My personal stylist

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Tonight while I was sitting with Anya during her pre-bath potty time, she kept trying to grab my face, something I did not want her to do.  After several failed attempts despite warnings that I did not want her to, she caught me, and as I was about to give her a firm “No!” she said, “You’re so pretty, Mommy!”  I cracked up, which of course made her repeat it, which of course fueled my laughter even more.  Then she said it about 100 times more, running her fingers through my hair each time.  By the end, there definitely wasn’t anything pretty about me – I probably resembled Cousin Itt more than myself!

Passé Pacis

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When Anya moved to her crib, we scattered a bunch of pacifiers in there with her. That way, when she lost one at night, she could find another one pretty quickly just by feeling around.

Within the past couple months, I’ve become mildly obsessed with figuring out how to get Anya to retire her pacis. I’ve worn braces three separate times in my life, and I have read plenty about the negative effects pacis that overstay their welcome can have on teeth. I was fully supportive of Anya’s using pacifiers early on; anything that helped her sleep / feel calm was okay in my book. But now that she’s becoming a true big girl, I was ready to say bye-bye to pacis. It turns out, Anya was too.

First, I removed all but two pacis from her crib. One for the mouth, one to grip tightly in her hand as she fell asleep.

Then, Lauren and I (especially Lauren) talked to Anya a lot about how her big girls sleep with Only One Paci. Eventually: “How many pacis are you going to sleep with tonight?” “ONE!”

Following a few minutes of crying for “TWO PACIS!”, sleeping with one went fine.

After a week or two, we spent several days talking to Ani about how some of her best friends sleep with NO pacis. Anya could successfully tell us how many pacis those buddies slept with pretty quickly, but she was also often quick to add: “I sleep with ONE paci.”

We started telling her that soon she, too, would sleep with no pacis, like a REALLY big girl.

Yesterday was the Big Day. We talked to her (again, mostly Lauren) in the morning about how she would nap with NO pacis. Then, at naptime, Anya traded Mommy her paci for one sticker, and got the promise of TWO MORE stickers after she woke up. The stickers were propped up so that she could see them from the paciless crib.

Anya did actually cry/moan a little bit as she went to sleep for the nap, but only for a couple minutes, and seemingly NOT in relation to the pacifier situation. Rather, she was complaining that Lauren had left the room when she did (rather than read, oh, 347 more books).

She proudly claimed her two bonus stickers upon waking after a nice long nap:

Lauren went out last night. The plan was for me to show Anya a new, secret gift (pom-poms from the dollar store) that she would get in the morning after sleeping all night with no pacis. I decided not to bring up the pom-pom gift unless it seemed totally necessary. I talked very briefly to Anya about how she’d be sleeping for the night with no paci; she had no objection.

After last night’s bed time routine, I put Anya into the crib a little nervously. She immediately did the “check for pacifiers” routine… for less than a second. Then, I watched her brain click as she remembered what was going on. She settled down and went to sleep.

She really is a big girl.

And maybe now, I can keep the pom-poms instead 🙂

A Rosetta Stone Moment

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I think most parents of toddlers speak their child’s “language” better than other people.  Certainly with Anya, there have been words or phrases that we understood, though anyone else would most likely have no idea what she was saying.  “Uh-duh-mo” was one of my favorites – that meant “up and down” (She now says it correctly).

For the most part, Anya’s speech is pretty intelligible these days.  She’s got a couple of creative pronunciations (“ephalent” instead of “elephant” and “mazavine” instead of “magazine” are some examples) but we can usually figure out what she’s trying to say pretty quickly.  That’s what makes it so frustrating for all of us when she’s telling us something and we just cannot understand what she means.

I had a Rosetta Stone moment this week, though!  For a long time, when Anya wanted to take something with her, she’d say, “Ernie dus!  Baby dus!  Milk dus!”  I couldn’t figure out what word she was trying to say, though her meaning ultimately became clear – I’m taking that with me, lady!  I thought maybe she was saying “does” although I didn’t get why she would say that.  At last this week she started differentiating the sounds a little bit more than she had in the past, and I FINALLY understood:  “Ernie with us!  Baby with us!  Milk with us!”  I felt like I had broken the code to some language of the past.  It’s probably silly to take that much joy in something so insignificant, but hey, that’s parenthood, right?

Funny Anya Sunday

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Anya was playing in the playroom and then, in her trademark way, plunked herself down on her behind. Unfortunately for her, her behind, and Ernie, a little Ernie bathtoy was in her bottom’s path.

She got up and said to me: “Tushy hurts. Tushy hurts. I’s tushy hurts!”

I had to give it a kiss to make it feel better.

— ——

A bit later, Lauren was in the playroom with us. I was headed upstairs to shower and started taking off my shirt. Anya noticed and said, “Daddy’s naked!” I responded jokingly: “Yes, and Anya’s a pervert.” 

Anya then said: “I’s a pervert! I’s a pervert!”

