Sierra: Solids, Standing, and Clapping

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We decided to give Sierra her first taste of solid foods a little earlier than planned this week.  She has been shrieking like a banshee whenever we eat, but the clincher was when she tried to grab Anya’s salad off of her plate on Tuesday night.  We are also kind of hoping that solid food might help with some of the diaper issues we are having with her (a subject for another post).  She got the classic first meal – rice cereal mixed with breastmilk, yum! – Wednesday morning:

We’ve been trying to offer her some food twice a day.  She doesn’t seem particularly enthused with rice cereal.  She doesn’t really open her mouth for it and often gags on the little she does try to swallow, so we are going to try bananas tomorrow.  If they don’t go over that well, we’ll probably put food on hold for a week or two and try again.  Interestingly, this morning after she refused rice cereal, I held up the waffle I was eating to her to see what she would do, and Sierra (aka the baby who doesn’t put ANYTHING other than her hands in her mouth) tried to swallow the whole thing.  What is it with my children and their dislike of food on a spoon?


Check out my strong little “standing” girl:

If you set her up just right, she can hold herself up for a little bit, but you have to stand right there because she can topple at any moment.  I was too afraid to back far enough away to take a picture, hence the video.


The big news for today:  Sierra learned how to clap her hands!  She is extremely (and loudly) pleased about this new skill.  I couldn’t decide which clip I liked best, so you get them all:

One Response to “Sierra: Solids, Standing, and Clapping”

  1. Amnesty Says:

    Rice cereal is gross 😉 I don’t blame her for not liking it.
    We pretty much skipped the purees with Daisy and Elliot and went mostly to finger foods. They liked that much better. Even baby cereal is better eaten with your hands, apparently (no rice for Elliot though, he’s allergic).