My cute little Anya

Filed under: Anya,funny,photos — by Lauren on March 31st, 2009 @ 9:53 pm

Anya has done a few things that I have found quite amusing over the last few days:

At the end of her bath, she started pushing the water toward the drain. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me, “I’m helping the water into the thing.”

This morning, she examined my pajama pants and told me, “They don’t have any feet.” I asked, “Who, the snowmen?” (See the picture below) “Yeah, they have hands and heads and hats, though. And they have star cookies!” Me: “Those are cookies?” She replied, “They can eat them!”

Normally I don’t like it when Anya plays with her food, but I had to laugh at dinner tonight.  She was enjoying her salad of fresh spinach and shredded carrots.  She picked up a carrot, bent it into a circle, and launched into this dialogue:  “Look, I made an O.  What does the O say? Nothing?  No, the O says Ahh. Should I make another letter?  What does it look like?  It’s a Q.  Now I made a P.  And an A…”  This game continued until the carrot broke and she ate it.  Then she picks up a spinach leaf, holds it out to me, and says, “Look at my guitar!”

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