Decoding Sierra

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Sierra has a decent-sized vocabulary for a 14-month-old.  There are many words she says quite clearly (baby, apple, eat, sock, cookie, ball, head, hat, no, more, up, hi, hello, bye-bye, peas, cheese, bow, mama, dada, and phone, to name a few).  However, plenty of what she says probably is not easily understandable to people who don’t know her well.  She doesn’t pronounce ending consonants on a lot of her words, at least not consistently.  Luckily, I am fluent in Sierra-ese and am happy to provide translation services as necessary.  Her use of signs helps a lot as well.

Some things she says at this age that I want to remember in the future:

  • iPah – iPod or iPhone
  • wahpf/wahp – wipe.  We hear this ALL day.  Sierra loves to play with wipes, to have her hands cleaned a million times during any meal, to blow her nose or anyone else’s nose, to wipe on the potty…
  • efahfant – elephant, except I think the only one she can identify consistently is from the Hatch iPhone application
  • Leh…pah – leopard, referring to a specific book we often read before bedtime
  • pib – crib
  • Ahnah – Anya!  Probably her favorite word
  • fro – throw
  • ticka ticka ticka – tickle
  • Baaapap – Backpack (from “Dora the Explorer”)
  • Dodah/Dodo – Dora
  • seeee – sit (usually said while trying to crawl into my lap or onto a stool)
  • hallah – challah
  • sarrrr /staaaa- star (she signs that one and can accurately identify the shape, so that always helps)
  • tuh – touch
  • wah – watch (as in wristwatch)
  • hi fi – high five
  • I luh loo – I love you
  • hep – help, usually to indicate that she’d like a fork while eating
  • wayehh – where (complete with hands held up in question)
  • owsigh – outside
  • cheeee – cheers (while holding up her sippy cup if she notices someone else taking a drink)
  • culluh – color

There are some things she says that I couldn’t possibly figure out how to write out her pronunciation phonetically – cracker, round-and-round and swish-swish-swish (from “Wheels on the Bus”), Swiper No Swiping (from “Dora the Explorer), vitamins, broccoli… BUT she says the same thing every time, and again, gestures help a lot.

Other talking tidbits:

She’s able to identify what a dog, frog, horse, sheep, duck, cow, and cat say, and she’ll tell you that we say “brrrr” when it’s cold outside.  If she pushes a car around she’ll say, “Vroom, vroom” or “Wheee!”

She can’t figure out how to pronounce her name, so when I ask her what her name is, she points to herself and says, “Name.”  The closest she’s gotten is calling herself “Seee” or “Erra.”

“Two” is one of Sierra’s favorite words.  She asks for two pretty much any time she’s eating anything, but also when she’s coloring or if she wants two of a toy.  She likes having something in each hand!  She’s beginning to overuse it, though – sometimes she’ll ask for “two” just to mean “want.”

I know I’ve left stuff out, but I’m going to publish this post anyway, since I’ve been working on it for days.  I would love to have gotten some of this stuff on video, but my Flip camera is dying a sad, slow, painful death.  🙁

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  1. Grammy Says:

    but my Flip camera is dying a sad, slow, painful death. 🙁

    Don’t be sad, means you can start your BD wish list.