Liam’s 1 Month Update

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Liam turned 1 month old on March 26th (and he’s already 5 weeks old as I write this).  He had his check up on Monday – 11 lbs, 3 oz and 23 1/4 inches already.  The boy is huge, but that’s not surprising given how often he eats – we’re lucky if we get to two hours between feedings.

We had a few concerns we discussed at his appointment, the first being the diaper rash we can’t get to clear up, even with the prescription cream he was given for his butt burn.  The NP said the rash looks fungal and said to use Lotrimin AF, which we did, and though it cleared up most of the little red bumps, it has not helped the most severe part of the rash.  I may bring him back this week if it doesn’t get any better.  The next thing we asked about was Liam’s continued struggle with congestion, especially at night.  We had brought him in the week before as well because he’d had some small amount of blood coming from his nose and in his spit up.  His lungs are clear; it seems he just gets a ton of post-nasal congestion.  I figured out a way to prop up his mattress a little (not that it matters too much since he ends up sleeping in my arms for much of the night anyway), and we purchased a cool mist humidifier.  We’re hoping these things will help; as the night wears on, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to be comfortable on his back, and he can’t sleep on my shoulder forever.  The third thing we discussed was the frequency and quantity of Liam’s spitting up.  Since he’s gaining weight very well, it’s not a big health concern, but it’s kind of gross, and  if there’s anything we can do to reduce it, I’m in.  We go through our entire enormous stash of burp cloths here every week.  After doing my own research and talking to someone from La Leche League a few weeks ago, I think one of the main causes is my oversupply of milk and forceful letdown, so now for most feedings I only feed him on one side, and that has helped somewhat.  Another possibility is that he has a sensitivity to something I eat – which could actually explain the spit up, the diaper rash, the congestion, how gassy he is, and his tendency to be cranky – so I’m doing a dairy elimination trial to see if it has any impact.  In some ways, I hope that’s it, because it’s an easy thing to fix, but then again, I really love cheese…

I feel that Liam is a bit of a cranky, borderline colicky baby, at least compared to how I remember Anya and Sierra being at the same age (and certainly according to what I wrote about them in their 1 month updates).  His first two weeks he was pretty content, but then it seemed like he was crying more often than not when he was awake.  He really hates being put down anywhere, even in a swing, and screams when he’s being buckled into the car seat.  In the past few days he’s been able to handle a few minutes on the playmat here and there, which has been nice.  However, Liam spends a good portion of his day being worn in a carrier.  He naps in one pretty much exclusively.

I love babywearing – I’d wear him even if he was the most content baby in the world – and definitely wouldn’t be able to get anything done without it, but it would be nice if he could handle a little more down time, too.  There are some things that would just be faster (like changing the sheets on the girls’ beds) if I didn’t have 11 lbs of baby strapped to my chest.  It’s almost like I’m still pregnant!  One thing that has improved is his tolerance for having his diaper changed – like his sisters, he would cry as soon as the diaper came off at first, but now he’ll usually like there, content to admire the lights or the rail of his changing table.

Cranky or not, I love him to bits.  I can say with certainty that Liam is by far my favorite son. 🙂

In the home stretch

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With 9 days left until my EDD, Lex and I are going to find ourselves outnumbered by our children any day now, and so I figured it was probably a good idea to get one more post in about this pregnancy before I need to start being late getting updates about Baby Boy Friedman posted to the blog!

We’re having weekly appointments at our practice now, trying to meet the remaining doctors and midwives who could possibly be on call when the big day comes. Everything has been great – I started gaining weight again, my blood pressure is always normal, my sugar levels have been fantastic (so good that I’m down to testing twice a day now, which is very nice), and the baby’s heartbeat remains nice and strong. He’s running out of room to move in there, and I’ve been somewhat worried about just how big this child is going to be, but the doctors feel that with my GD being so well controlled and the way I’ve been measuring/the way I look, he probably won’t be over 9 lbs if I go to 40 weeks. We’ll see. He feels really big.

