Sierra is 7 months old!

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Sierra turned 7 months old on July 6th. This time I really did have to delay writing her update due to moving, but now that we are as settled as possible at my parents’ house, here it is!  I haven’t weighed or measured her yet, but I’m sure she’s over 17 lbs, probably closer to 17 1/2 lbs.  She fits into 6-9 months clothes quite nicely, and she’s still rocking the size 4 diapers.  Her second bottom tooth made its appearance a few days after the first one, and the top two will probably start poking through very soon; her gums are white and very puffy.

No crawling here yet!  Sierra continues to turn herself from side to side and she’s certainly trying very hard to propel herself forwards, but most of the time her efforts send her backwards:

She’s definitely getting frustrated, so I kind of hope she’ll work it out soon. Perhaps if she spent more time on her belly, she’d get a bit more practice, but Sierra prefers to sit or stand whenever she can. I still put the Boppy behind her when she sits to catch her when she gets too excited and topples backward, but it’s becoming more and more pointless – she bounces up and down so much that she can move herself several feet away. This afternoon I had left her sitting in my parents’ living room while I made dinner, and when I checked on her after a few minutes, she was two feet away, facing the opposite direction, and quite pleased with herself. She’s also trying very hard to pull herself up to standing, and though she very nearly succeeded during her last bath at our old house, she isn’t quite there yet.

I’ve just read through Sierra’s (late) 6 month update, and much is the same. She’s still a big Mommy’s girl, and now she reaches out for me, especially if someone else is holding her and she wants me to take her back. She’s got the grabbiest hands ever. You can’t leave anything within her reach without her trying to get it, but she still doesn’t put anything in her mouth herself, even food. I’m still offering her baby food, but there is no question that Sierra wants to eat what we are eating. Last night I tried in vain to get her to eat baby carrots for about a half hour. She was more than cooperative when I offered her some of my veggie burger, however, and this afternoon she very much enjoyed eating the carrots out of the eggroll I had with my lunch. Also, the girl LOVES Cheerios, and thankfully she no longer gags on table food – and she stopped drooling like a faucet every time she ate even the tiniest piece of food. She doesn’t eat that much overall, but what she does eat seems to be helping a bit with the explosive diapers. Her last 5 poops haven’t leaked! We did get in to see the pediatric GI at the end of June, and he felt that she probably has a mild allergy to something I eat, that she’ll outgrow it by her first birthday, and that we don’t need to expend any energy trying to figure out what it is.

Sierra continues to love the sound of her own voice, shrieking and screaming plenty just because it’s fun. She’s not babbling yet beyond repeated vowel sounds, but she’s signing a little more and absolutely waving again. I think she signs “more” and I know she understands it, only I’m pretty sure she strongly associates it with food. At least twice now we have been playing with toys and when I asked her if she wanted more, she promptly bent over and tried to eat what was in my hand. So silly!

I’d love to report that Sierra is sleeping through the night, but it would be a lie. She spends the early part of the evening in her bed, and then ends up with me and Lex sometime in between midnight and 2 am. I generally wake up in the morning (almost always at 6:30 am, give or take 10 minutes) because she’s touching my face or whacking my forehead. She thinks this is funny; I’m not sure I agree.

Sierra is six months old (and then some)!

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Dear Sierra,

I am so sorry your six months update is two weeks late.  Can I blame the demands of packing up an entire house for the delay (even though Daddy is doing much more work than I am)?


Sweet little Sierra is already 6 months old! That’s HALF a YEAR. Wow. She had her checkup a few weeks ago – 16 lbs, 5 oz, and 26 1/2 inches. I switched her over to her 6-9 months clothes about a month ago. She probably could have continued to wear her 3-6 months things a little longer, but I have a much better summer selection in the larger size. For reasons I don’t quite understand, she is now wearing a SIZE 4 diaper! How is that possible? Anya was bigger than Sierra at the same age, and Anya didn’t start wearing size 4 until she was fourteen months!

