More new things, and “More!”

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Sierra pulled up to standing  – twice! – for the first time tonight.  Apparently she REALLY wanted to know what was going on in the tub while Anya was having her bath.

I was able to catch Sierra signing “more” on video the other day.  Sometimes she tries to say it as well, though she didn’t while I was recording her this time:

Forgotten and New Things

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Forgot to post when Sierra was 8 months old – she plays peek-a-boo by hiding her head on someone’s chest or on the floor and then popping up with a big smile.

Forgot to post when Sierra was 9 months old – she points at things that excite her or capture her attention.

New and exciting – As of last Friday, Sierra officially mastered rolling from her back to her belly.  She had been rolling around on our bed for the two nights before that, but now she’s all over the floor.  Also as of last Friday, we have bid adieu to the high chair.  She has not been a fan from day one, and Lex and I finally had enough of listening her to scream to get out.  We decided to try her out in Anya’s booster with the tray, and she was SO much happier.

I don’t know what she finds objectionable about the high chair, but that’s that, I suppose.  I got Anya a different, very basic booster seat to help her reach the table.  Lex’s initial fix, while creative, wasn’t a long term solution:

Sierra is 9 months old!

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Sweet and mischievous Sierra turned 9 months old on September 6th!  She had her well check yesterday morning, and the doctor says everything looks and sounds great.  She got three shots, including her first flu shot, with no tears for the one in the arm, but some tears for the two in her legs.  She was measured at 18 lbs, 10 oz and 27 1/2 inches, which puts her in the 50th percentile for both weight and height.  Her head measured in the 90th percentile, which Lex and I both found amusing.  Maybe it’s all that hair:

She’s still wearing size 4 diapers and 9 months clothes.

I’ve got a bunch of videos to post so I’ll try to keep the narrative under control (but who am I kidding, right?).  Over this past month, Sierra completely mastered finger foods.  She likes fruit, carbs, and proteins; veggies, not so much.  She’ll try just about anything, but if she doesn’t like it, it gets spit out immediately and then protested quite loudly.  When she’s had enough or gets bored, she’ll start dropping food on the floor bit by bit, then looks up to see what I think about that.  Such an imp!  She does something similar with the foam mat we have in the playroom.  She inches over to the edge and pulls up a piece of the border, then turns around with this devilish little grin to show me exactly what she’s done, and if I catch her in the act and tell her to stop, she thinks it’s even funnier.

Over the last few days, Sierra’s finally made some progress towards crawling!  She’ll now take a couple of “steps” toward something that’s nearby if she wants it, but if what she wants is too far away, she gives up and looks for something closer or sits back up again.  My one question for her doctor today was whether we needed to be concerned that she doesn’t roll from her back to her belly (she did it twice around her 6 month birthday and then never did it again) and we were assured we do not.  The girl would love to be able to pull herself up to standing, but she’s not quite there yet.

Starting to crawl:

Trying to crawl to Daddy:

“Dada” is undoubtedly Sierra’s first real word, and yes, I am jealous.  The squeal of delight that accompanies “Dada!” when she sees Lex…sigh,  and then of course she only babbles “mamama” when she’s annoyed about something!  Eh, I shouldn’t complain, I suppose, since she generally wants me to hold her over anyone else, and will actually cling to my shirt if someone tries to take her out of my arms.  Sometimes it seems like she’s saying (or at least trying to say) some other words, including duck, quack quack, and others, including those mentioned last month.  Also, a new obsession for her is clicking her tongue.  She signs “all done” really well, and her other signs are coming along nicely.  She claps along to “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and raises her arms for “So big!” when we ask her “How big is Sierra?” (See the “Crawling to Daddy” video!)  I forgot to mention last month that she shakes her head “No” – especially when she wants to refuse food – and looks for Lex if you ask her, “Where’s Daddy?”

Shaking her head no:

Her sleeping sucks.  Period.  I’ve royally screwed it up and I don’t know to fix it.  Her naps are way too short, and she’s up several times a night.  The fact that she doesn’t sleep through the night doesn’t bother me so much.  There’s lots of disagreement about how often a breastfed baby her age should want to nurse at night, depending on who you ask.  What bugs me is that she can’t fall asleep unless nursed, the only exception being the times when she falls asleep in the car.  I know it’s my fault.  Early on I made a lot of mistakes by doing what was easy in the moment, and now she’s dependent on me to help her get to sleep.  I don’t want to let her cry.  Aside from my feeling that it is not a particularly compassionate way to teach a baby to sleep (and YES, I know we chose to let Anya cry and she turned out just fine, but I never felt good about it), I don’t think it’s fair to “punish” Sierra because I didn’t teach her how to go to sleep herself the right way when she was a younger baby.  If someone is going to have to do some work for her to learn how to soothe herself, it should be me and not her.  I hope we find a solution, I really do.  I am open to any and all suggestions.

Despite the lack of sleep, she’s still my little sweetie.  She leans in with her forehead if I ask for a kiss, cuddles up next to my shoulder when she needs some snuggles, and giggles plenty.  She loves to play, especially with Anya, and has figured out how to work some of her toys.


Figuring out her toy:


I think we’ll keep her.

Anya’s (second) first day of school

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Yesterday was the first day of Anya’s second year at pre-school, although I guess technically last year didn’t count as a year since she didn’t start until December. She’s going three days a week, currently from 9:30 am until 12 pm. We’ve been prepping her for the last week so that she’ll know her teachers’ names, which friends of hers will be in her class, etc., and reminding her that even though I leave her there, Mommy always comes back. Her first day went very well – no tears, and it only took a few minutes before she was comfortable enough for me and Lex to leave. When I picked her up, her teachers told me that she surprised them with how well she speaks, because for the first half of the morning she barely said anything and they thought she wasn’t really a talker yet. Then out of the blue she told them, “My mommy was telling me all about you!” and from that point on she was very chatty. I said she’s often shy and quiet in a big group or unfamiliar situation, and they said they highly doubt that’s going to be an issue this year. Yay!!!

Politcal Discourse

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Sierra feeding herself!

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Over the last week or so Sierra has really mastered the whole feeding herself thing! It’s made mealtimes a tiny bit easier since she can keep herself entertained for a few minutes in the high chair before screaming to get out. She’ll try just about anything that she can pick up and put in her mouth, but she’s quick to spit out what she doesn’t like. In terms of quantity, she’s still not eating much, but progress is progress! It’s helpful to have her sippy cup full of water at meals; she likes to drink between mouthfuls (and lets you know quite loudly if you don’t get her the water fast enough).