Wishing Flowers

Filed under: the day-to-day stuff — by Lauren on April 25th, 2011 @ 10:14 pm

As the weather gets nicer, the kids and I are able to go on more walks, especially in the afternoon post-nap, pre-dinner lull. Anya’s favorite activity during these walks is to yell “tweet” at the birds and then tell me she’s talking to them in bird language. Sierra’s is to pick as many yellow flowers – dandelions – as possible. I should charge the neighbors for the weeding services she provides.

Today we went in a different direction from our usual route, and we came upon a house at the corner of the block whose lawn was a veritable field of dandelions. Sierra could barely contain herself, and even Anya took a break from her bird communion to appreciate the flowers, especially when she noticed the many “wishing flowers” – what she calls the dandelion puffs. She picked one and told me she was going to make a wish (I love that she remembered this after so many months of winter!), and then blew the seeds off with all of her 4-year-old might. She told me she wished to be a princess with a mean witch who turns into a nice witch.

Sierra was intrigued by the wishing flowers and wanted to have one, too. The girls probably picked 12 between the two of them and happily blew the seeds throughout the neighborhood (There goes our weeding business). I just loved watching their pure kid joy as they watched the little puffs take to the air. I hope these are the moments they remember.

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  1. Marnie Says:

    What a lovely post, Lauren! I do think these are moments they will remember.