So much can happen in two weeks; I feel like Sierra is barely the same baby she was when she actually turned six months old. For example:

  • At six months, Sierra wasn’t at all mobile.  Now, she is pushing herself backwards (not quite intentionally) and spinning herself in circles (definitely intentionally), and she’s at least thinking about trying to crawl.  She finally rolled from her back to her belly a few days after her six month birthday, but she’s only done it a few times since then.
  • At six months, Sierra was sleeping in our room, often in our bed, and waking every two hours or more.  Since then, we moved her to her crib – which was extremely bittersweet for me – and each night is getting a little better.  Last night she slept from 8:2o pm until 2 am without waking up!  She still ends up in our bed sometime around 4 am, but we’re okay with that.  I kind of look forward to it.  Oh, and she’s been sleeping on her belly for the last week or so.
  • At six months, Sierra wasn’t eating much of anything solid, aside from gnawing on cucumbers or apple slices.  In the last week, she’s become a bit more open to eating baby food.  She doesn’t eat much – maybe two teaspoons or so.  She doesn’t open her mouth very wide, almost using the spoon like a straw, but she’s still getting something and has seemed to like everything she’s been offered so far except bananas.  It does seem that she would REALLY prefer to eat table food, but she gags on almost everything except puffed rice cereal, so she’s going to have to be a bit more patient.
  • At six months, Sierra was toothless, but two days ago she cut her first tooth!

Some things are still the same.  Sierra still loves to clap her hands, and waving is making a comeback.  I’m fairly certain she signs “milk” now and sometimes it seems like she’s trying to sign “more” (but it looks like clapping so it’s hard to tell).  She still doesn’t put anything in her mouth other than her hands.  We asked the doctor about that at her appointment, and he said that while it’s not typical, it’s nothing to cause concern.  She certainly loves to grab anything within her reach and shake it, bang it, crumple it – whatever seems fun!

She also adores jumping, whether it’s in her jumper or on my lap.  And let’s not forget shrieking!  There’s been no change in that.  She doesn’t really babble yet – we get a consonant here and there, but mostly we hear a lot of shrieks, Mmmmms, Has, and another favorite sound – Bpfffft!

Here’s a few clips of Sierra over the last month:

Sierra’s been in a bit of a Mommy phase lately.  She starts to cry if we’re in the same room and someone else is holding her, but usually if she can’t see me, she’s fine.  Lex, I really hope you believe me when I tell you not to take it personally.  You know she’s going to end up a Daddy’s girl like Anya anyway.  I think Sierra looks A LOT like Lex:

TMI About Poop Section: Last thing – and Lex and I disagree about this – Sierra’s has some tummy issues.  Basically, she consistently has explosive, giant, pure liquid poops that leak right through the liner of every diaper we try.  Part of moving her up to size 4 was because I needed a bigger diaper to contain the mess (although they do fit her better anyway and frankly, they still don’t contain it unless I change her the second after she poops).  This was my main concern at her six month appointment, and the doctor – our favorite in the practice – felt that what I described was in the range of normal for a breastfed baby.  After giving it a few days more thought, I decided I really don’t think it’s normal and we brought her back for a second opinion with another doctor in the practice, this time with a diaper to illustrate the problem.  He also isn’t particularly concerned, but he suggested that we bring her to a pediatric gastroenterologist to rule out any real problems and mainly to put my mind at ease.

Unlike Anya, who also had this problem at this age due to a colitis medication I started taking then, Sierra has had this issue on and off since birth, but without an obvious correlation to the medication (which I began taking again when she was about two months old).  Thankfully, also unlike Anya, Sierra has not lost any weight.  I think part of what contributes to how explosive it all is is that Sierra generally only goes once a day, sometimes skipping a day, even skipping THREE days.   I know that the pattern itself is normal, but I have a hard time believing that I just have to accept that every poop-filled diaper is going to leak because of how liquidy her poops are.  I spend the day dreading the inevitable deluge, especially when she holds it in until the evening.  At least when she goes in the morning I don’t spend the day waiting for it; I can put her in clothes without thinking about how easily I’ll be able to get them off of her in a public place if they end up covered in poop.  I can’t imagine taking her in the pool this summer – no swim diaper is going to contain that mess.  In my gut, I don’t think that this is normal, but if the pediatric GI tells me it is, I will believe him – but I don’t have to like it!  Her appointment is scheduled for the first week in August, though we’re on the cancellation list and may end up being seen sooner.

