So proud of my big girl!

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I am so excited.  These are huge physical accomplishments for Anya!!!

Speaking of big girls, the little one is getting bigger, too. I’d say by the end of this week she’ll be in 3-6 months clothes exclusively. She fit into her brand-new (as in NOT A HAND-ME-DOWN) outfit today quite well:

However, she didn’t quite fit into this jacket:

Oh, and Sierra has officially been in size 2 diapers as of Tuesday, when I gave away the rest of her size 1-2’s to our friends’ new baby.  I was feeling a little crafty and decided to throw them together into a simple diaper cake:

Anya the Master Chef

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While I was making dinner this evening, the following little scene ensued:

Anya: (comes into kitchen holding a stack of play food) I made a sandwich!

Me: Wow! What kind of sandwich?

Anya: It’s a vegetable sandwich.

Me: Oh? What’s in it?

Anya: (examining her sandwich) Lettuce! And…pizza and bacon.

Me: Anything else?

Anya: Yes. A donut!

Sierra “Talking” to Herself

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We haven’t had a repeat performance of Sierra rolling yet, but I’ve been giving her plenty of opportunities to try. Of course, it’s me, so I’ve been trying to catch her on video, and while I didn’t get her rolling tonight, I did get a short clip of her “talking” to herself in the mirror:

On a roll!

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11-week-old Sierra rolled from her belly to her back for the first time tonight!

Anya Sings the Hits of…

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Fun Day!

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Today started with a quick trip to the pediatrician for Sierra’s ear recheck (she went for her first sick visit on Wednesday for her cough/cold and was put on Amoxicillan as a preventative measure because of the amount of fluid in her ears).  Grandma Esther came with me and the girls, and after we were done we headed over to JungleRRRific for the first time.  Anya had a ton of fun playing on the equipment:

Sierra slept most of the time:

But she eventually woke up:

We returned home and went through Anya’s usual lunch and nap routine.  While Anya was sleeping, Sierra modeled her pretty (3-6 months!) dress for me:

When Anya woke up, we watched an episode of Dora, and then we got started on dinner.  Homemade pizza, mmmmmm, and Anya helped:

Sierra did some tummy time while Anya was upstairs taking her bath:

Then both girls got into their pjs for a “pajama party” on the couch:

Now both of my little princesses are sound asleep up in their beds.  It’s the first time we really put Sierra to sleep instead of keeping her downstairs with us until we went to bed.  I’m about to go to bed, myself.  We had a good day.  Here’s hoping we have a good night!

Conversations with Sierra (and a few other things, too)

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Well, talking to Sierra is not quite as funny as talking to Anya (see Lex’s post below), but she is “talking” back to us more and more:


We haven’t found a pacifier that works for Sierra yet, and I’m not sure that we’re going to be successful in that endeavor, although I haven’t given up yet.  She’s willing and sort of eager to suck on either her Playtex Ortho Pro or her Gerber Nuk pacis, but only if someone holds them for her.  Once I let go, she usually spits it out after a few seconds.  The girl is a master at getting her hands in her mouth, though, and despite my desire to stop her, I think we may end up with a thumb sucker:


We got our Jumperoo back from my parents’ house this weekend, and Sierra had a chance to test it out.  I think she’s still a little young for it, but she had fun anyway:


At ten weeks old, Sierra is already sick for the first time :(  It looks like she caught Anya’s cold, though she doesn’t have it anywhere near as bad as Anya or Lex – she and I got off easy, compared to those two.  She’s congested, but her nose isn’t really running and using an aspirator doesn’t produce much of anything.  She must have a pretty bad post-nasal drip, though, because you can hear how congested she is when she breathes, especially when she’s lying on her back.  She’s been sneezing and coughing, but the worst part is that she keeps gagging on whatever’s running down her throat, and it makes her spit up everywhere.  I don’t even know if you could call what she’s producing spit up and not vomit since there is SO much of it, and it comes up so soon after eating that the milk looks the same coming out as it did going in.  Poor baby.  Last night I ended up holding her on my shoulder from 3 am on because she was so miserable on her back, but tonight she’s in the Co-Sleeper and it sounds like she’s breathing more easily, so hopefully she’s already on the mend.  She hasn’t had any fever and aside from an hour or two tonight when she was very cranky, she’s been in a good mood.

Conversations with Anya

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(She walks in holding toy pizza)
Anya: Daddy, do you want some pizza?
Lex: Yes! Mmm, this is delicious!
Anya: You want some more?
Lex: Yes! Do I really put in my mouth?
Anya: Nooooooooooo.
Lex: I just…
Anya: … pretend.
(She scans the room for more fake foods. She spots the reflex hammer from her doctor kit.)
Anya (cont’d): Do you want some hammer cheese?
Lex: Hahahaha, yes, I would love some hammer cheese.
(She spots the cone from her toy ice cream cone, and holds it like a cup.)
Anya: Do you want a drink, Daddy?
Lex: Yes, yes I do! I’m so thirsty. What is this?
(Forcing the pretend drink in my face.)
Anya: It’s yog– it’s… it’s… it’s… it’s… (HUGE GRIN) V8!

Call me crazy, but..

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…sometimes I think Sierra bears a small resemblance to Nathan Lane.  Can you see it?

My big girls

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It probably shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but I have big girls!  I realized Thursday that I needed to raise the straps on Sierra’s car seat to the second slot already (and that I probably should have done it a few weeks ago).  She’s not the hugest baby ever, but she definitely looks big for her age.  She’s very long.  When she’s wrapped up in her SwaddleMe, she stretches the leg pouch as far as it can go.

Courtesy of her recent growth spurt, Miss Anya has suddenly found herself able to reach things off counters and table tops – areas that were previously safe havens for things we didn’t want her to have.  Yesterday afternoon Lex and I marveled at how Anya’s head was significantly higher than Lex’s desk.  When did that happen?  It seems like we just bought the foam guards to keep her banging her forehead on the corners.

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