Bedtime With Sierra

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I once wrote a post on this blog about how much I loved putting Anya to sleep. I still do; it’s fun, though in new ways now compared to how it used to be.

But putting Sierra to sleep is a delight in its own right, and I want to remember some of the elements.

She generally gets two stories, then two songs, then the crib amidst white noise.

Tonight was only a little different from usual:

After her books, I told Sierra I needed to go get her blanket, which had made its way to our room. I told her she could wait for me in the crib while I got it. “Okay, Daddy, I wait right here!” she said.

Then it was time for her songs. I forgot to start singing along the way I usually do. “Daddy, sing to me!” Sierra reminded me. (And yes, all these sentences were spoken with exclamation points.)

I started singing. “I love you, Daddy!” she said, apropos of nothing. I replaced a word in the song, singing Sierra’s name instead of the actual lyric. “Daddy, you’re being silly! You’re being silly! You’re being silly, Daddy!”

And then, another topic change. “I have to go potty.” (That one lacked an exclamation mark.)

I took her, she went, and we returned to her room. “Music again, Daddy! Put the blanket on my back!” I rocked for her the rest of the song, her blankie wrapped around her.

And finally: “Music all done! Put on the special noise!”

“Special noise for whom?” I say.

“Special noise… for the special baby!”

“That’s right, ” I say. “And who’s the special baby?”

“Me! Put me in the crib, Daddy!”

“Good night, Sierra. I love you.”

“I love you, Daddy!”

She’s amazing.

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  1. Papa Ducky Says:

    What a wonderful, wonderful story!