Stand Up and Go

Filed under: baby's progress,Sierra,video — by Lauren on January 14th, 2010 @ 10:21 pm

Last week Sierra suddenly figured out how to stand up by herself, and since then she’s been walking more and crawling less each day.  I’d say by now she’s walking about 75% of the time, if not more, and getting steadier by the hour.  She’ll even start to crawl somewhere, then change her mind and stand up so she can walk the rest of the way, and she is so delighted with herself!  It’s quite sweet.

2 Responses to “Stand Up and Go”

  1. Grammy Says:

    Better than Jay Leno or Conan, Sierra can make me laugh happily through this short routine.

  2. Dana Says:

    It might be impossible to watch this without smiling! She is so pleased with herself!