Filed under: baby's progress — by Lex on December 9th, 2008 @ 4:44 pm

6 Responses to “Home.”

  1. "Just Aunt Sharyn" Says:

    I know Sierra is in there somewhere

  2. Grammy Says:

    That’s a very pretty afghan. As Aunt Sharyn posited, I’m sure there is a beautiful baby girl hiding inside it!

    I am so delighted that Sierra Claire is home with you.

  3. Grammy Says:

    I just realized how advanced little Sierra Claire. She’s already playing peek-a-boo.

  4. Saina, Braiden & Noah Says:

    Welcome home! Glad to hear Sierra is just fine.


  5. Missy,Frank and CJ Says:

    Congratulations! We are thrilled to hear Sierra is home.

  6. Marnie Says:

    So so so glad! Hooray!