Poop :(

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Day Two of being a temporarily single mom of 2 kids and a dog is just about to end (is it Friday yet?).  It hasn’t been as terrible as I’d feared.  I mean, the middle of the day is the same as any day during the work week; it’s just the morning and dinner through bedtime that are a tad challenging.

Yesterday I was proud of myself for getting the house (relatively) clean and cooking both lunch and dinner from scratch (something I often do anyway, but with Lex there for the extra support).  I like to cook when Lex has to travel for work; I experiment with recipes he probably wouldn’t eat.  Today, however, I ordered pizza for dinner.  Why?  Well, Anya was napping at last, so I tried to take advantage of the time and clean up the kitchen.  Sierra, of course, decided she MUST be held at that time.  Realizing I was not going to get anything done that way, I got her set up in the Moby and resumed washing the dishes.  Everything was going along swimmingly – she was happy, I only had a few bottles left – when suddenly my foot was very warm and wet.  I looked down and discovered I was now standing in a giant pool of baby poop, and it was still coming.  I couldn’t even fathom HOW it had happened (turns out it exploded out the side).  I now had to get Sierra out of the Moby, preferably without getting anymore poop on me or her, and remove my befouled sock, and then get her over to the changing table to clean her up.  Miraculously, the poop managed to miss her onesie, which made things easier – no chance of getting anything in her hair.  Once I got her taken care of, I started dealing with both of our poop-covered pants and socks before starting the now necessary load of laundry I had intended to put off until tomorrow morning.  Midway through rinsing the clothes, I remembered that I had to clean up the kitchen floor, and that’s when Anya woke up crying hysterically.  Dealt with that, got the clothes finished up, started the laundry, and then sat down, exhausted.  It was already 4:45 pm, and I didn’t see how I was ever going to get those bean taquitos I had planned to make done by 5:30 pm.  Hooray for $7.99 large pie Tuesdays at Mezza Luna.

I’m sure I’ll laugh at that story one day.  Twenty-nine years later, my parents laugh at the time my diaper exploded on my dad’s watch and he called frantically to my mom, who discovered him holding me over the kitchen sink, poop running down his arms.

On a much less amusing note, I’m taking Sierra to the doctor in the morning.  When I changed her diaper this evening, there was blood in her stool.  I did not freak out; I stayed pretty calm, actually – surprising for me, especially given my family’s IBD history.  I spoke with the doctor on call, and he agreed that IBD is not very likely since she has no other symptoms and onset at this age is extremely rare.  She does need to be seen, though, to rule out other causes (an infection, a milk protein allergy, etc.).  Hopefully it turns out to be nothing.

My cute little Anya

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Anya has done a few things that I have found quite amusing over the last few days:

At the end of her bath, she started pushing the water toward the drain. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me, “I’m helping the water into the thing.”

This morning, she examined my pajama pants and told me, “They don’t have any feet.” I asked, “Who, the snowmen?” (See the picture below) “Yeah, they have hands and heads and hats, though. And they have star cookies!” Me: “Those are cookies?” She replied, “They can eat them!”

Normally I don’t like it when Anya plays with her food, but I had to laugh at dinner tonight.  She was enjoying her salad of fresh spinach and shredded carrots.  She picked up a carrot, bent it into a circle, and launched into this dialogue:  “Look, I made an O.  What does the O say? Nothing?  No, the O says Ahh. Should I make another letter?  What does it look like?  It’s a Q.  Now I made a P.  And an A…”  This game continued until the carrot broke and she ate it.  Then she picks up a spinach leaf, holds it out to me, and says, “Look at my guitar!”

Shrieking Sierra

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Sierra has a new hobby – SHRIEKING. She most certainly does it when she’s upset and wants to be picked up, but she’ll also do it when she’s happy or just for fun. She had been doing it nonstop for the past few days, but today she seemed to tone it down a bit. Thank goodness. I think she was surpassing the range that dogs can hear. I have a short video. It’s not the loudest she’s done it, but enjoy anyway.

Taking a walk

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March 25th was a nice day, and though it was a little cool out, I took the girls for a walk after Anya’s nap.

Anya has been learning about the story of Passover at school, can you tell?  And yes, Anya’s glasses are upside-down.  She likes to put them on herself – and for some reason they stay up better like that, anyway.  Oh, and clearly I am terrible at aiming the Flip camera when I can’t see the screen.


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When did Anya get so big that she is now way taller standing than I am sitting on the floor?

New Toys

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We put together our exersaucer for Sierra yesterday.  She liked it a lot!  Sierra enjoys being upright more than hanging out on her back or belly – she likes to scope out the room.

Anya was kind of getting in our way as we tried to put it together with all of her two-year-old curiousity, so we thought it would be a good time to give her one of her birthday presents we have been hoarding in Lex’s closet since October.  She was a big fan of her new Little People Learn About Town set (or her dollhouse, as she calls it):

Baths and breakfast

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This morning, as Anya sat eating her breakfast (banana appetizer), I took out a bag to feed Charlie. “No, Daddy, I don’t want to eat dog food,” Anya said.

Last night, I had a first: I bathed Anya, and then Sierra, in rapid succession. I don’t think I’ve bathed both in the same night before.

They seem to enjoy baths in different ways. Anya has non-stop conversations with herself, the water, a couple bath toys, flips over to swim, and wants me to “make a faucet” (a game I accidentally invented a year ago, where I pour from her bucket to create a, well, fake faucet).

Sierra, though, likes to smile and kick. Kick kick kick, splash splash splash.

Good times.

Sierra’s new blankie (and some other pics)

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I ordered Sierra a beautiful blankie from Cocoa Dreams (the owner was a member of my October 2006 online group), and it came yesterday!

Chasley is incredibly talented!  I’m so happy with how it came out, and I think Sierra likes it, too:

And now, some other random pictures:

Anya being goofy:

Hello, my name is Cutie:

Big smooches:

Standing baby (one of her favorite things to do):


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I’m watching Sierra on her playmat right now. She’s on her back with a little blue monkey dangling above her. I can just imagine the thought process playing out in her head:

“Ooh, hey, look at that thing. I want to touch it. I’m going to reach and try to grab it OH MY GOSH, MY HANDS! My hands are RIGHT THERE! I want to put them in my mouth. Ahhh, that’s better. I love to chew on my fingers, yum yum. They are so delic – Ooh, hey, look at that thing! I want to touch it…”

Sierra on a roll!

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Three weeks later, Sierra has finally rolled again!  She’s got it down now, I think:

Also, we took Sierra to get portraits done at Target for her three month birthday. The photographer did a wonderful job, and even took some pictures of Anya and Sierra together. She even put together some of the fancier montage and specialty portraits for me to see, and though they were hard to resist, I only got a few traditional sheets. You can see all of them here, but check out some of my favorites:

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