Conversations with Sierra (and a few other things, too)

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Well, talking to Sierra is not quite as funny as talking to Anya (see Lex’s post below), but she is “talking” back to us more and more:


We haven’t found a pacifier that works for Sierra yet, and I’m not sure that we’re going to be successful in that endeavor, although I haven’t given up yet.  She’s willing and sort of eager to suck on either her Playtex Ortho Pro or her Gerber Nuk pacis, but only if someone holds them for her.  Once I let go, she usually spits it out after a few seconds.  The girl is a master at getting her hands in her mouth, though, and despite my desire to stop her, I think we may end up with a thumb sucker:


We got our Jumperoo back from my parents’ house this weekend, and Sierra had a chance to test it out.  I think she’s still a little young for it, but she had fun anyway:


At ten weeks old, Sierra is already sick for the first time 🙁  It looks like she caught Anya’s cold, though she doesn’t have it anywhere near as bad as Anya or Lex – she and I got off easy, compared to those two.  She’s congested, but her nose isn’t really running and using an aspirator doesn’t produce much of anything.  She must have a pretty bad post-nasal drip, though, because you can hear how congested she is when she breathes, especially when she’s lying on her back.  She’s been sneezing and coughing, but the worst part is that she keeps gagging on whatever’s running down her throat, and it makes her spit up everywhere.  I don’t even know if you could call what she’s producing spit up and not vomit since there is SO much of it, and it comes up so soon after eating that the milk looks the same coming out as it did going in.  Poor baby.  Last night I ended up holding her on my shoulder from 3 am on because she was so miserable on her back, but tonight she’s in the Co-Sleeper and it sounds like she’s breathing more easily, so hopefully she’s already on the mend.  She hasn’t had any fever and aside from an hour or two tonight when she was very cranky, she’s been in a good mood.

3 Responses to “Conversations with Sierra (and a few other things, too)”

  1. Grammy Says:

    I really thought I understood when she repeated “Hi Mommy!”

    Sierra Claire is as adorable as her big sister.

  2. Staci Guthrie Hopkin Says:

    she’s got great lashes! cute girl.

  3. Lauren Says:

    Thanks, Grammy and Staci!