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It’s really fun to watch our two girls together.  I love how sweet Anya is to “her” baby, and Sierra’s face simply lights up when Anya walks into the room.


I’m beginning to think it’s not possible to get two kids to smile for the camera at the same time:

The other day I was making dinner and Sierra, sitting in her little swing, decided she’d had enough.  However, I wasn’t finished and couldn’t pick her up at that moment.  I called Anya in from the playroom and asked her to come talk to Sierra so she would stop crying.  Sierra perked up as soon as she saw Anya, who began showing her toys and talking to her in the cutest little high-pitched voice.  My favorite moment was when Anya started “reading” Sierra’s book to her.


People often comment that Sierra looks exactly like Anya, just with darker hair.  There’s no question that they are sisters, but I think there are a few differences.

Both girls around 3 months old:

They’re just so cute together.  I hope they continue to like each other as much when they’re older as they do now.


One more gratuitous picture of Sierra, just because I like it:

Anya on the Potty

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Lauren: Are you all done?
Anya: I’m almost all done. I want to make a peepee.
Lauren: You already did that.
Anya: I want to make a poop.
Lauren: You already did that, too.
Anya: I want to make a fart!

Dora Live!

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Lex and I took Anya to see Dora Live! this morning.  I think she enjoyed it, though the crowd and volume might have been a little overwhelming for her.  When it was over, she told us, “Now we can turn it off!”


Sierra is 3 months old!

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That’s right, it’s already been three months!  No well-check this month, but I measured her myself at 23 3/4 inches and 12 lbs, 12 oz.

Things haven’t changed too much in the last month.  Sierra’s been busy doing the things that three-month-olds do.  She’s still our one-roll wonder. In fact, after she rolled that one time, she stopped lifting her head as much as she had been, but I think that’s largely because she views tummy time as a prime opportunity to go to town on her hands.

She really loves those thumbs.  It’s hard to get her hands away from her mouth.  I’ve been thinking perhaps letting her sleep unswaddled might improve her sleep (see below), but then again it might keep her up, since she finds them so diverting.  Like I said, she LOVES those thumbs:

Although she’ll take a paci for very short spurts now and then, she’s usually just as content, maybe more, without one.  We finally got her to accept a bottle in the last week – yay!

Sigh…Sierra’s nighttime sleeping.  Ever since she caught Anya’s cold a few weeks ago, she’s been waking up frequently, wanting to eat or even just be held.  It’s very frustrating when she wants to eat more often during the night than she does during the day (she’s almost going every three hours consistently now).  She’s not awake and wanting to play, at least.  She just doesn’t want to sleep in her bassinet.  I’m pretty tired.

Despite rough nights, the days with Sierra are great.  She’s such a sweet, smiley, chatty, happy little baby.

Funny From Today

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Lex, on getting Anya into her pajamas post-bathtime:

“I imagine it’s what dressing a cat would be like.”

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