3 was a scheduled induction (after 12 days of on and off labor), and while it was my easiest delivery, she was also my smallest and least healthy newborn, with really horrible reflux. I have always wondered if she’d stayed in for the extra week or two (she was born at 38 weeks exactly) if she would have avoided the immature gut issues.
    All my kids came before their due dates…going past the EDD was my biggest fear, lol!
    Good luck, I’m thinking of you!

  2. Sumaya Says:

    Almost there! The last mile is the longest mile! Hang in there! Baby Girl will make a grand entrance… cant wait to see her and wondering what you are going to name her !
    You are gonna miss that belly once she is out !:)

  3. Lauren Says:

    Amnesty – Not yet 🙁 So much for being patient. I know it’s the right thing not to be induced since large size isn’t actually a recommended medical reason. I’m just freaking out about how huge she’s going to be. I keep reminding myself that you delivered a baby that was over 9 lbs with no complications! I didn’t realize Daisy was induced.

    Sumaya – Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll probably miss the closeness of having her in there a few weeks after she’s born, but I’m looking forward to things like being able to sit in a chair without my belly getting in the way!

  4. Amnesty Says:

    He was almost 10 lbs! LOL! And yeah, no complications and not even a tiny tear 🙂 I think I’m a little taller than you…but I doubt you’re having a 10 lb baby!