Anya is Three Years Old!

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Anya is three today.  That’s right, I said three, as in THREE WHOLE YEARS.  I am finding this very difficult to understand.  How can it be three years already?  She was just born, I swear.

Anya, my darling first born, you amaze me and challenge me every day.  I watch you and marvel over how independent you are becoming.  Putting on your own shoes, not just climbing into but also buckling the top of your car seat yourself, completing much of the potty process without help, walking upstairs to get something and coming back down again without someone going with you – these are not things you could do when you turned two.

Your love of learning anything and everything makes me glow with pride.  You ask so many questions (“What does that street sign mean?  What are those guys doing?”)  and USUALLY you listen to the answer (but heaven help us if you ask a question and you don’t like the answer you were given!).  The way you memorize your books, usually after one or two readings, astounds me, and I am thankful for the existence of the library, as there is no such thing as enough when it comes to your appetite for books.  I’m so proud of you for learning to recognize,  spell, and even type out your name!  More words are going to come soon enough.  For now, keep on having fun playing with rhymes and telling me and Daddy what letter words start with (“Hot dog starts with the letter H!  Baby starts with the letter B!).

Your love affair with Dora started to cool off a bit as you approached this past summer and considered all the other characters life has to offer (but yay for still choosing a Dora cake for your birthday party).  Monsters, Inc. was the first real movie you watched (“I want to watch Mike Wazowski today!”) and we had to watch a little bit of it every day for a while.  You also fell in love with Murray from Sesame Street.  Your current obsession is the Wiggles, and no matter how much we talk about trying something different before your nap, you refuse to watch anything else when you wake up, even though we only have ONE episode saved on TiVo and we don’t get the channel they are on anymore.  You like princesses and love dressing up and pretending.

I wish I could live in your imaginary world with you sometimes, because when I hear you talking to your “friends” and going on pretend adventures with them, it sounds like so much fun.  I enjoy those times when you can break away from books long enough to play with your real friends when we get together with them, too.  Sometimes it’s hard for you to share, but you are trying to remember how to take turns, and I love how much you think and care about your friends (“Mommy, I wonder if Sophie will come to school today.  We can play with the puzzles together.).  You are a WONDERFUL big sister, Anya.  I didn’t think I could love you any more than I already did until I saw how you interacted with Sierra, but oh, man.  You talk to her, you bring her toys (and yes, sometimes you take toys away from her, too, but hey, you’re three, it happens), you sing “Twinkle, Twinkle” in the sweetest soprano voice ever when she cries in the car… There’s a reason why no one else can make her laugh like you do.  I love that you still call her “my baby” when you talk about her.  Please remember how much you love her now when you’re both teenagers!

Some things don’t change, or at least, they haven’t changed yet.  You still are one of the slowest eaters I have ever met, unless cake or candy is involved, of course.  I don’t quite understand how you can make any meal last 90 minutes or more, or how you even have the patience to sit at the table that long.  You also continue to wake up from naps as a total crank pot much of the time, and need a good thirty minutes to an hour to snap out of it.  I hope we can figure out some way to improve your sleep situation soon – if you don’t nap, you get overtired and cranky by dinnertime, but if you do nap, you have a very hard time falling asleep at bedtime, and then you are tired the next day from having been up too late.

Keep the cuddles coming, please, please, please!  I will never get tired of the unprompted “I love you, Mommy” and spontaneous hugs and kisses.  I also love when you say “please” and “thank you” on your own, or when you ask me if I’m happy or sad.  As always, yes, Anya, I am happy because I have my two girls, even if I’m angry about something else, even if it’s something one of those two girls did.

I only have one page left of your baby book to complete, the one for your third birthday, and then Daddy and I can add our letters to you for when you are grown up.  How bittersweet.  I say this to you all the time, and sooner rather than later I know you’ll start rolling your eyes at me, but no matter what, no matter how old you are, you’ll always be my baby.  I love you, Anya.  Happy third birthday, precious girl.

3 Responses to “Anya is Three Years Old!”

  1. Heather Says:

    Wow! I feel like it was just yesterday too. I remember being just a few months into my new job in Milwaukee, anxiously waiting to hear the news. I also remember walking you down the hall in Culver City, one Lauren Krutzel, wanting to be a teacher at Village Glen. Those aren’t the only things I remember (close to it, though), but it’s crazy how they don’t seem that long ago except for the times they feel like a lifetime ago.

  2. Dana Hill Says:

    I got teary reading this, and I’ve never met you or Anya! (my loss!!)


  3. Erika Says:

    What a wonderful story and tribute to Anya. She is a beauty! And such a fun girl, youre lucky to have her and shes lucky to have you!