Squeaky Boots!

Filed under: baby's progress — by Lauren on December 19th, 2008 @ 8:47 am

Lex found a great deal on boots for Anya on eBay.  He didn’t notice one of their significant features at the time of purchase:

5 Responses to “Squeaky Boots!”

  1. Grammy Says:

    I remember when we laced bells through toddler shoe laces so we could locate the child by jingle if they went out of sight. This surpasses that.

  2. Lauren Says:

    I can just imagine the looks we’d get if she wore them when we’re out and about. It’s too bad we’re taking a break from story time at the library!

  3. DAL Says:

    Jacob and I LOVE the squeaky boots. I do hope that she has continued to wear them. Charlie also seemed interested in the boots.

  4. Grandma Esther Says:

    This makes all of those electronic toys seem much less annoying! I think you should all get matching ones.

  5. Lauren Says:

    Darci – I think the boots are fabulous, but I don’t want to get kicked out of public places so she doesn’t wear them too often. They drive Charlie nuts!

    Grandma Esther – They’re nowhere near as annoying as the clock at your house!