Lauren and I started laughing, hysterically. Anya soon joined, laughing and giggling and snorting in her perfect way. That fueled our laughter, which in turn fueled hers. In fact, Anya began laughing so forcefully that she propelled herself down, onto her tushy. 

Fortunately, this time, both Ernie and Anya’s tushy were safe. 

And if you think I kissed bare tush as opposed to be-pajama’ed tush, then you, too, are a pervert.

I Love Anya

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In the past 10 minutes Anya has:

laughed because I said, “Hello” in a funny voice
wailed because she dropped a piece of macaroni & cheese and couldn’t reach between her tray and her bib to get it (Daddy: “What’s wrong?!” Anya: “MACARONI FALL DOWN!!!!!!!!!!”)
said “Macaroni and cheese — oh boy!”
screamed “All done with the fork! Spoon! SPOON!” 


This should probably be more than one post

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I have a bunch of unrelated stories, photos, and videos I’ve been meaning to share but haven’t had time.  Rather than writing 6 separate posts, I’m putting them together here!

Izzy’s Little Boo-Boo

Could these two be any cuter?  Anya and Izzy have a total love affair going on.  Their squeals of joy when they see each other at Gymboree are adorable, and apparently Izzy talks about Anya just as much as she talks about him when they are apart.  Poor Izzy had a little mishap at day care and needed some stitches.  I told Anya that Izzy had gotten a boo-boo on his head, and she got very upset – so upset that she wouldn’t calm down until I said I would call his mom Shiri so she could say hello to Izzy.  The next morning when she came into our room at the bright and early hour of 6 am, I gave her a kiss on her hand for some reason (she must have gotten hurt, but I can’t remember, too tired then!).  She turns to me and says, “Izzy little boo-boo…SHIRI kiss it!”

Everyone’s Having a Baby

I was talking to my dad on the phone while Anya was in the playroom.  I mentioned something to him about October, and she starts shouting, “October 19th!” over and over again until I acknowledged that yes, that is her birthday.  She then says, “I big sister!” and I said, yes, that was true, she was going to be a big sister (she associates her birthday with being a big sister because of the questions we asked her in her announcement video).  THEN she says this:  “Alexis big sister, too.  Savannah big sister, too.  Michelle have a baby.  Lisa have a baby!”  Alexis and Savannah are two of her friends, and Lisa and Michelle are their pregnant moms.  I’ve been talking to her friends who are going to have new siblings so that when the babies are born, it will help her understand what’s going to happen at our house, but I never put it the way she said it.

Anya and Her Shadow

This wasn’t the first time Anya noticed her shadow – that was HYSTERICAL – but it’s still pretty cute.  Perhaps she’s just practicing for a Peter Pan audition.

The I’s Have It

In the last few weeks, Anya started saying “I” instead of “Anya” when she talks about herself.  It’s funny when she gives us a play-by-play of what she’s doing – “I all done in the car seat.  I out the car.  I in the garage.  I go outside!”  It’s also funny when she misuses it, like when she grabs her cup and says, “I’s milk.”  My favorite thing she’s said (after I told her that, in fact, Mommy drives the car, not Anya):  “I drive the carseat!”

Alexis and Anya

Alexis is one of Anya’s oldest friends (in every sense – she’s 7 months older, and she came to visit Anya in the hospital when she was born).  Here’s a video of the two of them playing together last week:

Apparently I’m starting a collection of videos of Anya playing “Ring Around the Rosie” with her friends 🙂

She Made Me Cry

Tonight when I was getting Anya dressed for bed, we started talking about my belly and the baby.  I’ve been telling her about how when the baby is born, she can give it hugs and kisses, help me change its diaper, give it pacis, etc. (It was funny when she put her head down to my belly and said, “Come out baby!”).   I’ve also been telling her that if the baby cries, she can tell it, “Shhh, don’t cry, baby.”  She connects “Don’t cry” to the doctor, so she starts talking to my belly, saying, “Don’t cry Dr. Donde, baby. It’s okay.”  Then she goes into a whole monologue, a lot of which I couldn’t understand, but I caught the word paci, and then Ernie and Elmo, so I’m guessing she was thinking about things her crib that make her happy.  Next she starts rubbing my belly, saying, “Shhh, don’t cry, fine baby.”  Here’s what got me, though – she then put her head on my stomach to give the baby a kiss, said, “Nice and warm,” and reached for a blanket to cover my belly with a “Here blanket, baby.”  I’ve had a lot of fears that I think many second-time parents have about how the new baby will affect the first child, but I think Anya’s going to make a good big sister.

How we told

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We’ve been more hesitant blogging about Baby #2 here than we were the first time around, but I’m vowing to change that now. The main reason for me is the health challenges that we’re facing with this pregnancy — Lauren’s colitis flare-up, the subchorionic hemorrhage, more recently a potential amniotic band. But although these are serious and important health concerns that we have to stay on top of, I’m no longer going to allow them to hamper my excitement and enthusiasm regarding #2!

