In the home stretch

Filed under: delivery/labor,doctor — by Lauren on February 24th, 2011 @ 1:54 pm

With 9 days left until my EDD, Lex and I are going to find ourselves outnumbered by our children any day now, and so I figured it was probably a good idea to get one more post in about this pregnancy before I need to start being late getting updates about Baby Boy Friedman posted to the blog!

We’re having weekly appointments at our practice now, trying to meet the remaining doctors and midwives who could possibly be on call when the big day comes. Everything has been great – I started gaining weight again, my blood pressure is always normal, my sugar levels have been fantastic (so good that I’m down to testing twice a day now, which is very nice), and the baby’s heartbeat remains nice and strong. He’s running out of room to move in there, and I’ve been somewhat worried about just how big this child is going to be, but the doctors feel that with my GD being so well controlled and the way I’ve been measuring/the way I look, he probably won’t be over 9 lbs if I go to 40 weeks. We’ll see. He feels really big.

I haven’t been feeling very well over the last week or so. Sleep is a major issue for me; I wake up several times a night now, usually for no apparent reason, but then once I’m awake I have a hard time finding a comfortable position and falling back asleep. The last few days, I’ve been finding myself very hungry in the middle of the night (but I’m not supposed to eat anything) and then of course, once I’m awake, I realize I need to go to the bathroom, and getting up makes it even harder to fall back asleep.

Another issue is that the baby keeps spinning around into a posterior position, which has been very difficult on my back. If I lie on my side for a while, I can usually get him to flip back to an anterior position, but once I start moving around again, back he goes. He’s got his head way down and often seems to be making a break for the exit, which is not a pleasant feeling. I’ve also been experiencing intense Braxton Hicks pressure for weeks now, every night, frequently as often as every 10 minutes, even as often as every 5 minutes, but since I wake up each morning still pregnant, no one is concerned. If this keeps up, I won’t know that it’s actually time to have the baby unless my water breaks or his head starts to crown.

I think we’re ready. We’ve got clothes, diapers, the car seat, and the bassinet ready to go. We’re just waiting at this point. Both of the girls were born at 39 weeks and change, so I’m very hopeful that he’ll put in his appearance some time after Saturday. Are you listening, Baby Boy? Do we have a deal?

2 Responses to “In the home stretch”

  1. Chris Says:

    I feel your pain, literally. They’ll be inducing me on Tuesday as this big boy cannot seem to come on down on his own. He’s measuring 43 weeks and will be close to 9lbs… I am so ready to meet my little miracle.

    Best of luck to you and a huge congratulations to your new addition to an already wonderful family.

  2. Lauren Says:

    I hope everything went well!