Sierra is two weeks old!

Filed under: baby's progress,video — by Lauren on December 20th, 2008 @ 9:09 pm

Sleepy Sierra is 2 weeks old today!  Her days pretty much consist of nursing, needing new diapers, and sleeping a lot, though every day she spends more time awake.  When she’s awake, she loves to look around, be held, and hang out on her playmat.  I’m enjoying telling myself her sweet little smiles are real, though I know better. She has been working hard on improving her head control as well as getting her hands into her mouth, which makes getting her to latch on a bit of a wrestling match at times.  She’s still a generally content, easygoing baby, though it’s possible we’re starting to see a witching hour emerge.

It’s not a very exciting video, but hey, she’s only two weeks old!

Sierra’s next well check up is on Monday; I’m curious to see how much she’s grown.  She still seems tiny to me (at least compared to how I remember Anya being at this age), but I think she may have gotten a little taller and she must have gained weight, given her fondness for eating.  We will probably move her into size 1 diapers when we use up the remaining newborn diapers we have.

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