Poop :(

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Day Two of being a temporarily single mom of 2 kids and a dog is just about to end (is it Friday yet?).  It hasn’t been as terrible as I’d feared.  I mean, the middle of the day is the same as any day during the work week; it’s just the morning and dinner through bedtime that are a tad challenging.

Yesterday I was proud of myself for getting the house (relatively) clean and cooking both lunch and dinner from scratch (something I often do anyway, but with Lex there for the extra support).  I like to cook when Lex has to travel for work; I experiment with recipes he probably wouldn’t eat.  Today, however, I ordered pizza for dinner.  Why?  Well, Anya was napping at last, so I tried to take advantage of the time and clean up the kitchen.  Sierra, of course, decided she MUST be held at that time.  Realizing I was not going to get anything done that way, I got her set up in the Moby and resumed washing the dishes.  Everything was going along swimmingly – she was happy, I only had a few bottles left – when suddenly my foot was very warm and wet.  I looked down and discovered I was now standing in a giant pool of baby poop, and it was still coming.  I couldn’t even fathom HOW it had happened (turns out it exploded out the side).  I now had to get Sierra out of the Moby, preferably without getting anymore poop on me or her, and remove my befouled sock, and then get her over to the changing table to clean her up.  Miraculously, the poop managed to miss her onesie, which made things easier – no chance of getting anything in her hair.  Once I got her taken care of, I started dealing with both of our poop-covered pants and socks before starting the now necessary load of laundry I had intended to put off until tomorrow morning.  Midway through rinsing the clothes, I remembered that I had to clean up the kitchen floor, and that’s when Anya woke up crying hysterically.  Dealt with that, got the clothes finished up, started the laundry, and then sat down, exhausted.  It was already 4:45 pm, and I didn’t see how I was ever going to get those bean taquitos I had planned to make done by 5:30 pm.  Hooray for $7.99 large pie Tuesdays at Mezza Luna.

I’m sure I’ll laugh at that story one day.  Twenty-nine years later, my parents laugh at the time my diaper exploded on my dad’s watch and he called frantically to my mom, who discovered him holding me over the kitchen sink, poop running down his arms.

On a much less amusing note, I’m taking Sierra to the doctor in the morning.  When I changed her diaper this evening, there was blood in her stool.  I did not freak out; I stayed pretty calm, actually – surprising for me, especially given my family’s IBD history.  I spoke with the doctor on call, and he agreed that IBD is not very likely since she has no other symptoms and onset at this age is extremely rare.  She does need to be seen, though, to rule out other causes (an infection, a milk protein allergy, etc.).  Hopefully it turns out to be nothing.

2 Responses to “Poop :(”

  1. Heather Bauer Says:

    I’m laughing at the story now! I do hope everything turns out OK for Sierra.

  2. Lauren Says:

    Thanks for the support, Heather! 🙂

    Everything was fine with Sierra. It only happened that one time, thankfully.