Baby Boy Friedman

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Yes, that’s right, we are officially expecting a baby boy (in only two more calendar months, no less)!  We had our Level II scan back on October 19th.  The baby looked perfect, with everything exactly where it should be, measuring right on target, and some long feet.  The technician said she likes to take all the pictures she needs first and then goes back to show the parents everything, but about 5 seconds into the scan she said she had to show us the image because she didn’t know if she’d get as clear of a shot later.  Definitely a boy!  She basically said, “Well, there are no guarantees with ultrasounds, but if you’re having a girl, you have a problem because she’s got a penis.”

Little feet:

Profile shots:

It’s a boy:

This pregnancy has been pretty routine so far.  Currently, I’m seeing the OB every two weeks, I’ve gained 25 lbs, I’m measuring right on track, and the baby’s heartbeat is nice and strong.  He’s a little maniac in there; so strong and often bordering on violent.  Both of the girls get a huge kick out of feeling him “boop” their hand (Sierra’s words).   It feels like he must have 8 legs or something like that. I just don’t see how he can kick me in so many places at one time.  I did fail the 1 hour glucose tolerance test again, and I’m actually writing this while sitting in the waiting room of the lab during the 3 hour test (Oh, how I hope I pass).  I’ve been finding myself extremely thirsty recently during this pregnancy, which is not a symptom I recall when I was pregnant with the girls.  We’re starting to work on getting things ready at home for Baby Boy, but it’s probably time we pick up the pace a bit.  That first trimester went so slowly, but the rest of the pregnancy has flown by.  He’s going to be here really soon!

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  1. Chris Says:

    Our due dates are so close!!! My little guy is currently named squiggle worm because he is just clamoring for space. I had some pretty strong contractions on Dec. 25th and went to the hospital, they decided to put me on bed rest for a couple of weeks. My next ultrasound and midwife visit is Tuesday and we’ll see how my little guy is progressing. He is dating older by 2 weeks or so and seems to want to come early and meet everyone. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and may we both have very smooth deliveries.