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According to Anya, these signs mean “watch out for unicorns.”


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Sierra wanted to know where bugs sleep. I said in the dirt or on a tree. She considered this, then asked, “Do they put blankets on theirselves?”

Sierra nurses her baby

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Political Humor

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Sierra: Knock knock.
Me: Who’s there?
Sierra: Joe Biden.
Me: Um, Joe Biden who?
Sierra: Joe Biden man! [dissolves into giggles]

I believe that is a two-year-old’s attempt at political humor.


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An excerpt from our breakfast conversation this morning:

Me: I’m no longer on single-parent duty, ask Daddy.
Anya: Don’t say “duty”; that’s like poop.

Good Advice

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Yesterday, Sierra was holding two dinosaur toys – an ankylosaurus and a velociraptor.  She told me, “This one can’t push the cart because he only has legs, but this one can do it with his arms.”  Thank goodness she cleared that up for me.  Now I am all set the next time I run out to pick up some groceries with some extinct prehistoric reptiles in tow.

Silly girls

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Anya called me into the playroom to tell me that she was the same as her drawing.  This is what I found when I got there:

(This was toward the end of December)


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Sierra is lying on the floor on her back, panting. “I’m relaxing,” she tells me. “You’re relaxing?” I ask. “Yeah, I’m a dog,” she answers.

Where do they get this stuff?

Best line of the night

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We had a lovely BBQ at our friends’ house this evening.  Their little girl – one of Anya’s first friends – has a really neat digital camera that Anya very much enjoyed.  She was having a lot of fun taking pictures of the grownups, the kids, the furniture… However, my favorite moment was when she took a picture of Lex, turned to me with a big smile, and said, “Look!  I took a picture of Daddy’s crotch!”

Recent Funnies from Anya

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~From this morning:  “Maybe Grandma and Grandpa will start liking Graham crackers, because they both have “gram” in their names.”

~From yesterday morning:  “Daddy! We’re BOTH bunnies! Take our picture, and put it on Facebook.”

~From a few weeks ago:  “This is my baby brother standing on one leg.”

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