Sierra is 4 months old!

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Sierra turned four months old today!  She had her well check this morning – 25 1/2 inches long (90th percentile) and 14 lbs, 1.5 oz (60th percentile).  I chuckled when the nurse said that she was thin because of the difference in the percentiles; no one looking at our little chunky monkey would call her skinny!  The doctor said she’s very healthy and commented that she is beautiful.  She got four shots and an oral vaccine, and did much better with them this time than at her two month appointment; she only cried a tiny bit and had almost no reaction afterward. (On a side note, Anya got the last of her baby vaccines today and she was extremely brave – she cried for under five seconds!)

In this past month, Sierra has mastered rolling from her belly to her back, but only to her left.  She’s making a concerted effort to roll from her back to her belly, but I think it will be a little while before she figures it out.  She started laughing a few weeks ago (boy, do I eat that up!).  We’re starting to see her attempt to reach out for things, but it’s hard for her, since it requires actually taking her hands out of her mouth for more than a second.  When she’s on her play mat, she likes to play with her toys with both her hands and her feet:

I like that video because you can kind of see her inner struggle about hands in the mouth vs. hands on the toys.

Sierra still isn’t sleeping all that well at night, but the last two nights I got her to sleep without nursing her, so that’s certainly a step in the right direction.  She tends to sleep about a 4 hour stretch, but after that she’ll rouse to nurse every 1-2 hours.  During the day she usually nurses every 3 hours, though sometimes she gets hungry after 2 hours.  We’ve been swaddling her with one arm completely out for a while now.  She kind of reminds me of the Statue of Liberty, wrapped up like that.  I’ve tried putting her to sleep with both arms out a few times and it hasn’t gone well, so we’ll continue with the one arm swaddle for a bit more.

We haven’t introduced solids yet and will probably wait until Sierra is six months old, like we did with Anya.  I don’t think that Sierra is quite ready yet, anyway.  She isn’t showing that much interest in our food, and her tongue thrust reflex is still pretty strong.  However, she’s gotten MUCH better at taking her vitamins – no more screaming and not as much spitting.  In fact, in the last few days she’s been opening her mouth eagerly for them and trying to suck them out of the dropper.

We finished up the last of our size 2 diapers this morning, so Sierra is now officially in size 3 diapers (or size 2-3; we have a few of those left).  She’s filling out her 3-6 months clothes quite nicely, though I think she may need to graduate to 6-9 months onesies soon.  Like Anya, Sierra is more torso than leg.

We’ve begun to see her little personality emerge.  Let’s just say the girl enjoys attention (and makes it known if she doesn’t think she is receiving enough).  Lucky for her, we like giving it to her!  I think we’ll keep her.

Poop :(

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Day Two of being a temporarily single mom of 2 kids and a dog is just about to end (is it Friday yet?).  It hasn’t been as terrible as I’d feared.  I mean, the middle of the day is the same as any day during the work week; it’s just the morning and dinner through bedtime that are a tad challenging.

Yesterday I was proud of myself for getting the house (relatively) clean and cooking both lunch and dinner from scratch (something I often do anyway, but with Lex there for the extra support).  I like to cook when Lex has to travel for work; I experiment with recipes he probably wouldn’t eat.  Today, however, I ordered pizza for dinner.  Why?  Well, Anya was napping at last, so I tried to take advantage of the time and clean up the kitchen.  Sierra, of course, decided she MUST be held at that time.  Realizing I was not going to get anything done that way, I got her set up in the Moby and resumed washing the dishes.  Everything was going along swimmingly – she was happy, I only had a few bottles left – when suddenly my foot was very warm and wet.  I looked down and discovered I was now standing in a giant pool of baby poop, and it was still coming.  I couldn’t even fathom HOW it had happened (turns out it exploded out the side).  I now had to get Sierra out of the Moby, preferably without getting anymore poop on me or her, and remove my befouled sock, and then get her over to the changing table to clean her up.  Miraculously, the poop managed to miss her onesie, which made things easier – no chance of getting anything in her hair.  Once I got her taken care of, I started dealing with both of our poop-covered pants and socks before starting the now necessary load of laundry I had intended to put off until tomorrow morning.  Midway through rinsing the clothes, I remembered that I had to clean up the kitchen floor, and that’s when Anya woke up crying hysterically.  Dealt with that, got the clothes finished up, started the laundry, and then sat down, exhausted.  It was already 4:45 pm, and I didn’t see how I was ever going to get those bean taquitos I had planned to make done by 5:30 pm.  Hooray for $7.99 large pie Tuesdays at Mezza Luna.

