Growth Spurt

Filed under: Anya,photos — by Lauren on January 18th, 2009 @ 10:11 pm

Do a lot of two-year-olds love salad?  No idea, but mine does, especially if it has honey mustard dressing on it.  Anya can eat an adult-sized portion on a good day followed by her usual dinner.  Maybe this is what explains her recent growth spurt?

All of a sudden last week we realized her belly had started poking out of her 24 months shirts – the very same shirts that were way too big in the fall when I bought them for her, figuring they would last the entire winter.  In October she was wearing 18 months outfits, the same ones that she wore to her friends’ first birthday parties the previous year.  How did I unexpectedly find myself running out to restock her wardrobe with tops sized 2T and even 3T just two months later?  At least I found some great deals, spending less than $30 total on at least 10 shirts.  They’re a little baggy and the sleeves are a tad long, but the length is right.  What’s amusing to me about all of this is that while she’s pulling off these new tops quite well, we’re still pulling up her 18 months pants multiple times a day to keep them from falling down and showing off her little tushy crack.  That girl really is all torso and no leg.

3 Responses to “Growth Spurt”

  1. Nickie Says:

    What a cute photo. We have those same bowls from Ikea. Do you always match her dish with her utensil? My friend’s kids are crazy about that, they have to match.

    I feel for Anya on the all torso no legs proportions. I am the same way! Jeans are always too long and shirts are always too short. Recently long shirts (mainly for layering) have been the trend and I love it, I’ll be sad to see it go.

  2. Erica Says:

    My kiddos love salad and requests their “leafs” with dinner. Norah has the opposite and Nevan & Nick have the same problem. It switches quite a bit until they’re 6 or 7, so don’t worry yet!

  3. Lauren Says:

    Nickie – I don’t match the dish and utensils, but I can’t mock anyone about that because it is totally something I would have done in the recent past. I’m trying very hard to be more relaxed in life about things that don’t matter 🙂 I’m the same as Anya, too. I hope those long shirts don’t go out of style for a long time, especially with my post-two-babies belly.

    Erica – Leafs, that’s very cute. Anya tells me how she’s eating leaves and trees, too.