I haven’t been feeling very well over the last week or so. Sleep is a major issue for me; I wake up several times a night now, usually for no apparent reason, but then once I’m awake I have a hard time finding a comfortable position and falling back asleep. The last few days, I’ve been finding myself very hungry in the middle of the night (but I’m not supposed to eat anything) and then of course, once I’m awake, I realize I need to go to the bathroom, and getting up makes it even harder to fall back asleep.

Another issue is that the baby keeps spinning around into a posterior position, which has been very difficult on my back. If I lie on my side for a while, I can usually get him to flip back to an anterior position, but once I start moving around again, back he goes. He’s got his head way down and often seems to be making a break for the exit, which is not a pleasant feeling. I’ve also been experiencing intense Braxton Hicks pressure for weeks now, every night, frequently as often as every 10 minutes, even as often as every 5 minutes, but since I wake up each morning still pregnant, no one is concerned. If this keeps up, I won’t know that it’s actually time to have the baby unless my water breaks or his head starts to crown.

I think we’re ready. We’ve got clothes, diapers, the car seat, and the bassinet ready to go. We’re just waiting at this point. Both of the girls were born at 39 weeks and change, so I’m very hopeful that he’ll put in his appearance some time after Saturday. Are you listening, Baby Boy? Do we have a deal?

Gestational Diabetes

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About 3 weeks ago, I got the results from my 3 hour glucose tolerance test, and they were not good. Two of my numbers were very high, and having two over the expected limit is the criteria for gestational diabetes. I got the call from one of the midwives at the practice, one who I had never met, and she gave me some basic information, including how to set up an appointment with a gestational diabetes counselor at the hospital, where I would learn about the diet I would now need to follow and receive a glucometer so I could test my blood sugar 4 times a day.

This did not make me happy.

No pregnant woman wants to be told she has to start watching what she eats, especially not one with a sweet tooth as strong as mine, but that part I can deal with. The weekend before I met with the GD counselor was tough because I didn’t have any idea what I could eat, but after she went over how carbohydrates affect blood glucose levels and how to balance carbs with proteins, it didn’t seem too difficult. There’s even room for minimal amounts of treats. The only thing I find very difficult is going out to eat, particularly because I don’t eat meat at non-kosher restaurants and I have to limit my fish intake because of the pregnancy anyway. It makes it hard to find high protein, low carb meals at most restaurants.

The part that has been the most upsetting for me is the need to prick my finger 4 times a day to check my sugar levels. It’s been 16 days since I received the glucometer, and even though I know on a rational level it doesn’t really hurt – there are times when I’m not even sure that I did it successfully until I see the blood – I still have an enormous amount of anxiety when it comes time to push that button. It takes me a long time to work up the nerve to do it, my palms drip with sweat, my heart races… It’s not good. I had hoped it would get easier by now, but it’s not, and knowing that I can still have 5 1/2 weeks or more of this is not helping my anxiety. I don’t know how to calm myself down and make this easier for myself.

There are other things, too. Overall, though I have an occasional off number, I’ve been doing a great job keeping my sugar levels low – I am really careful about what I eat and I started trying to walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes after every meal, since exercise helps your muscles use glucose more efficiently – but I’m finding avoiding the urge to snack between meals and regular snack times tougher as the days pass. I’m hungry, even though I feel full after a meal. I’m afraid to eat anything extra for fear of messing up my levels. The risks that uncontrolled GD poses to the baby are a little scary, especially his risk of having very low blood sugar at birth and the likelihood that he will be larger than usual (like I need any help with that). I also stopped gaining any weight – I haven’t gained anything in almost 3 weeks. This still puts me at a gain of about 25 lbs for the pregnancy, which is fine, and the midwife I saw at my last appointment was not concerned about the lack of weight gain since my measurements still went up and the baby’s heartbeat was nice and strong. Because my numbers are staying under control, she got me permission from one of the doctors to reduce the number of daily tests to 3 instead of 4, which is great, though it still hasn’t lessened the anxiety for the times that I do have to test.