I’m sure I’ll laugh at that story one day.  Twenty-nine years later, my parents laugh at the time my diaper exploded on my dad’s watch and he called frantically to my mom, who discovered him holding me over the kitchen sink, poop running down his arms.

On a much less amusing note, I’m taking Sierra to the doctor in the morning.  When I changed her diaper this evening, there was blood in her stool.  I did not freak out; I stayed pretty calm, actually – surprising for me, especially given my family’s IBD history.  I spoke with the doctor on call, and he agreed that IBD is not very likely since she has no other symptoms and onset at this age is extremely rare.  She does need to be seen, though, to rule out other causes (an infection, a milk protein allergy, etc.).  Hopefully it turns out to be nothing.

Sierra is two months old!

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This is several days late, but like I said, who has time to blog?

Sierra turned two months old this past Friday, and she certainly has grown since birth.  At her well check last Tuesday, she weighed 11 lbs, 7 oz (70th percentile) and measured 23 1/2 inches (90th percentile).  The doctor said she is very healthy overall, but suggested we treat the rash she has with low dose hydrocortisone cream. especially on her cheek (and two applications later it was pretty much gone).   He also commented both on her good head control and how happy she seems.  She got four shots and an oral vaccination.  At first it seemed like she wasn’t having a reaction to them other than being a little sleepy, but then around lunch time she turned into a screaming banshee.  It appeared her legs were very sore because if I even brushed against them she cried harder.  We gave her some Tylenol and about 90 minutes later she conked out on my shoulder.  She had two modes – hysterical crying or asleep – until around dinnertime, when she snapped out of it and returned to her usual sweet self.  Poor baby.

Aside from vaccination time, happy is a great word to describe Sierra.  She certainly gets fussy if she’s hungry or tired, but for the most part she is a content baby who loves to smile at everyone.  I think she’s particularly fond of Anya, which is great because Anya absolutely dotes on her.  She’s a very good big sister, and I love how she apes the way we talk to Sierra.

Sierra has been “talking” so much lately!  She makes the sweetest little noises (except when I turn on my camera, then little devil is as silent as can be).  The other night I realized she was “calling” me – she was on her play mat, and if I looked away from her she’d coo and coo until I looked at her again, at which point she’d flash me the biggest grin ever.  She really is a sweet baby.  She loves bath time and hanging out in just a diaper, and absolutely eats up any attention she’s given.  She prefers napping in her swing, and still finds white noise very soothing.  She tolerates being on her tummy some of the time, especially if she can shove a fist in her mouth.  She does not like hanging out in her car seat if she is awake.

Though she has some decent awake periods now, Sierra is still a champion sleeper (well, compared to Anya as a baby), at least for naps.  At night she usually sleeps for a period that is at least 4 1/2 hours long, sometimes up to 6 hours.  After that she’ll wake up two to three hours later to eat again, but she usually is not interested in going back to sleep unless it’s on my chest.

We have been trying to introduce a bottle to Sierra, but so far she’s not particularly on board.  We’ve had some success with the Playtex bottles (both the Drop Ins and the Ventaires), but Sierra seems to think food is best straight from the source.  She’s not a huge fan of pacifiers, either.   In fact, the only two things she really likes in her mouth are her fists or the breast.  It’s great that she doing so well with breastfeeding, but aside from wanting to be able to have an occasional night out without worrying about leaving her hungry at home, I need the security of knowing she will take a bottle in case I have a colitis flare-up – and unfortunately, I started one last Thursday.  The good news is I caught it very early and started medication right away.  The bad news is that the medication I have to take is the same one that made Anya sick when she was a baby.  It looked like Sierra was having a reaction (three explosive diapers and two that almost leaked in two days), but over the last three days things have stayed contained.  I hope it means that she’s going to be fine and we won’t have to stop breastfeeding until I’m over this thing.

