The tongue and more

Filed under: baby's progress,photos,Sierra — by Lauren on May 11th, 2009 @ 9:07 pm

A few days ago, Sierra realized she has a tongue, and that sticking it out is quite fun:

She’s still going strong with it.  I measured her today at last, and got 25 3/4 inches, but I don’t trust my own accuracy, so it’s an estimate at best.  Her sitting skills have gotten much better in the last few days.  She sat for about 50 seconds before toppling over on Friday.  Usually it’s closer to 15 to 20 seconds when she’s balancing well.  Also, forgot to mention this in her 5 months update – Sierra has been banging on everything, including me.  There’s nothing like getting a beat down from a 15 lb munchkin.

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