This just sucks. I’m trying to be positive about it, but it’s hard. I know it could be worse – I could need daily insulin injections on top of the sugar checks, I could be having a hard time controlling it (which would not be good for the baby), I could have a thousand other much worse pregnancy complications – but that doesn’t make the situation as is pleasant, and I hate the petty jealousy I feel when my pregnant friends pass their tests. I had almost no risk factors for GD, other than being over 25 years of age (the very kind midwife even said upon meeting me that I didn’t look anything like her typical GD patient), and though I wasn’t 100% surprised that the test came back positive since I had been SO thirsty, it still felt like a shock. I think I could handle it better if I didn’t have to check my sugar levels like I do, and I know that the way that I’m eating now plus the increased exercise is actually great for the baby, which is the one silver lining for me, but I’m in the last trimester of what I intend to be my last pregnancy. I want a big bowl of pasta. I want pizza. I want to have an occasional piece, not bite, of chocolate cake. I want a bagel from the bagel store (50-60 grams of carbs, ridiculous!). Oh, how I want a full glass of orange juice, especially today, since I have a bad cold.

I’m told that I’m now at increased risk for developing Type 2 diabetes later in life, but the GD counselor also said that given my low pre-pregnancy weight and the lack of family history of diabetes, I’m not really at a high risk. Once the baby is born, I can resume eating whatever I want. She even said that while I’m having the baby, I can drink and eat anything and not worry about it. Five and half weeks, 37 days, to go, hopefully fewer if this baby shows up around the time his sisters did. Please, please, please, don’t let this be the one that goes past his due date.

Various things

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~Sierra, after grabbing a couple of pictures of Anya off of the fridge and taking them over to her sister:  “Look at this – two yous!”

~Anya’s preschool started again last week.  She had to miss the first day of class because she was sick, poor baby, but she’s healthy now, and loving it.  I have cute pictures to post; I just need to get around to getting them off the camera.

~At 16 weeks, Baby 3 is kicking up a storm, and tonight Lex got to really feel it for the first time.  We had an appointment this morning, and everything is great.  We go back in four weeks for our next appointment and our Level 2 scan.

So, about this pregnancy thing…

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Today marks the first day of the second trimester!  The first one has been pretty rough for me, at least compared to how it went with the girls – all day nausea, food aversions like you wouldn’t believe, headaches, exhaustion, etc.  The nausea’s intensity has definitely waned, but it’s still there.  Let’s hope the word gets out that the second trimester is here.

We had an appointment on Tuesday with our amazing OB, and everything looks great.  The baby had a strong heartbeat and there was a nice amount of uterine growth.  On Wednesday, we had the scan and bloodwork done for the nuchal translucency, and the scan was awesome!  In just 4 weeks, the baby grew from a little blobby looking thing to a tiny little BABY, with arms, legs, hands, feet, a little mouth that opened and closed…  Even the third time around, it’s thrilling to see.  The measurements suggest a very low risk of Down Syndrome (though we need to bloodwork results to get a better sense), and the baby was only measuring 2 days ahead, which is tiny, given our history with big babies.  The other exciting news is that both the tech and the doctor felt fairly confident that we are going to have a boy.


It’s not definite yet, of course, but Lex and I both thought we saw the boy parts, even before the tech gave us her opinion.   I don’t think anyone will be more excited than Anya, who has insisted that this baby is going to be a boy even before we were pregnant, because, as she says, “I need a brother.  I already have a sister!”

Some pictures of our newest little one:

6 weeks, 6 days

8 weeks, 4 days

12 weeks, 4 days

Here are the previously unpublished posts:

Baby 3: 10 weeks down, 30 to go


Here we go again

Baby 3: 10 weeks down, 30 to go

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We’re a quarter of the way there already, and I can’t say I’m sad it’s going somewhat quickly.  This first trimester seems considerably more rough than it was when I was pregnant with Anya and Sierra.  I’m nauseous from morning to bedtime and unbelievably tired.  I’m having major aversions to pretty much all food.  This is the first time I’ve had a summer first trimester, and I don’t think this crazy heat has been helping much.

I’ve had two appointments with the doctor so far.  The first was unplanned – I started having some increasing pain on my right side the day before I hit 7 weeks and they had me come in to be checked, but thankfully the scan showed that everything was fine and the working theory is that the pain is being caused by pressure on scar tissue from my appendectomy.  My next appointment was my first “official” prenatal appointment with a full exam.  Everything looks wonderful (see above scan).  The baby has a strong heartbeat and was already measuring a full week ahead.  No weight gain for me yet.