Speaking of diapers, what size is Sierra wearing these days?  Good question.  We finished our first box of size 1 Baby Drys about ten days ago, and since they were getting a little snug I got a box of size 1-2 Huggies to use before moving on to size 2 diapers.  Then Sierra’s diapers started exploding, so we thought maybe it was time to move up to size 2 after all (a bummer since we still had more than 2/3 of the box of Huggies left).  Now the diaper situation seems to have resolved, and we went back to using the Huggies, but thenI found several size 1 Swaddlers leftover from the hospital, and they still fit and contain things, too.  We’ll continue using the Huggies, I guess, but maybe we’ll try to use up the size 1 diapers at night.  That’s the safest time to use them – Sierra barely wets a diaper while she sleeps and pretty much never poops overnight.

Clothing size is another questionable area.  Sierra fits into her 0-3 months outfits just fine, but many of her her undershirts and onesies are way too small.  I think I’m going to have to break out the 3-6 months clothes pretty soon.

Here are two more pics and a video of Sierra at 2 months old:

You know your two-year-old is sick when…

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…she ASKS for medicine.  Poor Anya has had a cold since Saturday, and today it was awful.  There’s a constant outpouring from her nose and eyes, and she is just miserable.  We had been giving her Tylenol for the achiness and slight fever; last night at 2 am we decided to switch to Motrin, which helped her get some sleep at last.  Today, after 90 minutes of trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep for her nap, I went upstairs for the third or fourth time, this time to calm her down since she was crying.  I asked her if she wanted a drink, and she said yes.  Milk or water?  “Milk,” she said.  Then she tearfully corrected herself, “No, first medicine, then milk.”  Quite the change from the little girl whose mouth we had to pry open previously!  I feel so bad for her, though I had to giggle when she finished taking the Motrin and told me, “Now I’m all better.”  I really hope tomorrow finds her at least a little improved; if not, we’ll be off to the pediatrician to rule out a sinus infection.

Sierra’s 2 week well-check

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Sierra had her appointment at the pediatrician this morning. She weighed 8 lbs, 11.5 oz and measured 21 1/2 inches long. Those were Anya’s stats at birth 🙂 She only gained 4.5 oz in 9 days, but the doctor said he isn’t worried about that yet. According to the nurse’s measurement, Sierra grew 2 1/2 inches in 2 weeks, which isn’t likely. The nurse said the hospitals never measure accurately. Clearly someone somewhere made a mistake!

The doctor treated Sierra’s belly button with silver nitrate because it’s still bleeding slightly and scabby in the place where the cord had been. Other than that and a good case of baby acne on her forehead and around her nose, she’s doing fabulously! She will start taking vitamin D drops soon. We go back for another well visit in 2 weeks.

Sierra’s birth story

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On the morning of Friday, December 5th, 2008, I woke up at 5:40 am when Anya decided she was done being asleep.  I went to the bathroom and discovered that I was wet through my underwear to my pants.  It wasn’t a huge amount, but way more than the slow fluid leaks I had been experiencing since Monday.  I was not experiencing any contractions.  I told Lex that there was a chance my water had broken while I was sleeping but I wasn’t sure.  I did not want to call the doctor at that time since I thought I’d be told to go to the hospital and I wasn’t going to head over there at 6 am for a possible false alarm.  Around 7 am I called and spoke to the midwife, who said as long as I didn’t have another gush of fluid or regular contractions I could wait to be seen in the office, but I should call and move my afternoon appointment up to the first one that morning – 11 am.  We called my mom and asked her to take Anya to her transition class and gave our doula a heads up that today might be the day.

The doctor confirmed my water had broken, but I was barely dilated and still not contracting.  She said we could go home and get our things but we should be at the hospital by 1 pm.  We had lunch and spent a little time with Anya before heading over.  Once there, we were quickly settled into our room and met the first of the four nurses who would work with us while I was in labor.  Still very few contractions to speak of at this point.  The doctor came in to see me and encouraged me to eat and drink lightly.  He also felt that I could expect not to deliver until the following day.

