Sierra is two months old!

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This is several days late, but like I said, who has time to blog?

Sierra turned two months old this past Friday, and she certainly has grown since birth.  At her well check last Tuesday, she weighed 11 lbs, 7 oz (70th percentile) and measured 23 1/2 inches (90th percentile).  The doctor said she is very healthy overall, but suggested we treat the rash she has with low dose hydrocortisone cream. especially on her cheek (and two applications later it was pretty much gone).   He also commented both on her good head control and how happy she seems.  She got four shots and an oral vaccination.  At first it seemed like she wasn’t having a reaction to them other than being a little sleepy, but then around lunch time she turned into a screaming banshee.  It appeared her legs were very sore because if I even brushed against them she cried harder.  We gave her some Tylenol and about 90 minutes later she conked out on my shoulder.  She had two modes – hysterical crying or asleep – until around dinnertime, when she snapped out of it and returned to her usual sweet self.  Poor baby.

Aside from vaccination time, happy is a great word to describe Sierra.  She certainly gets fussy if she’s hungry or tired, but for the most part she is a content baby who loves to smile at everyone.  I think she’s particularly fond of Anya, which is great because Anya absolutely dotes on her.  She’s a very good big sister, and I love how she apes the way we talk to Sierra.

Sierra has been “talking” so much lately!  She makes the sweetest little noises (except when I turn on my camera, then little devil is as silent as can be).  The other night I realized she was “calling” me – she was on her play mat, and if I looked away from her she’d coo and coo until I looked at her again, at which point she’d flash me the biggest grin ever.  She really is a sweet baby.  She loves bath time and hanging out in just a diaper, and absolutely eats up any attention she’s given.  She prefers napping in her swing, and still finds white noise very soothing.  She tolerates being on her tummy some of the time, especially if she can shove a fist in her mouth.  She does not like hanging out in her car seat if she is awake.

Though she has some decent awake periods now, Sierra is still a champion sleeper (well, compared to Anya as a baby), at least for naps.  At night she usually sleeps for a period that is at least 4 1/2 hours long, sometimes up to 6 hours.  After that she’ll wake up two to three hours later to eat again, but she usually is not interested in going back to sleep unless it’s on my chest.

We have been trying to introduce a bottle to Sierra, but so far she’s not particularly on board.  We’ve had some success with the Playtex bottles (both the Drop Ins and the Ventaires), but Sierra seems to think food is best straight from the source.  She’s not a huge fan of pacifiers, either.   In fact, the only two things she really likes in her mouth are her fists or the breast.  It’s great that she doing so well with breastfeeding, but aside from wanting to be able to have an occasional night out without worrying about leaving her hungry at home, I need the security of knowing she will take a bottle in case I have a colitis flare-up – and unfortunately, I started one last Thursday.  The good news is I caught it very early and started medication right away.  The bad news is that the medication I have to take is the same one that made Anya sick when she was a baby.  It looked like Sierra was having a reaction (three explosive diapers and two that almost leaked in two days), but over the last three days things have stayed contained.  I hope it means that she’s going to be fine and we won’t have to stop breastfeeding until I’m over this thing.

Speaking of diapers, what size is Sierra wearing these days?  Good question.  We finished our first box of size 1 Baby Drys about ten days ago, and since they were getting a little snug I got a box of size 1-2 Huggies to use before moving on to size 2 diapers.  Then Sierra’s diapers started exploding, so we thought maybe it was time to move up to size 2 after all (a bummer since we still had more than 2/3 of the box of Huggies left).  Now the diaper situation seems to have resolved, and we went back to using the Huggies, but thenI found several size 1 Swaddlers leftover from the hospital, and they still fit and contain things, too.  We’ll continue using the Huggies, I guess, but maybe we’ll try to use up the size 1 diapers at night.  That’s the safest time to use them – Sierra barely wets a diaper while she sleeps and pretty much never poops overnight.

Clothing size is another questionable area.  Sierra fits into her 0-3 months outfits just fine, but many of her her undershirts and onesies are way too small.  I think I’m going to have to break out the 3-6 months clothes pretty soon.

Here are two more pics and a video of Sierra at 2 months old:

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