We told our parents the good news, but are still waiting a few more weeks to tell the rest of our family and our friends.  We also told Anya and Sierra.  Anya understands and is very excited, although she is convinced that we are having a boy because she “already has a sister” and therefore we MUST be giving her a brother this time.  Sierra will tell you there’s a baby in my belly (and she likes to give it kisses, but she was already obsessed with giving my belly button kisses) and that she’s going to be a big sister, but does she understand?  Not so much.

Sierra is One!

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(Brace yourself, this one’s going to be a doozy)

Sierra turned one (ONE!!!) on December 6th.  That’s right, one!  I haven’t quite come to terms with it yet.

She had her 1-year well check on December 8th – 19 lbs, 6 oz, 28 1/2 inches long, and a head circumference of 18 1/2 inches.  The nurse didn’t give me the percentiles, but I asked Dr. Internet, who said she’s in the 19th percentile for weight, 25th for height, and 81st for head circumference.  That’s small for a baby of mine!  (Well, small, except for her big head.  Must be all that hair!)  I was very surprised about that.  She’s got tiny feet – barely a size 2 1/2 – just like me.  She’s fitting nicely in her size 4 diapers and 9-12 months wardrobe.  I hope she grows a bit soon; I have all these cute 12-18 months winter clothes from Anya, and I don’t want the cold weather to pass without her getting the chance to wear them!  She had 7 teeth on her first birthday.  Her 8th finally broke through the gums a few days later, and tonight I discovered that she’s cutting at least one, possibly two, molars.

The doctor said Sierra is in excellent health.  He commented that her verbal skills seem advanced for her age, and then he asked if we felt she and Anya had different temperaments.  I thought that was an odd question at first, until I said that Sierra is certainly, um, strong-willed.  He said that he didn’t want to be the one to say it, but…  Yeah.  That’s definitely our Sierra.  She’s had strong opinions about the world since birth (Pacifier?  Bottle?  I THINK NOT!) and she will make sure you know it.

Sierra is still not a big fan of eating much of the time.  There are a few things she really likes (grapes, cheese, most proteins, pizza), but even then she often doesn’t eat much, and just because she ate something happily yesterday does not mean she isn’t going to throw it on the floor today (I am SO not a fan of that particular behavior, and UGH!  She can be so obnoxious about it.  Now she does it while yelling, “NO!”).

We introduced whole milk two weeks before her birthday, and she is learning to like it, though she’d rather drink water.  I also began the weaning process by eliminating her morning nursing session.  My hope is to have her down to twice a day (before bed and first thing in the morning) by the time she’s 14 months, but that would require her to sleep through the night on a regular basis.  A girl can dream!  Some nights we get a good stretch, maybe 11-5, and a few times she even slept through the night, but some nights remain difficult.

Since last month, Sierra completely mastered pulling up, getting back down again, pushing her toys around, and rescuing herself instead of getting stuck in a corner, plus she’s gotten much braver about standing independently.  She’ll push herself up to standing on pretty much anything (toys, my leg, a laptop) except the floor, and she can hold it for at least 10-15 seconds.  She even took her first steps on her birthday!  I don’t expect she’ll be walking for at least another month or two, but she’s getting a little closer each day.

Sierra’s still our little chatterbox.  She’s talking a lot now, and she also tries to repeat just about everything.   Not all of it would be understandable to someone who doesn’t know her and some things are word attempts instead of real words – like yesterday, I realized she was trying to say balloon, only she pronounced it “boppy” – but she’s getting better and adding a word or two daily. Some of the things she says really clearly are “Mommy, Daddy, up, doggie, more, baby, cheese, tickle, tushy, keys, hi, eat, happy, bye-bye, NO…” Less clear but still consistent are “bath, milk, Anya, sister, duck, woof woof, quack, one, want, all done, bubbles, pop, Dora, backpack, touch, peepee, hooray, boom boom, I love you, puzzle, catch…” She uses about 10-15 signs regularly as well, including “please” and “I love you” – two of my favorites – and picks new ones up quickly.  “More” is her catchall sign.