The afternoon was frustrating and kind of boring.  My contractions would pick up and then slow down, sometimes stopping altogether.  Lex and I walked the halls, bought a ridiculously expensive deck of Disney Princess playing cards (and had to look up more two player card games to play on his Blackberry when we ran out of the ones we knew), watched a little TV, tried to doze…  Still no consistent progress, though the contractions I was having were getting uncomfortable.  It had been many hours since my water broke (some time between 2:30 and 5 am).  The doctor felt we needed to take some action and wanted to start me on a low dose of Pitocin.  We did so at 12:30 am.  By then, our doula was on her way.

The contractions kicked in pretty soon after the Pitocin, but I was still able to rest in the bed through them.  Suddenly I felt a sharp, painful pop and I started to lose insane amounts of amniotic fluid.  That continued on and off for much of the rest of labor.  At one point I was sitting in a rocking chair on a chux pad, and it was flowing over every side of the seat.  The contractions got very intense and I was experiencing very strong pelvic pressure.  Lex and our doula did a great job supporting me through each contraction.

Around 6:30 am, I started to fall apart.  I had been more or less awake for more than 24 hours and the contractions were more than I could bear.  The doctor examined me and found I was still only 1 cm dilated (in my hysteria I thought he said 3 cm, which was devastating enough to me that no one had the heart to correct me).  I told Lex I couldn’t take it anymore, and the doctor agreed we needed to consider pain management.  He gave me several options, but recommended an epidural, and because I knew that he wanted to keep this birth as natural as possible, I trusted that he was giving me good advice.  We consented at 7:10 am, and then had to wait until I had enough IV fluids for the anesthesiologist to be able to give me the epidural.  Lex and our doula had to leave the room and I somehow managed to sit still enough between contractions for everything to get set up.  By 8:50 am the epidural had been working well enough that Lex, our doula, and I all managed to sleep a little, and I was dilated to 5 cm!

By 9:40 I was up to 7 cm and the baby was already at 0 station.  This was great news – Anya never got past -3 station.  I was pretty drowsy but could not stop shaking and having my teeth chatter, though I wasn’t cold.  This was most likely a reaction to the IV fluids, the Pitocin, and/or being in the transition stage of labor (which I blissfully couldn’t feel!).  The monitor showed that the contractions were extremely close together.  At 10:35 I was 9 cm and the baby was at +1 station.  The doctor felt I’d be ready to start pushing soon.  The epidural was turned down (it was turned off altogether during pushing). I was given an oxygen mask to use in between contractions, and Lex had ice chips ready to keep my mouth from getting too dry. At noon we started, and 34 minutes later we welcomed Sierra Claire into the world! After 31 to 33 1/2 hours from the time my water broke, we had our VBAC, and it was amazing. No joke – as soon as she was out the “We Did It” song from Dora the Explorer began playing in my head. Thanks, Anya!

Sierra was placed immediately on my chest and Lex cut the cord. She had Apgar scores of 9 and 9. The nurses took her to clean her up and suction her a little more while the doctor repaired the third degree tear I sustained from delivering Sierra’s shoulders. There was some concern because she had a little tachycardia and a slightly elevated temperature, but the pediatrician eventually cleared her and she was back in my arms. She was awake but drowsy. It took about an hour before she successfully latched on to nurse, and we spent most of that time gazing in awe at her. We’ve been enjoying every second with Sierra since she was born, and are so thankful to have her in our lives.

Sierra is one week old!

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First, I want to thank everyone for the many Facebook/blog comments, emails, text messages, phone calls, etc. we received during labor, after delivery, and when Sierra was in the NICU.  We very much appreciate all of the love and support.

Sierra is one week old today!  Amazing.  She had a weight check at the pediatrician’s office today, and she has fully regained her birth weight – 8 lbs, 7 oz.  The doctor was pleased and said she’s looking great.

