My Little Artists

Filed under: photos,the day-to-day stuff,video — by Lauren on January 30th, 2010 @ 11:10 pm

Here’s a topic I’ve been meaning about since October.  Oops.  Both Anya and Sierra love to color.  Anya started drawing some recognizable shapes (mainly happy faces) back in September that have since grown into “tadpole people” complete with arms, legs, hair, ears, hats, and whatever other feature tickles her fancy.  She still scribbles plenty as well, but her scribbling most definitely means something to her.  Sierra loves to draw, especially when she can make dots.

Anya’s first page of happy faces:

Tadpole person from October:

The girls drawing together in October:

Tadpole person from November:

The girls drawing together a few days ago:

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