By way of explanation

Filed under: baby's progress — by Lex on September 6th, 2011 @ 1:20 pm

Lots of wonderful things have happened to the Friedman family since our last post. Anya and Sierra have shared amazing thoughts and insights. Liam’s learned to sleep better, smile and laugh more, roll over, inch along, and eat solid foods.

We used to blog about our kids and their remarkable existences constantly. We blog a lot less often now, and it’s not just because we have three kids and thus time is harder to come by. That’s certainly part of it, as is the fact that we’re just so much more tired after busy days with all three of our delightful children.

But it’s also Facebook’s fault. And Twitter’s. We can post every remarkable event and photo as it occurs, from our iPhones, in just seconds. Posts take longer to craft.

But we love these kids, and I am optimistic (cautiously!) that Lauren’s epic six-month-old update for Liam is coming soon.

Anya, Sierra, and Liam: We are crazy about you. We would rather spend time with you than write about you. But you do so many things we want to pay tribute to and remember, and we’re going to keep trying.

You’re the best.