Anya’s “Seder” at School

Filed under: Anya,family,photos,school,video — by Lauren on April 5th, 2009 @ 11:03 pm

Anya’s preschool class had a Passover “Seder” last Thursday for the parents to attend.  They told the story of Passover and sang some songs, and then they ate some of the holiday foods.

Sitting with her friends:

Singing the “Frogs Here” song:

Acting out another part of the story:

A (blurry) picture with Grandma Esther:

Sierra lounging with Aunt Sam:

Anya really enjoys the song about the frogs.  I did film the entire show, though she spent most of it with her fingers in her mouth.  I always expect but am still bowled over by how different Anya is in a big group like that.  She gets so overwhelmed by the amount of people in the room that she completely clams up.  A stranger observing her would think she doesn’t talk.  Her teacher has commented several times to me about how quiet Anya is – yes, the very same Anya who acts out entire Dora books or episodes with her dolls and then makes up her own stories, the one who NEVER GIVES US A MOMENT’S PEACE at home!  What a silly little girl.  I guess she was serious when she assured me that she is shy.

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