Anya Spells Her Name

Filed under: Anya,baby's progress,photos,video — by Lauren on October 6th, 2009 @ 10:32 pm

For a few weeks now Anya has been telling us “A-N-Y-A spells Anya.” This morning she was playing with the letter magnets on our fridge and she told me, “Look, I’m spelling my name.” Usually she tells me she’s spelling words and she’s just put random letters together, but today I looked and she had put down A-N-Y. She was looking for another A, but there’s only one of each letter in that set, so I found her another one from a different set and she finished it. It’s me and Lex, so of course we took pictures. 😉

This afternoon we were messing around with my computer and I was showing her how she could type letter and make them show up on the screen. I asked her if she wanted to type her name, and she did.

Holy crap. I have a kid who’s old enough to spell her own name. I have a kid who’s ALMOST THREE. When did that happen?  There’s no way I’m old enough for that.

One Response to “Anya Spells Her Name”

  1. Marnie Says:

    WOW. I am so impressed! Hooray for Anya!