She’s a very “good” baby for the most part.  Sierra doesn’t cry very much unless she’s hungry or needs a new diaper.  It’s hard to say which she objects to more, a dirty diaper or having that dirty diaper changed.  She LOVES to curl up on someone’s chest and cuddle.  Nursing is going extremely well, and she’s starting to nurse on both sides at most feedings, with a short break in between.  I love to listen to the little sighs and noises she makes while she eats.  She sleeps a whole lot, which is a new experience for me and Lex, though she’s starting to have longer periods of awake time.  Yesterday morning she had her eyes open for a good 40 minutes and she and I had fun singing some songs and playing on her play mat.  I might be suffering from doting-mommy-delusions, but I could swear she started attempting to reach for the toys intentionally.  She wasn’t good at it yet, of course, but she went from flailing with both of her arms and legs to only using the arm that was closest to the little hanging monkey while starting intently at it – and she was able to repeat the same thing a few more times that day.  Lex saw her do it, too.

I should clarify – Sierra sleeps beautifully during the day.  The past two nights, she has been reluctant to stay asleep, at least when in the Co-Sleeper.  I blame myself.  She is just so sweet and snuggly, and I like to hold her A LOT during the day.  She must be thinking it’s so nice to sleep while being held during the day, so why sleep by myself when my mommy is right there at night?  I’m not my most coherent at 3 in the morning, and I don’t make the best decisions then.  The good news is that she went about 5 hours last night without waking to nurse, BUT… she spent the majority of that time passed out in my arms (but hey, I slept well, too!).  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I love snuggling with her at night.  I forgot how much I loved having a sweet little baby sleep next to me.  However, I swore I would instill better sleeping habits in this baby than I did with Anya.  So far, I’m not doing a great job.  I’m not going to let her cry at this age, and pacifiers aren’t working just yet.  Oh, and the jury is still out on whether Sierra likes being swaddled or not.  Any ideas out there?

Anya is a pretty good big sister.  I don’t know that she always remembers that Sierra is there, but when she does she loves to touch her and kiss her.  It’s been a little a bit of a problem because Anya is fighting off a sinus infection and the doctor doesn’t want too much contact between them, but she’s pretty good about remembering to touch Sierra’s clothes and not her hands or face.  We’re trying to remind her not to touch the baby’s stuff right now; that’s not going very well.  It seems like in the last few weeks Anya has stopped listening to directions as well as she used to, and she’s definitely been a little clingy and a LOT whiny.  We’re not sure if it’s her age, the baby, being sick, or some combination of all three, but we’re trying our best to both set limits and let her know that we love her to bits.

Lex and I are both doing well overall.  He’s still suffering from the allergic reaction he had to the scrub brushes at the NICU, but the cortisone cream the dermatologist prescribed is helping.  The scale says I’ve lost 18 of the 35 lbs I gained, but I still have a good sized baby bump.  I’m feeling less sore and more mobile each day, and I haven’t been too tired.  I’m too happy to be tired.  I know I’m a big cornball, but this morning I told Lex I felt like I was going to explode with love 🙂

Sierra is in the NICU

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Everything is fine, or will be, so we’ve been told.

They just took Sierra to the NICU.  Because my water broke between 31 1/2 and 33 hours before I delivered and I had a temperature of 103.4 degrees right after she was born, our pediatrician ordered some precautionary blood work for her after examining her this morning, even though she looks great.  Her white cell count came back at 41,000, where normal is around 28,000, and one other test showed signs of inflammation.  She is not running a fever, but the neonatologist who reviewed her results wants her admitted for at least 48 hours for IV antibiotics and more blood work.

Lex went with her while they get her set up.  I am not being discharged until tomorrow morning, so I have to stay here until then, although we’ve been assured that once she is settled I can go to see her as often as I’d like and whenever she needs to be fed.  After I’m discharged tomorrow we will be able to stay here in one of the hospitality suites until she is released.  

Everyone we’ve spoken to keeps saying that she will be fine, that there are two scenarios that can play out here – she gets antibiotics and she has an actual infection OR she gets antibiotics and there was no infection – and in either case, she’s more than okay.  That’s wonderful news, but I’d be lying if I said that I was anything other than hysterical right now.  Please, think good thoughts, say a prayer, meditate – whatever it is you do in these circumstances – that our baby is going to be okay.

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