Yay for Playtex, Melissa & Doug, and Fisher-Price

Filed under: the day-to-day stuff — by Lauren on December 22nd, 2008 @ 3:14 pm

It often pays to call customer service when you have an issue with a product.

I called Playtex this morning because Lex inadvertently threw out the bottom of our original twistaway Diaper Genie when he emptied it the other day. I had called to see if I could purchase a replacement part, and was told that regrettably that part was not available, so instead, they are sending me a FREE Diaper Genie II (which is way easier to use than the one we have) and coupons to buy the liners. I just have to send back the safety latch from the old one in the prepaid envelope they will send with the new Diaper Genie. I had no expectation of getting something for free – after all, it was our fault the one we had was now broken – so I was very pleasantly surprised when the woman said she was going to have a new one sent to us. It should arrive in 4-5 business days, but it will probably be delayed a bit because of the holidays.

I’ve had very good experiences recently with Melissa & Doug as well as Fisher-Price. Anya had gotten a Melissa & Doug sound puzzle as a birthday gift that would spontaneously make noise (which was especially bothersome at 4 am). I called to see if I could send the puzzle back in exchange for a new one, and the company let her keep the broken one (which we use without batteries now) and sent her a different one to replace it. She also got a Big Sister Dora doll for her birthday, and the doll was stuck in test mode, so it kept playing the same annoying phrase over and over again. I called Fisher-Price to see if they could help me fix it over the phone, and when they couldn’t, they offered me the choice of sending me a replacement doll or a voucher for a new toy. I wanted the doll since Anya liked it so much, but it’s been discontinued so instead they sent me the voucher AND let her keep the doll, which we have since figured out a way to fix! I feel bad about that so I haven’t done anything with the voucher. I love when companies have good customer service! Kudos to these companies!

2 Responses to “Yay for Playtex, Melissa & Doug, and Fisher-Price”

  1. Freya Says:

    Fisher Price has GREAT customer service! They sent us a brand new bouncy seat for Hayden when she was a few months old because one of the moving animals constantly made a “clicking” noise. (It was especially great because our old one had been spit up on one too many times!) And, a ride on/walker toy she received as a gift for her birthday came without these little shape pieces that went with it, so they sent those to us free of charge with a $15 voucher for a new Fisher Price toy, as well. I love them. 🙂 Next I need to call out our Learning House, whose doorbell spontaneously rings at 3:00 am. Fun stuff!

  2. Lauren Says:

    I’ve had other good experiences with Fisher Price in the past, too. I hope you get your house fixed!