Other stuff – she’s a total snuggle bunny.  Sierra crawls over to me and puts her head down on my lap or shoulder, and she gives big kisses, complete with a MWAAAAH sound effect. I LOVE that.  Also, she can identify a bunch of body parts, including her toes, eyes, hair, nose, mouth, teeth, belly, and tush.  When I read her one of her pre-bedtime books – Baby Faces – she will respond to certain pages with the same things that I do (so when I say the baby is hungry, she signs/says “eat”; when I say that baby is dirty, she says, “ewwww”; for that baby is crying, she goes “wah wah” and does a crying hand motion; etc.).  She knows all the motions for “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and “Shake Your Sillies Out,” and she tries to do “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”  She’s also developed a recent love for the “Happy Birthday” song.

Sierra loves putting objects into and taking them out of anything she can, dogs, coloring, toy cars, baby dolls, phones (especially Lex’s iPhone), playing with clothes (she puts them on her head, it’s so funny), and all things musical.  She also loves anything she shouldn’t have or shouldn’t be doing.   I’ve called her an imp in several posts already, but it’s so true:

That’s what I get for leaving the tissue box within reach:


The girl loves trouble. Luckily, we love her. How could we not?

Video time, hooray! Here’s a few, with clips from the last 5-6 weeks.

Sierra playing with her toy cookie jar. She’s about 11 1/2 months here:

Playing in the playroom. This was after her first birthday:

This one’s just a mix of clips from the last several weeks. She’s talking more (and more clearly) now, but of course never when I have the camera ready:

Sierra is 11 Months Old!

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Sierra turned 11 months old on November 6th.  I had to take her to the doctor this past Monday (double ear infection, poor baby), so we got a bonus weigh-in – 19 lbs, 4 oz fully clothed.  Dr. Internet says that’s actually only in the mid-20’s for percentile, which I found odd.  She doesn’t seem tiny to me!  She’s still in 9-12 months clothes, size 4 diapers, and size 2 shoes.

This month Sierra mastered pulling up and cruising, and loves to grab onto anything and everything she can to stand.  The only problem is that she hasn’t quite figured out how to sit down again, so if she feels like she can’t do it, she’ll yell until someone comes to rescue her.  The same goes for her push toy – she loves to walk laps across the playroom, but only knows how to go forward, so I’ll hear her shrieking and discover her stuck in a corner.  She doesn’t stand on her own yet.  It seems like she’s fully capable of doing so, but as soon as she realizes that I’ve let go of her, she lunges for me or drops to her tush.  The only place she’s brave enough to try is in the bathroom outside of the tub.  I don’t know what it is about the tub, but it must inspire her, because that was the first place she pulled herself up successfully, and now when she’s standing looking into the tub, she’ll let go for a few seconds and then clap her hands to cheer herself on.  Ugh, she likes to climb, too, but thankfully (for my nerves) she’s not very good at it yet.  She’s constantly trying to get a leg up into the bathtub or onto her LeapFrog table, and last week she got three-quarters of the way up onto Anya’s table in her room.  I caught her trying to do it again the next day:


She’s talking more now, though I doubt anyone other than me or Lex would understand her.  At last, she calls me “Mama” or “Mommy” most of the time.  Sierra’s working hard on saying Anya (sounds like “Ahdah,” but that’s an improvement over calling her “Dada”).  Other words we hear her trying to say include all done, milk, doggie (still one of her favorites!), Daddy, baby, diaper, cracker, ducky, quack quack, woof woof, more, hi, water, apple, up… She tries to repeat back a lot of what is said to her, and even when she doesn’t get close, she’s still matching the number of syllables.  She signs really well and clearly understands that she can use signing to communicate.  Yesterday at lunch, she noticed the sandwich I had ready for her and decided she’d had enough time tossing her veggies on the floor; she wanted that sandwich and she wanted it RIGHT AWAY.  She signed EAT EAT EAT, shrieked, and tried her hardest to grab the sandwich.  It was kind of cool to see.  I’ll have to try to get some video of her signing soon.

