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Lots of wonderful things have happened to the Friedman family since our last post. Anya and Sierra have shared amazing thoughts and insights. Liam’s learned to sleep better, smile and laugh more, roll over, inch along, and eat solid foods.

We used to blog about our kids and their remarkable existences constantly. We blog a lot less often now, and it’s not just because we have three kids and thus time is harder to come by. That’s certainly part of it, as is the fact that we’re just so much more tired after busy days with all three of our delightful children.

But it’s also Facebook’s fault. And Twitter’s. We can post every remarkable event and photo as it occurs, from our iPhones, in just seconds. Posts take longer to craft.

But we love these kids, and I am optimistic (cautiously!) that Lauren’s epic six-month-old update for Liam is coming soon.

Anya, Sierra, and Liam: We are crazy about you. We would rather spend time with you than write about you. But you do so many things we want to pay tribute to and remember, and we’re going to keep trying.

You’re the best.

Liam’s 1 Month Update

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Liam turned 1 month old on March 26th (and he’s already 5 weeks old as I write this).  He had his check up on Monday – 11 lbs, 3 oz and 23 1/4 inches already.  The boy is huge, but that’s not surprising given how often he eats – we’re lucky if we get to two hours between feedings.

We had a few concerns we discussed at his appointment, the first being the diaper rash we can’t get to clear up, even with the prescription cream he was given for his butt burn.  The NP said the rash looks fungal and said to use Lotrimin AF, which we did, and though it cleared up most of the little red bumps, it has not helped the most severe part of the rash.  I may bring him back this week if it doesn’t get any better.  The next thing we asked about was Liam’s continued struggle with congestion, especially at night.  We had brought him in the week before as well because he’d had some small amount of blood coming from his nose and in his spit up.  His lungs are clear; it seems he just gets a ton of post-nasal congestion.  I figured out a way to prop up his mattress a little (not that it matters too much since he ends up sleeping in my arms for much of the night anyway), and we purchased a cool mist humidifier.  We’re hoping these things will help; as the night wears on, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to be comfortable on his back, and he can’t sleep on my shoulder forever.  The third thing we discussed was the frequency and quantity of Liam’s spitting up.  Since he’s gaining weight very well, it’s not a big health concern, but it’s kind of gross, and  if there’s anything we can do to reduce it, I’m in.  We go through our entire enormous stash of burp cloths here every week.  After doing my own research and talking to someone from La Leche League a few weeks ago, I think one of the main causes is my oversupply of milk and forceful letdown, so now for most feedings I only feed him on one side, and that has helped somewhat.  Another possibility is that he has a sensitivity to something I eat – which could actually explain the spit up, the diaper rash, the congestion, how gassy he is, and his tendency to be cranky – so I’m doing a dairy elimination trial to see if it has any impact.  In some ways, I hope that’s it, because it’s an easy thing to fix, but then again, I really love cheese…

I feel that Liam is a bit of a cranky, borderline colicky baby, at least compared to how I remember Anya and Sierra being at the same age (and certainly according to what I wrote about them in their 1 month updates).  His first two weeks he was pretty content, but then it seemed like he was crying more often than not when he was awake.  He really hates being put down anywhere, even in a swing, and screams when he’s being buckled into the car seat.  In the past few days he’s been able to handle a few minutes on the playmat here and there, which has been nice.  However, Liam spends a good portion of his day being worn in a carrier.  He naps in one pretty much exclusively.

I love babywearing – I’d wear him even if he was the most content baby in the world – and definitely wouldn’t be able to get anything done without it, but it would be nice if he could handle a little more down time, too.  There are some things that would just be faster (like changing the sheets on the girls’ beds) if I didn’t have 11 lbs of baby strapped to my chest.  It’s almost like I’m still pregnant!  One thing that has improved is his tolerance for having his diaper changed – like his sisters, he would cry as soon as the diaper came off at first, but now he’ll usually like there, content to admire the lights or the rail of his changing table.

