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Anya’s response when I asked her if she would get me a diaper from her room before her nap today:

“No, I’m too big for diapers!  I wear underwears.”

I just like that she makes it plural 🙂

Bottom’s Up!!!

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We had a pre-natal appointment yesterday, and Baby Girl is back to a head down position!  The doctor said that she is nicely settled into my pelvis now, so hopefully she’ll stay that way.  He did an internal exam, and I am already 60-70% effaced, though not dilating yet.   I’ll be 36 weeks on Monday!

I’ve been feeling a little off this afternoon and evening.  I had an hour or two of severe discomfort just above my pubic bone.  It didn’t feel like contractions, more like intense pressure, probably from her head.  It was strong enough to make me involutarily say “Ouch” out loud and stop being able to walk.  I sat on the floor kind of bent over and that seemed to help.  I guess that position shifted her off of whatever she was pressing against.  Tonight I’ve been feeling a little achy and tired, and I’ve had quite a few big Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Not a baby!

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Both Lex and I made separate, innocent comments to Anya today (like “Let’s go, baby!”) and we were told very indignantly that she is not a baby, she is a big girl!

She’s right.

We turned Anya’s car seat at last this weekend.  She thinks it’s pretty neat and keeps telling me about how she’s sitting the “funny” way now.  I think it’s helped her completely get the whole red light/green light concept.  I can understand how it had been a little confusing before without being able to see them.

We gave Anya her first taste of peanut butter this weekend, too.  So far, no reaction, much to Lex’s glee.  I had been nervous about letting her have any because of her skin sensitivity issues and their likely relationship to food.  She also switched to big girl chewable vitamins today, and we now give her skim milk instead of whole milk.

Inspired by The Talking Words Factory, Anya has started trying to sound out words.  She doesn’t really understand how the individual sounds can make a whole word yet, but she likes to mimic what the characters from the video do, so she’ll run around going “Cuh-cuh-ah-ah-ah-tuh!”  and stuff like that.  It’s very cute.  You can give her a word and she’ll sound the letters out correctly, but then she’ll tell you it says “Anya.”

Something else she’s been doing lately that I find amusing is asking, “Can you tell me?” if you ask her a question and she doesn’t know the answer.  She says it in the sweetest little voice.  Even though she’s been on a growing “I want to do it myself!” streak over the last few months, she’s still able to recognize when she actually needs help with something and will often ask for assistance (while saying please, too!).

Oh, and two times in the last few days, Anya has woken up in the morning with a completely dry diaper.  I never thought I’d see the day when that would happen!   AND (forgot to put this in the post when I wrote it yesterday)…Anya has been working very hard on taking naps like a “big girl” – that means going to sleep by herself, without Mommy or Daddy shaking her tush or staying in the room.  She’s getting better at it and has done it a few times successfully.  At least she stopped crying when we leave the room now; instead she’ll just play and talk to herself, sometimes for more than an hour.

Happy Halloween!

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This was Anya’s third Halloween since her birth two years ago, but the first one she really got to participate in.  She thought it was fabulous and had so much to say about it.  Here are lots of pics and a short video:

Painting pumpkins a few days earlier:

Anya insisted that she wanted to wear last year’s duck costume in the morning, so she wore that to school for the party and parade:

Trick-or-treating with her friends CJ and Joey earlier in the afternoon:

Trick-or-treating with Daddy and Mommy later:

Anya has been admiring our neighbor’s blow-up witch for weeks.  It pops up and down every few seconds.  She frequently asked to go for a walk to see the witch as soon as she woke up from her nap.  On Halloween she actually got to TOUCH it!  I think that might have been more exciting than getting candy:

After dinner we gave Anya her first piece of actual chocolate.  We THINK she liked it:

35 weeks tomorrow

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We’re in the home stretch.  I’ve been trying to do some productive things like washing the clothes, linens, etc.  I raised the crib back up and put on the bedding.  I also washed the car seat liner and installed one of the two bases.  I still have to put the carrier back together and install the other base.  There are plenty of other things to get accomplished before the baby gets here – and that could be very soon!

This past Monday we had our first childbirth “class” with our doula.  I like her very much and think it was a good choice for us to hire her.  The first part of the class was spent going over things like how our views of “normal” labor compared to societal views.  That might not have been the most useful time we ever spent, but the second half was used to practice some relaxation techniques (many of which involved a birth ball).  I felt like these were helpful and much more concrete than anything we talked about at our Bradley class for Anya.

We had an appointment on the 16th that went well.  Baby Girl’s heartrate was 134 bpm; my blood pressure was great and I weighed in at 123 lbs.  No protein in the urine and the baby was head down.  We still really like the doctor.  Our next appointment is Wednesday.  We’ll meet the other doctor in the practice then.  I’m glad we have an appointment because around Friday night I realized that I no longer felt kicks on my upper right side but rather on my lower left instead.  I also could feel what was likely her head (though possibly her tush) pushing up on my right side.  That would all suggest that the baby had put herself into a breech position.  I’ve been trying some exercises and other home interventions to get her to turn.  Last night one of the things I did got her to flip from the right side to the left – Lex and I both saw it happen; it was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen my body do.  As of this morning I couldn’t really pinpoint her position.  I’ve been getting pokes on the right and low down the left/near my cervix (some of those must be punches).  She keeps getting the hiccups and I feel her banging into my left side just above my hip.   A few minutes ago I got about a minute’s worth of strong kick-like movements on my upper right side again, and I think I can feel her legs and back, so I HOPE HOPE HOPE she’s settled herself back into a head down position and won’t turn again.  I can’t see a breech position helping us achieve a VBAC.  Please think good thoughts for us!

Daughter #2

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Dearest Daughter #2,

You haven’t been born yet of course, but you’re still a very big part of our lives. We think about you constantly — about how tired you’ll make us, about how cute you’ll be, about how intimidating it feels to have TWO kids, about how we’ll want to make you smile, about how you and Anya will interact… We’re very, very excited for you to join our family, and we can’t wait to meet you.

Today, we made a few tweaks to the blog in advance of your arrival. When we first created the Baby Blog, it was to discuss Mommy’s pregnancy with Anya. Since then, it became a chronicling of Anya’s babyhood and ascent to two-years-old. Even more recently, obviously, the blog has sported a variety of posts about YOU! We were very eager to have a second child in our family, and we are thrilled that you will soon finally be here.

Right now, you and Anya seem to be sharing this blog pretty nicely. Granted, that could be because only one of you is even remotely aware of its existence, and neither of you has any real sense of what the heck it is.

But it’s my sincere hope that this auspicious start to sharing between you two keeps up for a long, long time!

Anya redefined how much love Mommy and I thought we could feel. Adding you to our family just means that we will be adding an additional 10-ton barrel of love, and I just can’t wait.

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