Sierra can correctly identify her head and nose, and sometimes her eyes, tongue, and belly.  She does some of the hand-motions for “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” and still enjoys “Open, Shut Them” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”  In general, she loves music and bops or claps along.  She points up when asked where up is, and if you ask her to go shluffy/night-night/to sleep, she does this:

Dogs are a major obsession for Sierra.  Friends of ours gave Anya a stuffed animal pug toy, and Sierra often requests (er, insists) that we take it with us whenever we leave the house.  She cuddles with it and kisses it.  I’d like to transition that love to a different toy because it’s not the most baby safe doll, and if she loves it that much, it would be nice to let her sleep with it.  I found a Spot doll in her room and so far, she’s a big fan of that one, too.  Any semi-realistic-looking dog gets her so excited, and if we happen to see a real one somewhere, it’s all I can do to keep her from jumping out of my arms.  She even picks out the dog piece of one of our puzzles every single time, exclaiming, “Dawdie!” or “Dawgie!”

Imitation has become a big part of Sierra’s play.  It makes it fun to play with her, because she studies what we do and then tries it out herself.  If you blow on her face, she cracks up and then tries to blow on your face.  The other day I was dropping some links into a slinky while sitting with her on the floor, and she then picked one up and did exactly the same thing.  Even better, the next day she crawled over to the same toys and repeated the activity, only this time without watching me do it first.  She likes to pretend to feed a doll or comb her own hair, but her favorite activity is to copy whatever Anya is doing.

I enjoy this age very much, not only because Sierra is learning a ton of new things each day, but also because her personality is really starting to emerge, and as she gains more skills and becomes more independent, I can see her as a person and not just a baby.  She makes decisions and sets goals for herself, then takes steps to achieve those goals.  Granted, her goals are things like “Get the Elmo doll that is on the other side of the room,” but you know what I mean.  She thinks about things, remembers things… I wish I could hear what goes on in her mind.

Sierra is such a love.  She gives hugs by laying her head on whatever part of you she can reach while saying, “Awwww” (and when she climbs up onto Anya to give her hugs, I all but melt into a puddle of mush).  She also tries to give kisses by popping her lips, but more often than not she ends up spitting on the object of her affection.  That said, she’s also got a major impish side.  She loves to shake her head “no” when asked to do something.  She tosses her food on the floor and then looks up with a grin to see what we’re going to do about it, or yanks out her hair bow and hands it to me with a giggle – and she kind of needs that bow:

One of her favorite games is to be chased, so she’ll make a beeline for an open door, and if no one comes after her, she stops in the doorway and calls to you until you go get her, at which point she cracks up and tries to crawl away as fast as she can.

I’d love to say she eats like a champ and sleeps through the night.  I’d also love to win the lottery.  A girl can dream.  Her eating is getting better, but she’s not so into the veggies.  She prefers cheese, grapes, and anything that’s a protein, but as for quantity, there are days when she eats two grapes and calls it a meal.  On a good night, Sierra will go to bed around 7:30 and then wake up around 1 am to be fed and again at 5 am, at which point she usually ends up in our bed.  There are many nights where she wakes up more often than this, though.

What would any update be without a video?  Here’s Sierra not eating, “feeding” her baby doll, learning to walk with her walker toy (she’s much better at it now), and telling us how old she will soon be:

Anya’s three-year well check

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Anya had her well check with the pediatrician today.  She weighed 32 lbs and was measured to be 36.5 inches tall.  I’d kind of like a second opinion on the height, though.  I think she might be a little taller than that.  She did not quite understand how to stand up against the wall so the nurse could measure her.  At school, they measured her to be 38 inches.  I’d guess she’s somewhere in between those two heights.

(I should have mentioned in her update:  At age 3, Anya is wearing size 7 1/2 shoes, shirts ranging from 2T to 4T depending on the brand, and still 24 months pants, which continue to fall off her tush on a regular basis.)

The appointment went well.  I think this particular doctor is so good with little kids.  She was feeling a little skittish at first, but he got her to warm up fairly quickly and she got through the whole exam without any tears.  He said she’s in excellent health and commented on her being particularly articulate. 🙂  No shots for her, hooray!  Sierra did get her booster flu shot, in her arm rather than her leg at my request.  She cried for approximately a millisecond.  I also sat her on the scale, just to see, and she weighed 19 1/2 lbs fully clothed.

Sierra is 9 months old!

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Sweet and mischievous Sierra turned 9 months old on September 6th!  She had her well check yesterday morning, and the doctor says everything looks and sounds great.  She got three shots, including her first flu shot, with no tears for the one in the arm, but some tears for the two in her legs.  She was measured at 18 lbs, 10 oz and 27 1/2 inches, which puts her in the 50th percentile for both weight and height.  Her head measured in the 90th percentile, which Lex and I both found amusing.  Maybe it’s all that hair:

She’s still wearing size 4 diapers and 9 months clothes.

I’ve got a bunch of videos to post so I’ll try to keep the narrative under control (but who am I kidding, right?).  Over this past month, Sierra completely mastered finger foods.  She likes fruit, carbs, and proteins; veggies, not so much.  She’ll try just about anything, but if she doesn’t like it, it gets spit out immediately and then protested quite loudly.  When she’s had enough or gets bored, she’ll start dropping food on the floor bit by bit, then looks up to see what I think about that.  Such an imp!  She does something similar with the foam mat we have in the playroom.  She inches over to the edge and pulls up a piece of the border, then turns around with this devilish little grin to show me exactly what she’s done, and if I catch her in the act and tell her to stop, she thinks it’s even funnier.

Over the last few days, Sierra’s finally made some progress towards crawling!  She’ll now take a couple of “steps” toward something that’s nearby if she wants it, but if what she wants is too far away, she gives up and looks for something closer or sits back up again.  My one question for her doctor today was whether we needed to be concerned that she doesn’t roll from her back to her belly (she did it twice around her 6 month birthday and then never did it again) and we were assured we do not.  The girl would love to be able to pull herself up to standing, but she’s not quite there yet.

Starting to crawl:

Trying to crawl to Daddy:

“Dada” is undoubtedly Sierra’s first real word, and yes, I am jealous.  The squeal of delight that accompanies “Dada!” when she sees Lex…sigh,  and then of course she only babbles “mamama” when she’s annoyed about something!  Eh, I shouldn’t complain, I suppose, since she generally wants me to hold her over anyone else, and will actually cling to my shirt if someone tries to take her out of my arms.  Sometimes it seems like she’s saying (or at least trying to say) some other words, including duck, quack quack, and others, including those mentioned last month.  Also, a new obsession for her is clicking her tongue.  She signs “all done” really well, and her other signs are coming along nicely.  She claps along to “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and raises her arms for “So big!” when we ask her “How big is Sierra?” (See the “Crawling to Daddy” video!)  I forgot to mention last month that she shakes her head “No” – especially when she wants to refuse food – and looks for Lex if you ask her, “Where’s Daddy?”

Shaking her head no:

Her sleeping sucks.  Period.  I’ve royally screwed it up and I don’t know to fix it.  Her naps are way too short, and she’s up several times a night.  The fact that she doesn’t sleep through the night doesn’t bother me so much.  There’s lots of disagreement about how often a breastfed baby her age should want to nurse at night, depending on who you ask.  What bugs me is that she can’t fall asleep unless nursed, the only exception being the times when she falls asleep in the car.  I know it’s my fault.  Early on I made a lot of mistakes by doing what was easy in the moment, and now she’s dependent on me to help her get to sleep.  I don’t want to let her cry.  Aside from my feeling that it is not a particularly compassionate way to teach a baby to sleep (and YES, I know we chose to let Anya cry and she turned out just fine, but I never felt good about it), I don’t think it’s fair to “punish” Sierra because I didn’t teach her how to go to sleep herself the right way when she was a younger baby.  If someone is going to have to do some work for her to learn how to soothe herself, it should be me and not her.  I hope we find a solution, I really do.  I am open to any and all suggestions.

Despite the lack of sleep, she’s still my little sweetie.  She leans in with her forehead if I ask for a kiss, cuddles up next to my shoulder when she needs some snuggles, and giggles plenty.  She loves to play, especially with Anya, and has figured out how to work some of her toys.


Figuring out her toy:


I think we’ll keep her.

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