Cranky or not, I love him to bits.  I can say with certainty that Liam is by far my favorite son. 🙂

Liam Brandeis is 2 weeks old

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Liam’s first two weeks have flown by, despite the deal he and I made about him staying my little baby forever. We’ve been very busy with lots of visitors, Liam’s bris, two well checks…

Lex’s parents and both of his sisters came to stay with us and meet our new little guy. They were all here for his bris, during which he was given the Hebrew name Baruch Moshe. On the subject of names, let’s discuss:

  • Liam – Lex and i just liked this one.
  • Brandeis – We wanted a name that started with B to honor the memory of my aunt Barbara, who passed away a few years ago. We chose the name Brandeis both because that’s where we went to college (and met and fell in love, of course) and because Justice Louis Brandeis happened to be a pretty great person.
  • Baruch – Again, we were looking for something that started with a B, and it has a nice meaning: Blessed.
  • Moshe – This was to honor the memory of Lex’s paternal grandfather.

Liam had his first well check at four days old. He had almost regained his birthweight and supposedly grown to 22 inches, putting him at the 75th percentile for weight and over the 97th for height. At his second well check a week later, he had grown again to 22 1/4 inches and 9 lbs, 4 oz. He’s a big boy – not surprisingly, given his voracious appetite. At his second appointment, we asked about his pretty severe diaper rash, and we were given some samples of Triple Paste with instructions to call for a prescription cream if it didn’t clear it up in a few days (it didn’t, but the prescription is awesome).

He’s a pretty sweet, content little baby who doesn’t ask for much more than to be fed and held and to have his diaper changed as fast as humanly possible because holy moly does he hate that process. He’s sleeping like a newborn – up every few hours to eat, but that’s okay, I don’t mind. I love cuddling with him. I’m not even feeling that tired. He’s pretty gassy, and sometimes that wakes him up more than being hungry. Bicycling his legs helps a lot.

Sierra is absolutely in love with Liam. She’s constantly giving him kisses and hugs, asking to hold him, saying how cute he is and how much she loves him; it’s very sweet. Anya is surprisingly not as interested in him as I thought she would be. She loves him, but is more involved in her own stuff than doting on him. I guess 4-year-olds lead very busy lives.

I have a ton of pictures to share, but I think I’ll save that for another post.

Baby Boy Friedman

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Yes, that’s right, we are officially expecting a baby boy (in only two more calendar months, no less)!  We had our Level II scan back on October 19th.  The baby looked perfect, with everything exactly where it should be, measuring right on target, and some long feet.  The technician said she likes to take all the pictures she needs first and then goes back to show the parents everything, but about 5 seconds into the scan she said she had to show us the image because she didn’t know if she’d get as clear of a shot later.  Definitely a boy!  She basically said, “Well, there are no guarantees with ultrasounds, but if you’re having a girl, you have a problem because she’s got a penis.”

Little feet:

Profile shots:

It’s a boy:

This pregnancy has been pretty routine so far.  Currently, I’m seeing the OB every two weeks, I’ve gained 25 lbs, I’m measuring right on track, and the baby’s heartbeat is nice and strong.  He’s a little maniac in there; so strong and often bordering on violent.  Both of the girls get a huge kick out of feeling him “boop” their hand (Sierra’s words).   It feels like he must have 8 legs or something like that. I just don’t see how he can kick me in so many places at one time.  I did fail the 1 hour glucose tolerance test again, and I’m actually writing this while sitting in the waiting room of the lab during the 3 hour test (Oh, how I hope I pass).  I’ve been finding myself extremely thirsty recently during this pregnancy, which is not a symptom I recall when I was pregnant with the girls.  We’re starting to work on getting things ready at home for Baby Boy, but it’s probably time we pick up the pace a bit.  That first trimester went so slowly, but the rest of the pregnancy has flown by.  He’s going to be here really soon!

Didn’t Sierra turn 18 months…like TWO MONTHS AGO?

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Um, yeah…  I’m a total slacker blogging mom.  Sierra’s changed so much in the last two months, it’s almost like she’s a completely different person from the kid she was in June.  I had lots of video clips that I meant to post, but they’re all kind of out of date at this point.  Rather than detail what Sierra was like at 18 months, I’ll mostly try to recap some of what’s been going on since June 6th.

Let’s start with her 18 month well check and stats – at her appointment, she was 21 lbs, 5 oz (10th percentile) and 31 inches (25th percentile).  That’s TINY for a child of mine.  Even yesterday, she only weighed in at 22.2 lb on our bathroom scale.  How’d that 8 lb, 7 oz baby turn into such a peanut?  Though she doesn’t always eat a huge amount in any one sitting, she definitely has a good appetite – like when she starts shrieking that she wants lunch at 10 am.  The doctor pronounced her healthy and fabulous, and again commented that her verbal skills are quite advanced.  She got two shots, in her arms rather than in her legs at my request, since in the past the shots haven’t bothered her as much when given in the arms.  She didn’t even notice the first one – she was way too distracted by getting a bandaid (“Sticker!!!”) – and she cried for maybe 5 seconds after the next one, stopping as soon as she got another Band-Aid (“TWO stickers!!!”).

Shortly after Sierra turned 18 months old, she started really combining words, and now she gives us everything from single words to short phrases (“Baby fall down”) to complete sentences (“Mommy, where did Daddy go?” or “I have a dolly.  Look, Mom!”). The first completely spontaneous sentence that I noticed her saying was “Mommy, I like peppers!”  She also sings whole songs, often at hilariously loud volumes.  Some of her favorites are:

  • The Alphabet Song
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • Where is Thumbkin?
  • Happy Birthday
  • Rain, Rain, Go Away
  • The theme song from the show “Weeds” (not that we let her watch that!)

Her articulation has improved greatly, though Lex and I can certainly understand her better than someone who doesn’t know her would.  Much like her big sister, she is pretty shy around people she doesn’t know too well and will clam up.  She’s learning how to count – currently she’s got “One, two, three, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen” down pat – and she can identify several shapes.  Though she can’t consistently identify colors yet, she can match them like a pro, especially with her Melissa and Doug fish puzzle.  Puzzles are a big thing for her, actually.  She adores them!  She also greatly enjoys the Biscuit books, Dora and Diego (and has a few Spanish phrases in her everyday vocabulary, courtesy of those two), and all baby dolls.

Sierra’s love for Anya has grown to near idol worship.  As soon as she hears Anya make any noise in the morning, she begins shouting, “Anya wake up!  Play in Anya room!”  She always wants to share with her big sister, too.  She has these two baby dolls that she likes to take with her when we go out, but she has to take both of them and not just one, because she needs “ONE FOR ANYA!”  She’s always going over to give her hugs and kisses, especially if Anya gets upset or hurts herself.  They play together very nicely for the most part, too, and anything Anya does, Sierra wants to do, too.

What else?  Let’s see.  We are continuing to work on potty training.  Sierra loves to pee both on the toilet and in her diaper equally, but she knows what she’s supposed to do, and will gladly tell anyone else who goes to the toilet that they are a big girl.  She had been resistant to pooping on the toilet for several weeks after having had some success, but in the last few days she’s been doing a much better job – and she loves getting hand stamps and stickers as a reward.  As for sleeping, Sierra is doing beautifully.  After a short bedtime routine, she goes in the crib awake and often puts herself to sleep by singing or talking herself.  Our only big complaint is that we wish she would sleep later .  We can deal with the 6 am wake up call, but when it gets closer to 5 am, it’s rough.  Sierra is still a little imp – climbing on whatever she can, standing on stools and shouting “One, two, three, jump!” (but she doesn’t jump, thankfully), sneaking up to the landing on the stairs and taunting me with, “Mommy… Up so high!” – but she’s also a total sweetheart, showering us with unprompted hugs, kisses, I love yous, pleases, thank yous, and excuse mes all the time.  I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again anyway:  I think we’ll keep her.

Didn’t this used to be a blog?

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Ummm, yeah, so I’ve been embarrassingly bad about keeping this blog up-to-date over the last few months.  I swear, I have really good, interesting, not at all made up reasons, like my recent abduction by aliens and when my brief attempt to live an Amish lifestyle.  Okay, okay, can we just say I’ve been so busy enjoying life with the girls that I haven’t been taking the time to write about it?  And will you accept my humble apologies for neglecting you, dear blog?

