I know she’s my daughter

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There’s something about having a c-section that makes giving birth even more surreal than the whole process is by nature. I think it has something to do with the fact that you are lying on a table behind a tall screen, so you can’t see a thing. You feel the doctor moving your insides around, though it doesn’t hurt, then you suddenly hear a cry and in a few moments they bring your baby around to your head so you can have your first glimpse before they take her away to check her. While I don’t have any basis of comparison, since I’ve never given birth the “normal” way, I do think a c-section makes it harder to wrap your mind around the fact that this is YOUR baby, that she came from you and not some box of babies the doctor had on the other side of the screen.

However, last night during one of Anya’s many trips to the Mommy buffet, she developed a raging case of the hiccups. You may recall that I cited baby hiccups as one of my top 3 least favorite pregnancy symptoms.  Now that she’s out, Anya still gets the hiccups often, and does so rather violently.  It’s very cute to watch, and since she doesn’t seem perturbed by them (she will sleep even sleep through them), we don’t feel too bad for her.  We even videotaped her once!  While trying to burp her through last night’s hiccups, I remembered how strong her hiccups were while she was still inside my belly, and instead of feeling bothered by them, a big smile grew across my face as I thought, “That’s my girl!”

Introducing Anya Haley Friedman!

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See the formal announcement. And then gush over the photos. No preview icons yet, but we’re still in the hospital.

The birth story is coming soon. For now, I gotta back to Lauren and Anya at the hospital!

Here we go!

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My water just broke!

It was, in a word, well, gross.  I had gotten up to use the bathroom about 15 minutes earlier and had not yet fallen back asleep.  I had just completed a puzzle on my electronic New York Times crossword puzzle, and was about to try to go back to sleep when I felt a “pop” and a gush of wetness.  I woke up Lex, he helped me disentangle myself from the giant body pillow I sleep with, and then he called the doctor as I got to the toilet.

We’ll be making our way to the hospital shortly, and we are SO excited!


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Our doctor says that you’re big, but healthy. He hopes you’re not as big as the specialists think, and bigger than his own measurements indicate. And he believes that Lauren/Mom could deliver you normally without jeopardizing her health — or yours… If it happens in the next few days.

So we’re letting nature take its course for the next several days. Lauren’s already one centimeter dilated, and that’s promising. If she goes into labor soon, then all signs are we’ll have a natural delivery. But if Monday comes and you’re still in hiding (and who could blame you? Must be comfortable!), then we’ll need to talk about a C-section. (Induction isn’t really on the table; our doctor trusts recent studies that say induction in cases of bigger babies leads to more emergency C-sections than “waiting.”)

We can’t wait to meet you, Baby. As long as you’re healthy, we’ll take whatever circumstances your grand entrance involves.

Hurry Up and Weight

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Our last ultrasound was two weeks ago. You weighed about 7.5lbs, according to the ultrasound. We scheduled another ultrasound for today, knowing that if you hadn’t yet been born and continued gaining weight, that you’d be pretty big by now.

And so, we went in for an ultrasound this morning. They measured you again. And again, you weighed about 7.5lbs.

No one was expecting that! We would have expected you to keep gaining weight, and since you didn’t, the doctor was intrigued/concerned enough that he sent us out for another ultrasound with a perinatologist. There, the ultrasounds indicated that you actually weigh about 9.5lbs.

That’s mighty big!

Now, we have an appointment back with the first doctor in just two hours. We don’t know what’ll happen: Will the doctor want to schedule an induction? Will he want to schedule a C-section? Our plan/desire, of course, has always been to deliver you as naturally as possible, but it may be that because you’re so big and strong, we have to adjust that plan. We intend to make our decisions based on whatever’s safest for you and your mom, and we’ll do whatever’s necessary to ensure the two of you get whatever you need to achieve that goal 🙂

See you soon?

The hospital

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We like CentraState, the hospital where our baby girl will be born.

You stay in one room throughout labor, delivery, and recovery. It’s a great room, with a fold-out bed for me, a TV with remote for Lauren to control, nice lighting, a mirror for Lauren’s viewing pleasure, our own bathroom… Good stuff.

You move to a postpartum room, which is also all yours, and has a similar setup, with fewer medical supplies. All designed to feel kinda cozy, like home. Only hospitalier.

But my favorite part about the hospital is the security system. Mother, father, and baby are all tagged with bracelets containing microchips. Both parents must show their bracelets match to leave with the baby at the end of the hospital stay.

And if someone tries to take the baby out of the maternity ward, alarm bells ring. Elevators freeze. Doors lock. The National Guard swoops in. Not even Elvis could leave the building.

I certainly wouldn’t ever consider swiping my own baby just to see the system in action. Never. But I would, without too much guilt, imagine what that would be like.

(In my mind, doctors swoop in from the ceilings on zip lines. And they’re wearing those old school headbands with mirrors on them. Good stuff.)

Just for kicks

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Today on the plane ride back from New Jersey I felt a sharp kick on my right side. As I have been doing each time this happens, I grabbed Lex’s hand and put it on my stomach. Every time before, he was disappointed when he couldn’t feel anything. However, this time, his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he felt the baby deliver a good kick right into the palm of his hand.

It was awesome.

In other fun news, we had an offer we made accepted on a house in Marlboro, NJ, so it looks like Baby Friedman is going to have a place to live.  We also tried out a class that teaches a natural technique for birth called the Bradley method.  We’ll probably take the whole course starting in July.

Okay, we’ll have you.

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Yesterday’s post was about how after watching video of an actual birth, we concluded that the birthing process wasn’t really for us.

After seeing you dance around — and wave! — during today’s ultrasound, I’m willing to reconsider.

10 Weeks!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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Lauren and I just watched a video online of the birthing process.

It was graphic.

The video ended.

Lex: Forget it.
Lauren: Yeah, screw that.

What to expect when she’s delivering

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In October, I want to remember that this link exists, and read it one more time:

Advice for Expectant Fathers

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