Red in the Face

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We had a playdate with one of Anya’s friends at the park this morning.  It was very hot out today.  When we were getting back into the car, I told Anya she needed to drink all of her water up because her face was very red.  She looked up at me, eyes wide with innocence, and asked, “Did someone paint me, Mama?”

Sex Education

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“First we walked up your knees, then we opened it, and then we climbed in your belly!” — Anya, on how she and Sierra came to be in my stomach during my pregnancies

Anya in the Bathroom Stories

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Yesterday, I had Anya in the bathroom before bedtime.  She was sitting on the toilet, trying to kick off her pajama pants.  I gently reminded her that I don’t like when she does that.  Her response?  She put her arm around my shoulder and said in the sweetest little voice, “It’s okay, Mommy.  Can we still be friends?”

Today, Lex had Anya in the bathroom before we left the house to meet up with his parents and sister at synagogue.  We were trying to speed her along, but she was taking her sweet time.  In the past, a trick I have used to get Anya to go when she is being a slowpoke on the potty is saying, “Hmm, Anya, I don’t know if you know how to make a peepee…” and she generally responds promptly by showing me she knows very well how to do so.  Well, I called out the same old thing I always say, but today she answered, “I know how to make a peepee.  I just don’t want to!”

Sierra is 4 months old!

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Sierra turned four months old today!  She had her well check this morning – 25 1/2 inches long (90th percentile) and 14 lbs, 1.5 oz (60th percentile).  I chuckled when the nurse said that she was thin because of the difference in the percentiles; no one looking at our little chunky monkey would call her skinny!  The doctor said she’s very healthy and commented that she is beautiful.  She got four shots and an oral vaccine, and did much better with them this time than at her two month appointment; she only cried a tiny bit and had almost no reaction afterward. (On a side note, Anya got the last of her baby vaccines today and she was extremely brave – she cried for under five seconds!)

In this past month, Sierra has mastered rolling from her belly to her back, but only to her left.  She’s making a concerted effort to roll from her back to her belly, but I think it will be a little while before she figures it out.  She started laughing a few weeks ago (boy, do I eat that up!).  We’re starting to see her attempt to reach out for things, but it’s hard for her, since it requires actually taking her hands out of her mouth for more than a second.  When she’s on her play mat, she likes to play with her toys with both her hands and her feet:

I like that video because you can kind of see her inner struggle about hands in the mouth vs. hands on the toys.

Sierra still isn’t sleeping all that well at night, but the last two nights I got her to sleep without nursing her, so that’s certainly a step in the right direction.  She tends to sleep about a 4 hour stretch, but after that she’ll rouse to nurse every 1-2 hours.  During the day she usually nurses every 3 hours, though sometimes she gets hungry after 2 hours.  We’ve been swaddling her with one arm completely out for a while now.  She kind of reminds me of the Statue of Liberty, wrapped up like that.  I’ve tried putting her to sleep with both arms out a few times and it hasn’t gone well, so we’ll continue with the one arm swaddle for a bit more.

We haven’t introduced solids yet and will probably wait until Sierra is six months old, like we did with Anya.  I don’t think that Sierra is quite ready yet, anyway.  She isn’t showing that much interest in our food, and her tongue thrust reflex is still pretty strong.  However, she’s gotten MUCH better at taking her vitamins – no more screaming and not as much spitting.  In fact, in the last few days she’s been opening her mouth eagerly for them and trying to suck them out of the dropper.

We finished up the last of our size 2 diapers this morning, so Sierra is now officially in size 3 diapers (or size 2-3; we have a few of those left).  She’s filling out her 3-6 months clothes quite nicely, though I think she may need to graduate to 6-9 months onesies soon.  Like Anya, Sierra is more torso than leg.

We’ve begun to see her little personality emerge.  Let’s just say the girl enjoys attention (and makes it known if she doesn’t think she is receiving enough).  Lucky for her, we like giving it to her!  I think we’ll keep her.

Anya’s “Seder” at School

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Anya’s preschool class had a Passover “Seder” last Thursday for the parents to attend.  They told the story of Passover and sang some songs, and then they ate some of the holiday foods.

Sitting with her friends:

Singing the “Frogs Here” song:

Acting out another part of the story:

A (blurry) picture with Grandma Esther:

Sierra lounging with Aunt Sam:

Anya really enjoys the song about the frogs.  I did film the entire show, though she spent most of it with her fingers in her mouth.  I always expect but am still bowled over by how different Anya is in a big group like that.  She gets so overwhelmed by the amount of people in the room that she completely clams up.  A stranger observing her would think she doesn’t talk.  Her teacher has commented several times to me about how quiet Anya is – yes, the very same Anya who acts out entire Dora books or episodes with her dolls and then makes up her own stories, the one who NEVER GIVES US A MOMENT’S PEACE at home!  What a silly little girl.  I guess she was serious when she assured me that she is shy.

Anya’s Tutu

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I made Anya a tutu today (thank you Nickie for the instructions and inspiration!).  She tried it on with her ballerina dress and her tiara before bedtime tonight: