Here we go again

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Well…..last Sunday, we found out that I am

My tentative due date is March 5, 2011. So far, the only big symptom I’ve been having is fatigue, especially around 2:30 in the afternoon. My first appointment is in a few weeks. We’re very excited, and also kind of terrified of being outnumbered.

Ergo Giveaway

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Check out this awesome contest to win a free organic Ergo carrier:

UPDATE (6/5/2010): – I WON!!!!


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This morning, Sierra discovered that she could combine words or phrases with other words all on her own! She’s been saying “Hi, ____” and “Bye-bye, ______” for a while now, but there were a whole bunch of new ones today, including:

  • Anya wash your hands (“wash your hands” is a phrase she often uses)
  • Read it strawberry (“read it” is another often used phrase and “strawberry” referred to a book, which she promptly handed to me, with a picture of a strawberry on the spine)

Now I’m kicking myself for waiting until 10:45 pm to write this post because there were a bunch of others and I can’t remember what any of them were.

Various Things

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~Both of the girls came down with their first summer colds of the season over the weekend, which made them cranky on and off.  On Saturday, I put Sierra down for a nap, and a few minutes later she was crying.  I went to see what was wrong, and she told me, “Wocking.”  As soon as I sat with her in the glider, she put her head down on my shoulder and closed her eyes, a look of utter contentment on her face.  A few minutes later she was asleep and I put her in the crib.  I’m grateful that she can put herself to sleep most of the time, but I don’t mind if once in a while she wants to be rocked, because, honestly, I can’t remember the last time Anya asked me to rock her to sleep.

~So much for Sierra’s lovey “Fot” (Spot the dog).  Much like Anya, Sierra has adopted a “love the one you’re with” kind of policy.  She was a big fan of her Fisher Price Glow Seahorse (which she calls “Baby”) for a while.  It’s been a teddy bear this week.  Between the two of them, they take a different “friend” to bed every night.  Please don’t let this be a harbinger of things to come!

~A few days ago, Sierra woke up way too early and had no interest in going back to sleep.  Eventually she convinced me to get out of bed to take her to the bathroom, and during that time she proceeded to sing “Wain, wain, doh away” at the top of her lungs, over and over again.  Then she noticed her hat, drying from the previous day’s swimming, hanging on the shower door, and she insisted she had to have it.  It was still damp, so, bleary-eyed, I found her a different hat, and then took her to Anya’s room to play (because Anya and Lex were still asleep in my room) while I tried to get a little extra sleep hiding in Anya’s bed.  She gleefully ran around the room wearing that hat until everyone else woke up and it was time to get dressed. This child is crazy.

~I have a superpower!  Or, rather, my kisses do.  One kiss cures all ailments, be it a bump on the head or a scrape on the knee.  I don’t like when the girls get hurt, but I do love when they tell me, “All better!” after they get their kiss. Sierra keeps shoving toys in my face, though, and telling me things like, “Elmo! Hurt. Kiss.” I think that’s taking it too far!

~I took Anya to a make-up dance class to cover the one she missed while we were away.  I was trying to explain to her what “make-up” meant in that context while we were driving there, and she was having a little trouble getting it, so I gave her a more concrete example involving what would happen if I she bought 6 cookies from me but I lost one and only gave her five.  It turns out that wasn’t the right way to go; she understood what I meant, but she got very hung up on what had happened to the other cookie and the conversation just devolved from there:

Anya (for the billionth time): But what happened to the other cookie?
Me:  Oy, Anya!  IT BROKE!
Anya: How did it break?
Me: Um, I dropped it.
Anya: Why did you drop it?
Me: Because I tripped.
Anya: Why did you trip?
Me: Because you left your shoes on the floor.
Anya: Why did I do that?!?
Me: I don’t know, Anya. You should have put them away. Also, NONE OF THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED.
Anya: Why didn’t you put them away for me?
Me: Why didn’t you put your shoes away yourself?
Anya: Daddy should have put them away for me.

~Anya has effectively ruined the whole Biscuit series for me, which is a shame because Sierra is obsessed with it. The little girl in the books never gets called by her name, and one day Anya asked me what the girl’s name was. I said I didn’t know and asked her what she thought it was, and after pondering for a moment, she said, “Soap!” Now I can’t read those stupid books without cracking up every time I see “Soap” playing with her puppy.

~Yesterday while I was getting the girls into the car to take Anya to school, our neighbors across the street were having some trees trimmed. Sierra was very intrigued by this event, and informed me, “Mawn-moh-muh” (how she says “lawnmower”). I didn’t feel the need to explain that it was actually the trees getting cut, so I just agreed with her, and she went on to make sure I knew that, “Noise…..LOUD!” You can’t say she’s not observant!

~Anya has moved on from Dora to her new obsession, Diego! (Boy crazy already…sigh). It’s actually a decent show, more or less the same formula as Dora but each episode features an animal that needs rescuing. The writers include a lot of information about each animal, so Anya’s been learning a lot about each one, and she incorporates what she learns into her pretend play (she likes to tell us that she is a panda and that her salad is bamboo, for example). Sometimes she’s a little off, though, like when she told us that flamingos eat allergies (Apparently they eat algae). Sierra loves Diego as well, though I’m not sure I love how she chants, “Ayudame!” (pronounced in her own non-transcribable way) over and over. And over.