Roseola Take 2

Filed under: Sierra — by Lauren on April 12th, 2010 @ 9:26 pm

Sierra had a pretty substantial fever from Thursday night until Sunday morning or so, with no other notable symptoms other than being cranky. I had mentioned to a friend that I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up having roseola, and lo and behold, the rash showed up this morning. She still clearly did not feel well today – a total Jekyll and Hyde case, switching from somewhat happy to angry tears with almost no notice. Poor baby. She ended up going to sleep before 7, so hopefully she won’t be up at 3 am (not that that would be any different from the last few weeks, unfortunately, but at least she usually goes back to sleep). Oh, and although the roseola rash isn’t supposed to itch, she’s been scratching at her head all day, which, oddly enough, was the same reaction Anya had when she had roseola.

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