Sitting Up and Open, Shut Them

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New videos of Sierra!  Woohoo!

Sitting up by herself:

Hello, Monkey:

Playing “Open, Shut Them” (one of her favorite games)

Green Eggs & Fam

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This morning, I asked Anya if she’d like eggs for breakfast. She indicated that, no, she’d prefer green eggs and ham.

I met her halfway, and she was delighted:

Green Eggs

Sierra, on the other hand, was a bit more Sam-I-Am skeptical:

Green Eggs

Sitting Pretty

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Sierra pushed herself up to sitting from her tummy tonight!

Sierra is 8 months old!

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Sierra turned 8 months old on August 6th, and once again I’m late posting an update – sorry, Sierra!  I’ll make up for it by putting lots of pictures and video in this month, okay?  Using my parents’ scale, I estimated her weight to be about 17 lbs, 12 oz, up from the 17 lbs, 4 oz I got when she turned 7 months old.  I’m not convinced that either weight was that accurate – I think she probably weighs a bit more than that – but oh well.  I haven’t measured her for length; the large roll of paper I used to use was lost during our move.  I’m know she’s getting taller, since some of her 6-9 months clothes are getting too snug.  I suppose we’ll start transitioning to the next size over the next month.  Size 4 diapers are still working out just fine.  She’s got four teeth now – the top two made their appearance the first week in August.

Teeth or no teeth, Sierra still isn’t showing much love for solid foods, certainly not if they are on a spoon.  Anya ends up eating most of the baby food I offer to Sierra.  There are a few things she likes a lot, including Cheerios, cheese, rice cakes, pizza, bread, blueberries, melon, apples, raw snap peapods, and of course, cucumbers, but “a lot” is relative.  Most of the time she eats very little (like two blueberries) before she’s had enough.  She doesn’t like sitting in her high chair for very long, BUT this past Saturday she finally fed herself for the first time!

Maybe now she’ll start enjoying sitting in her seat.  Actually, over the last few days she’s suddenly begun sticking toys in her mouth.  I guess she made that connection at last.  She may not love eating, but Sierra LOVES drinking water from her sippy cups.  She’s done the best with the Nuby cups, including the one with the straw, but she has no interest in holding it herself, other than as an opportunity to throw something on the floor.

Sierra’s long been a tactile baby – she’s GOT to grab whatever she can reach.  Now she’s started touching stuff with her index finger, almost like pointing.  It’s cute, other than when she sticks a finger in her nose or my ear.  She loves touching people’s faces in general, and gets a kick out of touching various parts of my face while I tell her, “That’s my nose, those are my eyes,” etc.

With her penchant for grabbing and her new found interest in putting things in her mouth, it’s probably a good thing that Sierra’s not crawling yet; I need time to remember that I shouldn’t let her play with things I don’t want her to mouth anymore.  She’s not even pushing up on hands and knees or army crawling yet, but she does manage to get around when she starts out sitting.  It’s kind of hard to explain what she does.  She’ll lean forward like she’s going start crawling, but she only goes on one knee and keeps the other leg tucked underneath, kind of like this:

She’ll walk her hands out as far as she can, but then bring herself back up again.  Somehow this helps her get where she wants to go.  I don’t think she could make it across the room like that, but she’s able to get to whatever has caught her interest on the floor, even if it’s several feet away.  She can push herself into a sitting position from her hands and knees, but can’t get herself on her hands and knees in the first place, so it’s not so helpful yet.  If we place her in that position, she either tries to sit up right away, or she’ll hold it for a few moments before flopping down on her belly. She does try to climb on everything she can -  especially me! – and just LOVES LOVES LOVES to stand:

I mean, she REALLY loves to stand, and she’s pretty strong and steady.  She holds herself up nicely and can keep herself steady even if she’s only hanging on with one hand:

Oh my gosh, is this girl LOUD.  She chatters all day long, and even though most of it is baby babble, it has the cadence and sound of real talking now.  Dadada is her favorite syllable to repeat and mamama is the one we hear least frequently.  It even seems that Dada is her first real word.  She’ll call me Dada, Mama, Nana, Baba, Vava, whatever, but Lex only gets called Dada. WHERE is the justice in THAT?!?  We think she’s also saying all done, hi, Anya, and maybe even bye-bye.  She’s certainly signing milk, all done, and waving hello and good-bye.  Aside from talking, Sierra continues to shriek for fun, and now she’s added screaming to her repertoire.  She’s a total drama queen – she turns it on and off in an instant:

Aside from the moments when she is loudly sharing her opinion on things like being put in her high chair or spending time on her belly, Sierra really is a happy baby who loves to play.  Sit her on the floor with a small bin of toys and she’ll keep herself busy for several minutes; let her stand by her activity table and she’ll play until she falls down!  She enjoys many of the hand-play songs, especially “Open, Shut Them” – sometimes she attempts to do the hand motions with me.  She also loves to play our “Thank You” game.  I hand her a toy and tell her, “Say thank you!” and then I ask for a turn and tell her the same.  I have no idea why this is fun, but she thinks it’s hysterical.  She hands the toy back to me without prompting now, and she’ll usually respond “Dada” with the same prosody as me.  It’s also nice to see that Anya and Sierra are beginning to be able to actually play together, at least somewhat.  No one makes Sierra laugh like Anya can.  It’s so sweet.  Sort of on the subject of play, here’s gratuitous video of Sierra in the tub:

Still no sleeping through the night – I lose track of how often she gets up and she always ends up in the bed eventually.  I expect it will improve a little once we put her back in her own room; we haven’t been able to put the crib back together since moving into the new house yet, so she’s been in the Co-Sleeper in our room.  At least most naps take place in her bed instead of on my lap, although they vary in length from 25 minutes to a little over an hour.

Anyone taking bets on how late I’ll post the 9 month update?

Trike and Trailer

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A little Anya update

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It seems like Sierra gets all the updates these days, and I suppose that’s because a baby changes so much in a short time. With a two-year-old, it’s a little more subtle, but still the changes are there. In fact, I was just talking to my sister about how different Anya is now, compared to how she was when she first turned two. She’s so much bigger, and not just physically.

The last few months have been trying, to say the least. Anya has been very prone to tantrums, and it’s hard to predict what may set her off. She isn’t a throw-herself-on the-floor-banging-and-kicking tantrummer, just a hysterical crier. Her mood can change at the drop of a hat. There’s also been lots of whining. Lots. Anya for sure went through the terrible twos, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that she is still going through them. It occurred to me this evening that over the last few weeks the tantrums have become somewhat less frequent, which is part of what inspired me to write this post. I had been feeling blue about the way she and I had been interacting for quite some time; it felt like there was more antagonism than happiness, and that’s not a good way to be. Some of the changes needed to come from me, mostly regarding letting certain things go, but once again, I think this is where some of those subtle changes have come into play. Without fanfare, Anya has matured a tad recently. It’s nice. I’m tired of feeling sorry for future Lauren and Lex, parents of teenage Anya.

Regardless of whatever difficult times there had been, Anya always amazes and amuses me with the things she says. A quick story from this evening – I took the girls to have dinner at my grandmother’s apartment. On the drive there, while we were sitting in mild traffic, Anya said to me, “Mommy, if all these cars go to Grandma Evie’s house, it’s going to be very crowded!” I laughed, and asked her if she thought they were all going there. She said, “Nooooo! Just us!” Really, where does she get this stuff?