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I’m just incredibly excited about Baby #3. I know for Lauren, at least when there’s no nausea kicking in (although recently, there’s been plenty to go around), this pregnancy still doesn’t seem real. For me, though, the pregnancy feels very real and surprisingly significant.

Now that sounds funny. All pregnancies are of course significant. But the significance this time around is that I think — just my opinion, and who knows what the future holds — that this is our last pregnancy. That means that I’ve “created life” for the last time; Lauren’s suffering through a first trimester for the last time, and I’m cooing semi-futilely into a belly for what one certainly hopes would be the last time.

I don’t think of any of this as bittersweet, mind you. Rather, it’s just sweet. I think this whole thing is amazing, and if Anya and Sierra are any indication, the kid brewing in Lauren’s belly will be a true treasure. (Also: Huge, smart, lovable, cuddly, and so on.) I am frustrated with all the waiting — to see the first ultrasound, to find out the gender, etc.

Ah, gender. I imagine that once folks know about this pregnancy, I’ll get asked if I hope it’s a boy. The truth is, I don’t hope it’s a boy, but I’d of course be perfectly content with one. I already feel like I have a good handle on girls, though — I’m “good” at rearing them, so another girl in that respect seems a lot less, shall we say, terrifying. Should we instead have a boy, I’ll be spooked about figuring out how to “dad” a boy, but of course look forward to the male bonding element of our relationship.

Last thought before I go jump in the pool: I hate keeping this pregnancy a secret from our big mouth children! Anya and Sierra aren’t really on-board with the whole “keeping secrets” concept, so we can’t tell them just yet, but I’m excited for Anya’s reaction to be sure. (Sierra’s reaction will inevitably involve kissing Lauren’s bellybutton, which is perhaps Sierra’s favorite activity in the whole wide world already.) For now, Lauren and I resort to talking to each other about the pregnancy cryptically (winks, nudges, gestures) when the kids are around.

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  1. Grammy Says:

    The first couple years of rearing a son is the same as rearing a daughter. Except that changing diapers is more hazardous.