Sierra’s NICU ongoing stay: Update

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Sierra is still in the NICU, but doing great. She continues to be a very sweet baby, a great sleeper, and she has quickly become a great nurser as well. The NICU is made much more bearable by the fact that we’re able to take Sierra off her monitors and bring into a private room for nursing (and, secretly, some bonus snuggling) whenever we desire.

Lauren has officially been discharged as of this morning, and we hope Sierra will earn the same right to GO HOME by tomorrow evening.

Sierra is in the NICU

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Everything is fine, or will be, so we’ve been told.

They just took Sierra to the NICU.  Because my water broke between 31 1/2 and 33 hours before I delivered and I had a temperature of 103.4 degrees right after she was born, our pediatrician ordered some precautionary blood work for her after examining her this morning, even though she looks great.  Her white cell count came back at 41,000, where normal is around 28,000, and one other test showed signs of inflammation.  She is not running a fever, but the neonatologist who reviewed her results wants her admitted for at least 48 hours for IV antibiotics and more blood work.

Lex went with her while they get her set up.  I am not being discharged until tomorrow morning, so I have to stay here until then, although we’ve been assured that once she is settled I can go to see her as often as I’d like and whenever she needs to be fed.  After I’m discharged tomorrow we will be able to stay here in one of the hospitality suites until she is released.  

Everyone we’ve spoken to keeps saying that she will be fine, that there are two scenarios that can play out here – she gets antibiotics and she has an actual infection OR she gets antibiotics and there was no infection – and in either case, she’s more than okay.  That’s wonderful news, but I’d be lying if I said that I was anything other than hysterical right now.  Please, think good thoughts, say a prayer, meditate – whatever it is you do in these circumstances – that our baby is going to be okay.

Sierra Claire Friedman

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After a long labor, Lauren pushed Sierra Claire Friedman into the world at 12:34pm on Saturday, December 6th, 2008. Sierra weighed in at 8lbs, 7oz, and 19″ long. Sierra and Lauren are both healthy and doing great. We’ll leave the hospital Monday.


Baby Girl is on her way!

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My water broke sometime this morning – I slept through it so I’m not 100% sure when.  I wasn’t even 100% sure that it had broken for real since I have been having an issue with fluid leaking since Monday, but we went to the doctor this morning and she confirmed that things have started!  I’m not dilating or contracting much yet, but the doctor wants us at the hospital by 1 pm, so we’re leaving in about 15 minutes.  Here we go!

Anya’s first day of pre-school

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Anya went to her first official day of pre-school on Tuesday. She’s been to Mommy & Me classes, day care, and her transition program before, so it wasn’t like it was her first time in a school setting, but this was her first day at school for the sake of going to school! She did great – not a tear when I dropped her off, and lots of smiles when I picked her up.  She really likes her teachers, and when I took her to the bathroom before taking her home, she said to me, “I have to go back to the room!  I need to say bye-bye to the kids and the ladies!”

We picked a two and half hours, two days a week program for her at one of the local synagogues. I liked it in particular because it isn’t one of those pre-schools that tries to promote its “academic focus” as a selling point for why you should send your child there. Come on, folks, these are two year olds! They don’t really need to go to school at all at this age. Her class is mainly about socialization and play time. They learn about the Jewish holidays and your basic pre-school topics (colors, shapes, community, etc.) but they don’t push reading or “school readiness” skills on them, which I love. They incorporate a lot of music and art into their schedule.  I want Anya to love learning and not feel burnt out before she even gets to kindergarten. The main reason we’re sending her to school at all at her age is because with the baby coming (assuming she ever decides to arrive), we wanted to make sure she had some structured, baby-free time for herself each week. It also give me a few hours a week to get some things done with just one kid instead of two.

Try to laugh with me, not at me, okay?

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This morning I was getting myself ready for my day, as usual. I didn’t realize I was stepping on our floor scale in the bathroom…at least, I didn’t realize it until I heard a loud crack! I looked down to discover that I had broken the display screen. I was so embarrassed. THEN, I went to get dressed and was about to pull on my only pair of weather-appropriate jeans that even comes close to fitting when I realized I had broken the draw string yesterday without even noticing. Luckily, I was able to fix them using the safety pin trick, but really, it was not fun to start my day feeling like a blimp. I’ve gained exactly the same amount of weight as I did with Anya – about 35 lbs – and I weigh 8 lbs LESS than I did with her by the end. Here’s to hoping I’ll get through the rest of the day without breaking any chairs or smothering any small children!

Happy December!

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I’m going to have a baby this month 🙂

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