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I just did something I have never, ever done in my entire life.

I successfully put Sierra down for the night.

Frankly, she hates my freaking guts for it. She clawed at my skin, pushed me away, hit me, and boy oh boy did she scream her head off. She also tried to use my shirt, ear, cheek, and such as nipples, growing angrier as each one failed to yield milk. Sierra yelled and cried and begged me to go find Lauren instead.

But 23 minutes after I started the process, she fell asleep. And eleven minutes (and three tries) after that, I successfully got her into the crib.

Lauren can almost taste the freedom!


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This morning, Sierra was still mainly making vowel sounds only. As of bedtime, she was an unstoppable babbler! Dadada, gagaga, and even some bababa!

Sierra is 7 months old!

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Sierra turned 7 months old on July 6th. This time I really did have to delay writing her update due to moving, but now that we are as settled as possible at my parents’ house, here it is!  I haven’t weighed or measured her yet, but I’m sure she’s over 17 lbs, probably closer to 17 1/2 lbs.  She fits into 6-9 months clothes quite nicely, and she’s still rocking the size 4 diapers.  Her second bottom tooth made its appearance a few days after the first one, and the top two will probably start poking through very soon; her gums are white and very puffy.

No crawling here yet!  Sierra continues to turn herself from side to side and she’s certainly trying very hard to propel herself forwards, but most of the time her efforts send her backwards:

She’s definitely getting frustrated, so I kind of hope she’ll work it out soon. Perhaps if she spent more time on her belly, she’d get a bit more practice, but Sierra prefers to sit or stand whenever she can. I still put the Boppy behind her when she sits to catch her when she gets too excited and topples backward, but it’s becoming more and more pointless – she bounces up and down so much that she can move herself several feet away. This afternoon I had left her sitting in my parents’ living room while I made dinner, and when I checked on her after a few minutes, she was two feet away, facing the opposite direction, and quite pleased with herself. She’s also trying very hard to pull herself up to standing, and though she very nearly succeeded during her last bath at our old house, she isn’t quite there yet.

I’ve just read through Sierra’s (late) 6 month update, and much is the same. She’s still a big Mommy’s girl, and now she reaches out for me, especially if someone else is holding her and she wants me to take her back. She’s got the grabbiest hands ever. You can’t leave anything within her reach without her trying to get it, but she still doesn’t put anything in her mouth herself, even food. I’m still offering her baby food, but there is no question that Sierra wants to eat what we are eating. Last night I tried in vain to get her to eat baby carrots for about a half hour. She was more than cooperative when I offered her some of my veggie burger, however, and this afternoon she very much enjoyed eating the carrots out of the eggroll I had with my lunch. Also, the girl LOVES Cheerios, and thankfully she no longer gags on table food – and she stopped drooling like a faucet every time she ate even the tiniest piece of food. She doesn’t eat that much overall, but what she does eat seems to be helping a bit with the explosive diapers. Her last 5 poops haven’t leaked! We did get in to see the pediatric GI at the end of June, and he felt that she probably has a mild allergy to something I eat, that she’ll outgrow it by her first birthday, and that we don’t need to expend any energy trying to figure out what it is.

Sierra continues to love the sound of her own voice, shrieking and screaming plenty just because it’s fun. She’s not babbling yet beyond repeated vowel sounds, but she’s signing a little more and absolutely waving again. I think she signs “more” and I know she understands it, only I’m pretty sure she strongly associates it with food. At least twice now we have been playing with toys and when I asked her if she wanted more, she promptly bent over and tried to eat what was in my hand. So silly!

I’d love to report that Sierra is sleeping through the night, but it would be a lie. She spends the early part of the evening in her bed, and then ends up with me and Lex sometime in between midnight and 2 am. I generally wake up in the morning (almost always at 6:30 am, give or take 10 minutes) because she’s touching my face or whacking my forehead. She thinks this is funny; I’m not sure I agree.

Anya says goodbye to our old house

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