Winter Break 2010

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The end of December 2010 was crammed with chaos and fun.  Despite each of the girls coming down with a bad cold and ear infection, we still managed to enjoy Christmas Eve at my uncle’s house, a blizzard, a few playdates, playing in the snow, and a rocking New Year’s Eve at our house with friends:

Christmas Eve:

The blizzard of December 2010:

Some of my friends from high school brought their children over for a playdate:

Playing in the snow on December 31st:

New Year’s Eve with the Wahl family:


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Lex’s sister and her family came from Houston to visit us for a week and a half over the holidays. It was the first time they met Sierra, and it was our first time meeting their new(ish) baby. We managed to get one picture of all 7 kids where at least 6 of them were being cooperative:

The Perets and Friedman kids

Tucson Trip

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I am SO behind on blog posts and don’t know how I will ever catch up.  I guess I have to start somewhere, so our Tucson trip it is!

We went to visit Papa Ducky and Grammy for Passover back in April and had a great time.  It was Sierra’s first time on a plane – well, four planes, actually, since we had a stopover in Chicago both ways.  Our flight days were long and each girl had her moments, but for the most part they were pretty good travelers.

Aside from the seders, we had fun going on trips to the zoo and the park, swimming in the pool, taking walks, and spending time playing with all the neat toys Papa Ducky and Grammy had waiting for the girls.  See pictures from our trip here and check out the video:

Anya’s “Seder” at School

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Anya’s preschool class had a Passover “Seder” last Thursday for the parents to attend.  They told the story of Passover and sang some songs, and then they ate some of the holiday foods.

Sitting with her friends:

Singing the “Frogs Here” song:

Acting out another part of the story:

A (blurry) picture with Grandma Esther:

Sierra lounging with Aunt Sam:

Anya really enjoys the song about the frogs.  I did film the entire show, though she spent most of it with her fingers in her mouth.  I always expect but am still bowled over by how different Anya is in a big group like that.  She gets so overwhelmed by the amount of people in the room that she completely clams up.  A stranger observing her would think she doesn’t talk.  Her teacher has commented several times to me about how quiet Anya is – yes, the very same Anya who acts out entire Dora books or episodes with her dolls and then makes up her own stories, the one who NEVER GIVES US A MOMENT’S PEACE at home!  What a silly little girl.  I guess she was serious when she assured me that she is shy.

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! 2008 was a pretty good year for us, and we hope that 2009 brings even more happiness to our family and all of you as well.

Since there aren’t many hopping parties geared for two-year-olds and three-week-olds, we spent a quiet New Year’s Eve at home with Lex’s parents, but don’t say the Friedmans don’t know how to celebrate in style! We had a rocking time enjoying our scrumptious cheese fondue dinner and a delectable chocolate fondue for dessert:

How did I spend the moment when 2008 ends and 2009 begins? Unlike when Anya was a newborn, I was actually awake this time, but I was upstairs in my room nursing Sierra. I had hoped she would finish in time to be tucked into bed so I could be downstairs to watch the ball drop, but it didn’t work out. Still, I can think of worse ways to start a new year than holding my new baby close to me while looking at my first baby sleeping peacefully in her bed on the video monitor.

January 1 is my dad’s birthday, so we joined my family for dinner and cake to celebrate on New Year’s Day.

Sierra’s Simchat Bat

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We had a Simchat Bat (a Hebrew baby naming ceremony) for Sierra this past Sunday, held at my parents’ house.  Lex both wrote and led the ceremony, and it was lovely.  We gave her the Hebrew name Shira Yael.  Many of our family members and friends were able to be there to celebrate with us.  We took many photos, but here are some highlights:

The ceremony:

Lex singing the song he wrote for Sierra:

Sierra in her pretty dress:

Sierra snoozing on Aunt Samantha:

The whole family:

Sierra snuggling in my new Moby wrap (a Hannukah gift from Papa Ducky and Grammy):

Happy (belated) Hannukah ’08!

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It took me a while to get myself organized enough to post, but happy Hannukah a few days late!  We all gave and received many nice gifts and spent lots of quality time with our families, and, of course, the holidays were extra special this year because of our new arrival.

Lighting the candles the first night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house:

Anya liked helping Daddy light the menorah:

Lex and Anya enjoying Wii Music (thank you Papa Ducky and Grammy!):

What Sierra did throughout much of Hannukah:

Anya checking out her new train table:

Sierra was finally awake to light candles on the last night, so we grabbed the chance for a family picture:

Okay, I didn’t actually take this picture on Hannukah, but I had to post it anyway – Anya and Lex tested out the Wii fit tonight (Thanks Perets family!):

BAD Night

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We have a new rule for our house:

No one may go to sleep until Sierra has pooped.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Sierra started holding it in after lunch and then 2 feedings later needed her clothes changed after the inevitable deluge could not be contained by her diaper. Gross, but no big deal. Babies produce a lot of laundry anyway.

Last night, Sierra closed up shop after 5 pm. At 11 pm, there still wasn’t any output, but she seemed perfectly content. Breastfed babies vary when it comes to how often they go, so though I set up our room with extra pjs just in case, we went to sleep without concern

Sometime after 4 am, Sierra woke up screaming. SCREAMING. Changing her diaper and attempting to feed her made her even madder. I was pretty sure I knew what was bothering her, but if I tried bicycling her legs or massaging her belly she would cry even harder. It was such an awful cry, too, so obviously one of pain. When we couldn’t do anything to soothe her, Lex and I resorted to the Q-Tip & Vaseline method to get Sierra going. Three diapers and 1 changing pad cover later, Sierra was able to nurse long enough to fall into a fretful sleep on my shoulder, requiring that I pat her back every few minutes when she started to fuss. There she stayed until Anya came into our room crying at 6 am.

Anya did not feel that she required any more sleep and alternated between whining for various things (I’m “tirsty”!) and playing loudly while running back and forth between our room and hers. Sierra, not to be outdone, promptly started screaming again. After several more Q-Tips, this time wisely administered over one of Charlie’s puppy pads, her tummy issues seemed to be resolved, but by that point she was so worked up that she continued to scream anyway.

Anya came in and sweetly yelled, “I want to help Baby Sister feel all better!” Sierra, clad only in a diaper, replied, “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” I swaddled her tightly, turned her on her side, got her paci in her mouth, and started jiggling her on my lap. Lex got both of our laptops and blared the pink noise. Within 10 minutes she was finally calm enough to eat a good amount, and then she slept soundly for a blissful 90 minutes. Note to Dr. Harvey Karp and his 5 S’s method – WE LOVE YOU! Note to Sierra – BETTER OUT THAN IN!

I bet Papa Ducky and Grammy, who arrived for a visit from Tucson last night, are at least regretting not having brought ear plugs on their trip. Sierra has been feeling better so far today and going regularly, although it’s been a few hours now… I hope we have enough Q-Tips.

Videos of Sierra!

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Just after Sierra was born:

Big sister Anya meets baby sister Sierra for the first time:

Anya holding Sierra:

Enjoying our first night at home as a family of four:

Sierra Claire Friedman

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After a long labor, Lauren pushed Sierra Claire Friedman into the world at 12:34pm on Saturday, December 6th, 2008. Sierra weighed in at 8lbs, 7oz, and 19″ long. Sierra and Lauren are both healthy and doing great. We’ll leave the hospital Monday.


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