My big girls

Filed under: baby's progress,photos — by Lauren on February 14th, 2009 @ 9:29 pm

It probably shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but I have big girls!  I realized Thursday that I needed to raise the straps on Sierra’s car seat to the second slot already (and that I probably should have done it a few weeks ago).  She’s not the hugest baby ever, but she definitely looks big for her age.  She’s very long.  When she’s wrapped up in her SwaddleMe, she stretches the leg pouch as far as it can go.

Courtesy of her recent growth spurt, Miss Anya has suddenly found herself able to reach things off counters and table tops – areas that were previously safe havens for things we didn’t want her to have.  Yesterday afternoon Lex and I marveled at how Anya’s head was significantly higher than Lex’s desk.  When did that happen?  It seems like we just bought the foam guards to keep her banging her forehead on the corners.

4 Responses to “My big girls”

  1. Amnesty Says:

    Daisy isn’t tall enough to reach the counters. So she just goes to the bathroom, gets her stool, and uses THAT to reach forbidden items. If we put things higher up, she goes for a chair.
    I love all of Anya and Sierra’s matching clothes, lol. I just got Rory and Elliot their first ever matching sweatshirts.

  2. Nickie Says:

    Sierra does look big for her age. Friday night we were at the grocery story and a lady said to me,”How old is she, three weeks?”. She thought Isabella was only 3 weeks old. I was like “No Ma’am, she it two months old!”. She doesnt look that little I don’t think.

    Isa is about to outgrow her swaddleme as well, she will kick hers legs against the bottom to loosen it up to get her arms out. We have a smart one on our hands!

    I love love love these coordinating shirts! They dont exactlly match, so I’ll call them coordinating. The colors are great.

  3. Freya Says:

    I bought the same shirts for Hayden and Jolie because I thought they were so cute. But, Jolie is so so tiny that I’m not sure she’ll actually fit into the onesie until she’s a big sister herself one day! 🙂

  4. Lauren Says:

    Amnesty – Anya has pulled the stool trick a few times, but not many. She’s gotten much more daring when it comes to climbing, though. A few weeks ago, I caught her with one foot on a stool and one on a dining room chair, making her way up to the table. I bet the boys will look adorable in their shirts – can’t wait to see pics!

    Nickie – I don’t think Isabella LOOKS like a three-week-old in her pictures, but you’ve said she’s tiny, so I guess it’s possible. Then again, some people are kind of dumb. Remember the story about the lady who thought I was nine months pregnant – in JULY?!?

    Freya – I also couldn’t resist those shirts because they were so cute, though I wish Sierra’s wasn’t white. What size did you get for Jolie? Sierra’s is a 3m and it’s still a little big on her.