So many things have happened since I became a lazy blogger, where to begin?  Well (in no particular order), Sierra turned 18 months in June, but that deserves its own post, which I really hope to deliver tomorrow night.  We went on a wonderful trip with my family to the Bahamas in May – Sierra’s first time not in utero.  The girls had a fantastic time at the pool and a mediocre time at the beach; neither was a huge fan of the water there.  Sierra still tells me that she’s going to “the Hamas” if I ask her where she’s going.  Anya finished her first full year of preschool in June and is now greatly enjoying the summer program (and don’t you dare suggest she is going to school, or she will indignantly inform you that’s it’s camp, NOT SCHOOL).  Sierra finally got to try out a class at Gymboree while Anya is at camp this summer, and she could not love it more.  I had my appendix out on April 30th, which kind of ruined my 30th birthday on May 1st, but such is life.  Anya has been having swim lessons with two of her friends.  We found someone who would come to the house to do a small group lesson in our pool.  I don’t think she’ll be swimming by the end of the summer, but she’s way more comfortable with going under the water and getting her face wet, and that’s a huge improvement for her.  We’ve been having tons of fun going to Sesame Place this summer, and had an extra special time going with Lex’s sister, her husband, and their two youngest boys when they came to visit a few weeks ago.  In the same weekend, Lex and I went to a friend’s wedding, leaving the girls without both of us (but with my parents) overnight for the first time ever.  The only time we had both ever been away from Anya was when Sierra was born, and I had never been away from Sierra overnight before this.  I was nervous, but everything went fine.  The only disappointment was that we stayed in a hotel room, completely free of early-rising children, and I only managed to sleep in until 7:45 am.  My body even tried to wake me at 4:30 am and 6:45 am.  Traitor!

There’s been more, of course – so many amazing and funny things happen on a day-to-day basis here – and I’m going to try to do a better job, really!


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I’m just incredibly excited about Baby #3. I know for Lauren, at least when there’s no nausea kicking in (although recently, there’s been plenty to go around), this pregnancy still doesn’t seem real. For me, though, the pregnancy feels very real and surprisingly significant.

Now that sounds funny. All pregnancies are of course significant. But the significance this time around is that I think — just my opinion, and who knows what the future holds — that this is our last pregnancy. That means that I’ve “created life” for the last time; Lauren’s suffering through a first trimester for the last time, and I’m cooing semi-futilely into a belly for what one certainly hopes would be the last time.

I don’t think of any of this as bittersweet, mind you. Rather, it’s just sweet. I think this whole thing is amazing, and if Anya and Sierra are any indication, the kid brewing in Lauren’s belly will be a true treasure. (Also: Huge, smart, lovable, cuddly, and so on.) I am frustrated with all the waiting — to see the first ultrasound, to find out the gender, etc.

Ah, gender. I imagine that once folks know about this pregnancy, I’ll get asked if I hope it’s a boy. The truth is, I don’t hope it’s a boy, but I’d of course be perfectly content with one. I already feel like I have a good handle on girls, though — I’m “good” at rearing them, so another girl in that respect seems a lot less, shall we say, terrifying. Should we instead have a boy, I’ll be spooked about figuring out how to “dad” a boy, but of course look forward to the male bonding element of our relationship.

Last thought before I go jump in the pool: I hate keeping this pregnancy a secret from our big mouth children! Anya and Sierra aren’t really on-board with the whole “keeping secrets” concept, so we can’t tell them just yet, but I’m excited for Anya’s reaction to be sure. (Sierra’s reaction will inevitably involve kissing Lauren’s bellybutton, which is perhaps Sierra’s favorite activity in the whole wide world already.) For now, Lauren and I resort to talking to each other about the pregnancy cryptically (winks, nudges, gestures) when the kids are around.

SodaStream giveaway

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Hey, I won the Ergo, so you never know!

Here we go again

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Well…..last Sunday, we found out that I am

My tentative due date is March 5, 2011. So far, the only big symptom I’ve been having is fatigue, especially around 2:30 in the afternoon. My first appointment is in a few weeks. We’re very excited, and also kind of terrified of being outnumbered.

Ergo Giveaway

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UPDATE (6/5/2010): – I WON!!!!

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