Didn’t this used to be a blog?

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Ummm, yeah, so I’ve been embarrassingly bad about keeping this blog up-to-date over the last few months.  I swear, I have really good, interesting, not at all made up reasons, like my recent abduction by aliens and when my brief attempt to live an Amish lifestyle.  Okay, okay, can we just say I’ve been so busy enjoying life with the girls that I haven’t been taking the time to write about it?  And will you accept my humble apologies for neglecting you, dear blog?

So many things have happened since I became a lazy blogger, where to begin?  Well (in no particular order), Sierra turned 18 months in June, but that deserves its own post, which I really hope to deliver tomorrow night.  We went on a wonderful trip with my family to the Bahamas in May – Sierra’s first time not in utero.  The girls had a fantastic time at the pool and a mediocre time at the beach; neither was a huge fan of the water there.  Sierra still tells me that she’s going to “the Hamas” if I ask her where she’s going.  Anya finished her first full year of preschool in June and is now greatly enjoying the summer program (and don’t you dare suggest she is going to school, or she will indignantly inform you that’s it’s camp, NOT SCHOOL).  Sierra finally got to try out a class at Gymboree while Anya is at camp this summer, and she could not love it more.  I had my appendix out on April 30th, which kind of ruined my 30th birthday on May 1st, but such is life.  Anya has been having swim lessons with two of her friends.  We found someone who would come to the house to do a small group lesson in our pool.  I don’t think she’ll be swimming by the end of the summer, but she’s way more comfortable with going under the water and getting her face wet, and that’s a huge improvement for her.  We’ve been having tons of fun going to Sesame Place this summer, and had an extra special time going with Lex’s sister, her husband, and their two youngest boys when they came to visit a few weeks ago.  In the same weekend, Lex and I went to a friend’s wedding, leaving the girls without both of us (but with my parents) overnight for the first time ever.  The only time we had both ever been away from Anya was when Sierra was born, and I had never been away from Sierra overnight before this.  I was nervous, but everything went fine.  The only disappointment was that we stayed in a hotel room, completely free of early-rising children, and I only managed to sleep in until 7:45 am.  My body even tried to wake me at 4:30 am and 6:45 am.  Traitor!

There’s been more, of course – so many amazing and funny things happen on a day-to-day basis here – and I’m going to try to do a better job, really!

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