Anya’s three-year well check

Filed under: Anya,doctor,Sierra — by Lauren on October 21st, 2009 @ 10:40 pm

Anya had her well check with the pediatrician today.  She weighed 32 lbs and was measured to be 36.5 inches tall.  I’d kind of like a second opinion on the height, though.  I think she might be a little taller than that.  She did not quite understand how to stand up against the wall so the nurse could measure her.  At school, they measured her to be 38 inches.  I’d guess she’s somewhere in between those two heights.

(I should have mentioned in her update:  At age 3, Anya is wearing size 7 1/2 shoes, shirts ranging from 2T to 4T depending on the brand, and still 24 months pants, which continue to fall off her tush on a regular basis.)

The appointment went well.  I think this particular doctor is so good with little kids.  She was feeling a little skittish at first, but he got her to warm up fairly quickly and she got through the whole exam without any tears.  He said she’s in excellent health and commented on her being particularly articulate. 🙂  No shots for her, hooray!  Sierra did get her booster flu shot, in her arm rather than her leg at my request.  She cried for approximately a millisecond.  I also sat her on the scale, just to see, and she weighed 19 1/2 lbs fully clothed.

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