Fun Day!

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Today started with a quick trip to the pediatrician for Sierra’s ear recheck (she went for her first sick visit on Wednesday for her cough/cold and was put on Amoxicillan as a preventative measure because of the amount of fluid in her ears).  Grandma Esther came with me and the girls, and after we were done we headed over to JungleRRRific for the first time.  Anya had a ton of fun playing on the equipment:

Sierra slept most of the time:

But she eventually woke up:

We returned home and went through Anya’s usual lunch and nap routine.  While Anya was sleeping, Sierra modeled her pretty (3-6 months!) dress for me:

When Anya woke up, we watched an episode of Dora, and then we got started on dinner.  Homemade pizza, mmmmmm, and Anya helped:

Sierra did some tummy time while Anya was upstairs taking her bath:

Then both girls got into their pjs for a “pajama party” on the couch:

Now both of my little princesses are sound asleep up in their beds.  It’s the first time we really put Sierra to sleep instead of keeping her downstairs with us until we went to bed.  I’m about to go to bed, myself.  We had a good day.  Here’s hoping we have a good night!

4 Responses to “Fun Day!”

  1. Nickie Says:

    That looked like really fun day!

    I love the video of you and Anya making the pizza. Its funny listening to Anya speak, she always sounds so enthusiastic. I have to ask what was on that pizza though, I saw he avacado and the tomatoes, I couldnt figure out what the other orange thing was. Crab?

  2. Lauren Says:

    It’s actually imitation (kosher) shrimp.

  3. Grammy Says:

    I loved all the videos, but my favorite was the pizza making. Did you save me a slice? I roared with laughter when Anya wanted to eat a piece of tomato rather than put it on the pizza

  4. Lauren Says:

    I didn’t save you a slice, but it’ll be on the menu the next time we see you!