We’ve spent the last week or so informing key family members about this pregnancy. First, we told Grandma Esther — but only because we thought she already knew! Grandma had been using Lauren’s laptop, and Lauren realized in a panic that she had left some pregnancy-tracking websites open. We used the same method to tell her that we ended up using with Grandpa Marty a few days later:

Lex: Y’know, we’ve been thinking about that Bahamas trip you had in mind for this December. We don’t think we’re gonna go.

In-Law: Why not?

Lex: We don’t think the baby will be old enough by that point.

In-Law: Old enough for what?! Why not?

Lex: Well, by then, it’ll only be one or two weeks old.

Hehehe. Credit goes to Lauren, because that was her idea.

Next we told Great-Grandma Evie, since we wanted to give her some happy news before she went in for her second hip surgery in three months. The funny part there was, after Lauren told her the news (and that Daddy didn’t know yet), Ev asked: “So, what are you going to do?” Lauren replied: “Um… Have the baby.”

Ev: Oh, so you’re going to keep it?

Lauren: Um. Yes?

Ev: Are you going to marry him?

Lauren: Grandma, you know this is Lauren, not Sam, right?

Grandma Evie breathes sigh of relief that actually causes a breeze straight through the telephone line.

In between Esther and Marty, we told my parents (Papa Ducky and Grammy, which sounds more like a Saturday-morning cartoon, but I digress) via video-chat. Anya was wearing her custom-made “I’m going to be a big sister!” shirt. Grammy noticed first, and jaw properly dropped, said “I like Anya’s shirt!” to make my Dad spot it too.

Last night, Anya wore the shirt to tell her Aunt Samantha, and today she wore it for Great-Grandma Shirley. G.G., as she prefers to be called, was told to read the shirt, which she did. She thought nothing of it. “Put your glasses on, Mom,” Esther suggested. “I can read it!” Shirley said. “It says, ‘I’m going to be a big sister.'” Pause. “WHAT?!?!??!?!!!?!”

Today, we have four more siblings to notify!

I think Anya knows Charlie’s morning routine.

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Many mornings, Anya and I start her breakfast together. Once she’s in the high chair and having her breakfast banana, I generally feed Charlie his breakfast. Once Charlie’s finished, he needs his insulin.

This morning, after I took out the insulin and a needle, Anya announced: “Medicine!”

I gave Charlie his injection. Anya then announced, “All done! Cookie!”

Right she is. After every shot, Charlie gets a cookie (complete with an allergy pill hidden inside).

That’s Not My Daddy!

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A couple months ago, a few of Anya’s cousins were visiting us for the day. I went out to the bookstore to pick up some gifts for the kids before they arrived. While there, of course, I was unable to resist the lure of buying a few books for Ani, too.

One of those books was That’s Not My Monster, in the series of “That’s Not My…” touchy-feely books. (When we win the lottery, we will one day own all of them. Even if we no longer have small children. Lauren finds the books very compelling.)

The book has lots of fun textures to read, as you realize (for example on page one): “That’s not my monster! It’s nose is too bobbly!” Other monsters that aren’t yours have appendages that are too hairy, too rough, too fuzzy, etc. Eventually, on the last page, we discover YOUR monster: Its ears are so furry.

So, a couple days ago, during our flight to Houston, Anya was having a merry old time with different toys, books, and other playing with Mommy and me. She started rubbing my arm, and announced: “Fluffy!”

It was funny.

Anya quickly verified that Mommy’s arms were not fluffy, but that Daddy’s definitely were. She later decided that Daddy’s chest was, too.

Language is SO cool

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As Anya’s language skills continue to develop, I become more and more amazed at her ability to express what’s going on in her mind. Two recent examples:

1. Tonight while Anya was finishing her dinner, Lex brought his laptop into the kitchen. After requesting to hear one of her new favorite songs, she said, “Hat? Hat? Hat? Ducky? mmmBack (come back)!” She was asking to video chat with Papa Ducky (Lex’s dad, for those who don’t know)! She remembered that we had talked to him on the computer the previous day and that he wears a kippah (which she calls a hat). I just find it so neat when she remembers that something happened and that she liked it, and then that she is able to formulate the words to ask for it. Luckily he was near his computer and we were able to have a very exciting conversation with Papa Ducky, Grammy, AND several hats!

2. This past Friday when I picked her up from day care, Anya was very excitedly telling me something that sounded like “Big girl! Amanda!” as we walked out to the car. I had no idea what she was talking about or who Amanda might be. Today when I picked her up from school I asked her teachers if they had been talking about anything like that last week, and it turns out they were! One of the girls who had recently moved up to the next classroom had been back in Anya’s room on Friday because of understaffing, and apparently the teachers had said something about Alexandria (not Amanda) being a big girl. What makes this particular story exciting to me is that it’s the first time I became aware that Anya has the ability to tell me about something that she has experienced but I have not. I suppose she might have been able to do that for a while, but I didn’t realize it until today.

I took several developmental psychology classes and a few linguistics courses throughout my undergraduate and graduate programs, and I always found learning about the development of language highly interesting. However, getting to observe it firsthand with Anya is just thrilling. Somehow when I wasn’t looking she became a person, and not just my baby.

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