Sisterly love

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There is little I enjoy more than watching Anya and Sierra play together.  They are such a riot together, making each other laugh and chasing each other around the room.  Sierra idolizes Anya.  She wants to copy so much of what Anya does, and she climbs all over her, giving her hugs.  Anya, in turn, adores “her baby” and is usually a fabulous big sister.  She informs me many times a day that she just gave Sierra a baby toy or is sharing her own toys with her, and she looks out for her, too.  She’ll comfort her if she’s crying, often by singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in a comically loud voice, and she’ll tell me when Sierra has something she’s not supposed to have or is getting into trouble.  The other day, while I was setting up their bath, Sierra escaped from the bathroom and was heading towards the stairs.  I went to grab her, and I found Anya pinning her down, telling her no, baby, no stairs!

(Okay, so maybe the pinning her down was a little much, but the intention was good.)

I would love for this era of constant mutual adoration to never end, but I know as Sierra gets older there are going to be some squabbles.  Tonight they actually had their first real fight over a toy.  Usually either Anya wants something that Sierra has and takes it (despite my frequent reminders NOT to do that) without much protest from Sierra or Sierra tries to grab what Anya has and Anya moves away, complains until I remind her to give Sierra something else, or she lets her have a turn.  Well, today Sierra wanted the pen to the Aquadoodle mat, Anya didn’t want to give it up, and Sierra wasn’t having that!  Anya was yelling that Sierra should stop, and Sierra was shrieking and trying to get it from her.  This problem was easily solved by my finding the second pen, but sigh.  It starts.

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  1. Nickie Says:

    They are adorable together! I can’t wait for Isabella to be a big sister. I hope she is half as good with her little sister or brother as Anya is with Sierra. Seeing this, for a brief moment, took away my fear of having two.