Sierra was 21 months old… in September

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Sierra turned 21 months old on September 6th, and is now 22 1/2 months old.  She’s on the smaller side; I weighed and measured her yesterday and got just over 32.5 inches and 24.8 lbs.  She’s still got her tiny little feet in a size 4 shoe and she’s wearing a size 4 diaper.  We did finally move her into 18-24 months shirts!

Her language skills have really come along – full sentences, whole songs, jokes, etc. – and she says some really funny things.  Her articulation isn’t always spectacular, but between me, Lex, and Anya, we can usually figure out what she is saying, which is good, because she generally has a strong opinion about everything.  Her favorite things to say are, “I want to do it myself,” and “Me, too!”

Sierra sleeps very well and is half potty-trained (she only poops on the toilet, although that’s not without issue because sometimes she’ll hold it for 2 or more days).  Some days she’s a great eater, and other days, not so much.  She loves to share her food (“Here Mommy, this pretzel is for you!”).

It’s hard to believe she’s going to be 2 in about 6 weeks, and a big sister in about 20 weeks!


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Sierra is lying on the floor on her back, panting. “I’m relaxing,” she tells me. “You’re relaxing?” I ask. “Yeah, I’m a dog,” she answers.

Where do they get this stuff?