Forgotten and New Things

Filed under: Anya,baby's progress,photos,Sierra — by Lauren on September 21st, 2009 @ 10:35 pm

Forgot to post when Sierra was 8 months old – she plays peek-a-boo by hiding her head on someone’s chest or on the floor and then popping up with a big smile.

Forgot to post when Sierra was 9 months old – she points at things that excite her or capture her attention.

New and exciting – As of last Friday, Sierra officially mastered rolling from her back to her belly.  She had been rolling around on our bed for the two nights before that, but now she’s all over the floor.  Also as of last Friday, we have bid adieu to the high chair.  She has not been a fan from day one, and Lex and I finally had enough of listening her to scream to get out.  We decided to try her out in Anya’s booster with the tray, and she was SO much happier.

I don’t know what she finds objectionable about the high chair, but that’s that, I suppose.  I got Anya a different, very basic booster seat to help her reach the table.  Lex’s initial fix, while creative, wasn’t a long term solution:

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